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Weather Nerd app review

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  • 500 Ratings
  • Price: $3.99
  • Category: Weather
  • Updated: Dec 29 2018
  • Version: 3.9.1
  • Size: 57.79 MB
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Customer Reviews of the Weather Nerd App

Big Fan

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farrisk's Review of Weather Nerd

Reviewed on 9/6/18 1:59 AM

I love the WeatherNerd. I find it much more accurate than other weather apps.

Great but a few probs

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snoop_z's Review of Weather Nerd

Reviewed on 9/30/18 8:29 PM

The primary thing I want from a weather app is the ability to quickly determine how todays temp will compare to yesterdays, and if and when there may be any precipitation. Weather Nerd is ideally suited for that task because it presents these data in a single line graph, which the brain can process much faster than reading a lot of text (although there are also text summaries for those who prefer that). Most importantly, in the Today panel (within the main app) or the Day widget (for the iOS today view in notification center), the app uses a static x-axis for time (with 12 am or 3 am as the starting point, as chosen by the user) so you always can look at the same part of the graph to quickly determine forecasted conditions (for example, what will the temp be like at noon when I usually run, or will there be rain at 6 pm when I typically walk my dog) - whereas most other apps dynamically set the starting point of the x-axis as the current time, which makes a graph more difficult to interpret because your brain has to re-calibrate whenever you look at the graph. The app also has great line graphs for forecasts in the next hour and for tomorrow, and a bar graph for the entire week. It can automatically update to your current location. It can send you daily notifications with an overview of the days forecast. It integrates your calendar so you can check forecast during a critical event. It uses the excellent data. The list of features goes on and on... Only things keeping it from getting 5 stars are: 1) text summary of weather in iphone/ipad app does NOT include amount of precipitation in primary view - such as 3 in. of snow. Instead one has to slide up to see it 2) various details accessible via sliding up (e.g., precipitation forecast, cloud cover, etc.) appear in different locations on screen for current day as opposed to future days (because on future dates the first slot is taken up by the date) - this makes it hard to get the info you quickly, and could easily be fixed by leaving the 1st slot empty, or listing “Today” or the date 3) Developer dropped support for Apple Watch... so I use carrot weather on the watch and weather nerd on iPhone/iPad

The Best Weather App

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drware's Review of Weather Nerd

Reviewed on 8/3/18 2:53 AM

I am always trying new weather apps, but Weather Nerd is the only one that I use everyday.

Cool and Hot app!

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Senior moment Inc's Review of Weather Nerd

Reviewed on 8/10/18 1:58 PM

Great info! Let’s me plan ahead for the day and for trips.

$3.99 only gets you a year 😠

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kravmark's Review of Weather Nerd

Reviewed on 7/9/18 11:28 AM

Absolutely like the app, Don't like paying $3.99 for 12 months subscription. It is accurate and love the graph design... But Not sure it’s worth the price. Dark Sky (Free version) is Just as Great & Accurate. But Wx Nerd has added more & more worthless Extra features again = (justifies??) extra subscription cost? 😠 Wx Nerd is not $3.99 a year good. It's not Dark Sky's Good.

Back to being the best “home screen" weather app

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EddyGeez!'s Review of Weather Nerd

Reviewed on 7/7/18 5:15 PM

This used to be the only weather app on my home screen. But the developer stopped updating the app, so I didn’t want to re-buy the (very affordable) annual subscription. But I’m happy to see that the developer has updated the app again, and not just once or twice... so once again the “nerdy cloud” has been promoted to my home screen weather app! During its absence I looked at a bunch of weather apps, and this (combined with RadarScope for fantastic radar imagery) are by far and away the best. Glad to see the developer working on the app! One thing I’d like to see (for U.S. users, anyway) is a way to show the textual day/evening forecasts from the National Weather Service, which I find to be a lot more informative than the ones from Dark Sky. Th only “bummer” is that other family members can’t share the annual subscription. The first year, we could, because it was a paid app and that initial purchase included a year of service. Now every family member has to pony up for their own sub. Previous review: My new favorite way to check the weather (and I've used dozens of iOS weather apps). The "nerdy cloud" is now on my home screen as my go-to weather app and the new Apple Watch app is great. Really like the daily forecast notification, the "tomorrow" view and the calendar entry overlays. Looking forward to seeing where the devs can take this app. *Very glad to never see an ad!* I'd like to see an option to choose which screen is shown on launch and the ability to quickly swipe between day details from the week view (instead of having to keep going back to the week view), but those are just some minor suggestions. P.S. be sure to "Nerd Out"! :-)

Awesome app!

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Sd buggin's Review of Weather Nerd

Reviewed on 7/7/18 4:19 AM

I'm an over the top weather enthusiast checking the app store almost daily for any new or updated weather apps and I can tell you that this hands down the best use of the Dark Sky API on the market. Way better than the Dark Sky app itself!! Also, very good customer support.

Last update corrected instability issues with my IPhone X.

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Hoe Slap's Review of Weather Nerd

Reviewed on 7/7/18 2:21 AM

The last two updates improved on a version that was unstable on my IPhone X. Still had to repay for my lost subscription from that unstable version that lost my subscription, but the app works well again.

Best Weather App

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Crit Care Doc's Review of Weather Nerd

Reviewed on 7/28/18 4:06 PM

Use the App daily. Accurate and easy to read. I do miss the “nerd out” button.


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DX2 Review's Review of Weather Nerd

Reviewed on 6/7/18 10:26 AM

Stop asking me every freaking day if I’m enjoying the app!