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Weather4d Routing app review

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  • 11 Ratings
  • Price: $34.99
  • Category: Weather
  • Updated: Jan 15 2020
  • Version: 2.0.5
  • Size: 227.69 MB
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  • Weather4d Routing review screenshots
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  • Weather4d Routing review screenshots
  • Weather4d Routing review screenshots

Customer Reviews of the Weather4d Routing App

Cautiously optimistic

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EllenNBA's Review of Weather4d Routing

Reviewed on 4/14/18 12:16 AM

Update: While the new app is not intuitive and lacks the useful, exportable grib files via email, the responsiveness and helpfulness of customer service from Frederic to solve problems and assist in learning this new software is EXEMPLARY. We are hopeful that once we learn the new functionality of Weather 4D we will like it as much as we did Weather 4D Pro (the older version)

Unstable release with serious bugs

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electrochain's Review of Weather4d Routing

Reviewed on 3/28/18 4:01 PM

I was happy to see that there was an update on the weather4D app so I downloaded the latest release of it... Unfortunately the app crashes either right after startup or, after 5-6 restart attempts, as soon as you click on any of the buttons (I.e. Settings). I tried it on an iPad Air 2 with all other apps forced off (to ensure that the bug is not due to low memory). It used to be a great software some years ago (good graphics) although the navigation through the globe was not very intuitive. Hopefully there will be another update soon that will address the current "crashing" issue. 3 stars as motivation to work on a fix...

Does not work

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p92's Review of Weather4d Routing

Reviewed on 1/15/20 1:00 PM

Do not buy it if you have an IPhone (7 plus in my case) as it is not possible to open the app

Well Worth It.

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dmdawes's Review of Weather4d Routing

Reviewed on 1/15/20 1:00 PM

I don't normally write reviews, and as an IT Consultant and avid sailor, I had to comment. This app is great once you get the handle on how to use it. First the App is excellent in getting a view of sailing conditions in my South Florida region. Not only do I get wind, etc but I also get current data which is important for any Gulf Stream crossing. I use OpenCPN on Linux, and can easily transfer the routes between the iPad and Weather4d, that's handy when I am preparing at home or on the boat. I also use qtVlm on Linux (weather routing) and but have not compared the calculated optimum routes as yet. I would like to know if the app takes into account current as well as wind and boat Polars, but I can work that out myself. The main benefit to me is to be able to visualize the boat in a crossing over the calculated route time using the time function to pinpoint any adverse conditions in a visual way, from this perspective this app really excels. The animation is first class. I save the GRIB files from Weather4d, import them into qtVlm or other applications on my Linux laptop, and viola I have all the wind, wave and current data I need. Lastly, support from Olivier is excellent. I had a problem on saving my GRIB files in the last release, and to my surprise I got an email back within 24 hours telling me he had fixed it, and guess what, he did. Awesome! For weather routing, I can't comment at this stage, but just for the our visualization of the route it's worth the cost. Everything else is a bonus.


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Harvison's Review of Weather4d Routing

Reviewed on 1/15/20 1:00 PM

I was quite skeptical at first. I watched this app for quite some time and after a couple of updates, I finally decided to take the plunge. I was really thinking it was way overpriced, but after using the app for a few days now, as the title says, I'm quite impressed. It is well designed and after only a few minutes, very user friendly. My only regret, was waiting too long to make the plunge. The only concern, it must be memory hungry. It will crash upon start until it takes back the memory and then runs like a champ.

Awesome weather routing and weather app!

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methedude's Review of Weather4d Routing

Reviewed on 1/15/20 1:00 PM

Don't know what happened to my lengthy first review. Seems to have just disappeared. So here is the short version. This app ROCKS! The weather predictions have been spot on and the weather routing is impressive. Speaking of impressive, the authors availability! I had a concern about routing and emailed him. He replied almost immediately (considering he is in Europe and I am in the States) and advised why it wasn't working and that he would have it fixed in the next release. The issue was that I was trying to route and there was some land in the way. Even though I went around it, the program could have used it and therefore failed. He has it excluded now and all works wonderfully. Again, TOP NOTCH. Yes, the price is more than your usual app, but this is a PRO app. It is substantially less than my last weather routing program by a few thousand. Yes, THOUSAND.

No support!

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FlyboyArt's Review of Weather4d Routing

Reviewed on 1/15/20 1:00 PM

I;’ve been trying to write the developer on their website but their stupid CAPCHA system is so hard to read (3 friends tried too!) that I have to leave my support request here in the hope he will answer: ======= I bought your program and have used it since v1. Since I upgraded to IOS 8.1 I get a message now about having to pay you $33 for a HD weather forecast or else the program stops working. It[’s useless now unless I pay you an additional $33. I just need the basic weather not any HD stuff. I already paid your $30+ for the program. Can you look into this for me? Thanks, Art

Great app for sailors

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Ampre's Review of Weather4d Routing

Reviewed on 1/15/20 1:00 PM

I have taken multiple cruises across the Gulf of Mexico and found this app invaluable. Being able to plan out the best route days in advance given wind conditions and avoid choppy waters has come in handy on many occasions. This type of software isn't cheap for a pc - amazing what you get for the price.

Version 1.3 "missing"

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Evansstarzinger's Review of Weather4d Routing

Reviewed on 1/15/20 1:00 PM

Version 1.3 of this app can apparently do full isochrone routing, and the text in the App Store says that 1.3 is the current version. However, when I paid and downloaded the app I got version 1.1, which ones NOT do routing, and the App Store says I have the latest version. So it appears that the version actually in the store does not match the text description.

Very powerful weather app

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Eriptron's Review of Weather4d Routing

Reviewed on 1/15/20 1:00 PM

Update: After using Weather4D Pro intensely for four days now and my only complaint is that it crashes a lot on my iPad 1 even as the only app running on iOS 5.1. - - - - At first I was thinking $30.99 you got to be kidding me! Then, as I started digging into what can be done with this app it is quite impressive. I don't think there is another weather app in the Apple app store that can both do the things it can as well as how configurable it is and to be able to create your own weather zones and customize them to your needs is really nice. And the grib file usage is awesome! (Let me qualify this review by saying this app's strength is not detailed immediate vicinity weather's strength is slightly bigger scale, up to global scale, weather information presented graphically to predict major local weather atmospherics.) Oddly enough running a Zone map dynamically, like turn off all except barometric lines and precipitation and it is kind of a screensaver too. ;-)