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Wlox Weather app review

Wlox Weather App Info

  • 3 Ratings
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Weather
  • Updated: Jun 21 2017
  • Version: 4.6.2
  • Size: 40.66 MB
  • Seller: WLOX, LLC
  • © WLOX, LLC

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  • Wlox Weather review screenshots
  • Wlox Weather review screenshots
  • Wlox Weather review screenshots
  • Wlox Weather review screenshots

Customer Reviews of the Wlox Weather App

Please fix!

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Dee kajun's Review of Wlox Weather

Reviewed on 4/3/18 10:56 PM

This app has been great until recent updates. Now it is so unreliable I have been considering deleting it from my iPhone. It’s sluggish, takes forever to load..sometimes it doesn’t work at all. You have destroyed one of my favorite weather apps :(

The ad

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JonsShoe's Review of Wlox Weather

Reviewed on 4/14/18 7:18 PM

For checking your everyday weather it’s fine but if there is a severe weather update that could be concerning for your safety you must first watch this ad before you can watch the update. Bravo. Surely our local weather station makes enough money to support an App without the use of ads before important weather updates.

Very PoorApp. Bombards you with commercials

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Astronaut-Farmer's Review of Wlox Weather

Reviewed on 3/29/18 11:48 AM

I've been using this app for several years, and have watched it developed into a reliable app, logically organized, and optimally featured app. It has been my go-to app for local weather and news casts even when I am out of the country and I want to know what's going on back home. The information flowed logically, allowed expansion to full screen and took you right to what you wanted to see. This last version destroyed all of that. It is nearly useless. Every time you want to see anything, like forecast videos, radar, 5-day forecast, etc, you are forced to watch a 30-second, high pressure, boosted audio commercial before you can see the information you used the app for in the first place. And there is no way to skip the commercial. You MUST watch it ALL. The main menus has likewise been poorly redesigned. You see little horizontal Windows of text or a small image, and when the user clicks on the window, and sits through the inane commercial, the information stays in the little window, showing about 3-4 sentences. The user CANNOT enlarge this window to see the entire text. This is against best practices of human factor engineering. Comprehension decreases as the amount of the text of a story is shown. If you are looking for information about an approaching tropical system, getting screamed at for 30 seconds, plus trying to read the bulletin through that narrow strip of a window is not very effective. The IT manager who thought this format and redesign was a great idea knows nothing about apps, mobile devices or interface design at all. If WLOX designers came up with this, fire them and get someone who knows what they are doing. If, however, this is attempt to drive people back to watching their TV newscasts, it's highly effective give. Di not install this app until these problems are solved. Unless you want to be screamed at repeatedly when you just want to see if it's going to rain tonight.