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Mobile Mouse app review

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  • Updated: Mar 21 2021
  • Version: 3.5.7
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Crashes, Now fixed!

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Sheshowdew's Review of Mobile Mouse

Reviewed on 9/19/19 2:16 PM

I purchased this app specifically for the presenter pro features. Every time I try to access the pro features the app crashes. This works great on iPhone but this app needs an update. Please fix or refund! Update: the bug that prevented the pro option has been fixed. Add split screen support will be 5 stars. I use this app frequently! Thanks.


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grrrrraaaaaccccceeeemmmmm's Review of Mobile Mouse

Reviewed on 9/19/19 2:16 PM

Lags and makes everything 10 times more difficult.

Number pad

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Hen3867's Review of Mobile Mouse

Reviewed on 9/19/19 2:16 PM

Great app. Would like to add a feature request to allow the number pad to be movable. Right handed users would have easier input if the number pad could move to the bottom left of the display. Either that or allow the pad to render at full screen. I crunch a lot of numbers for inventory and if this feature was added, I’d bump up the rating to 5 stars.

This is great! Try to fix Chinese handwriting input

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Bsbmteam's Review of Mobile Mouse

Reviewed on 8/21/18 7:08 AM

Works really well! The only thing is, when I use the Chinese handwriting input keyboard for iOS, the mobile mouse iOS app crashes after a couple characters have been written. I write a few characters, and those get sent to the computer fine, and then the app crashes. Please fix this! Try to make Chinese handwriting input more stable within the app so that this app can send handwritten output to the computer without crashing! Also, could it be possible to add an option that can toggle auto input for the Chinese handwriting keyboard? What I mean is, a few seconds after the character is written, the first option is automatically chosen and inputted. Sometimes I would like for there to be infinite time for me to choose the right option, like how the keyboard works on iOS devices. If this is fixed, it will certainly be a 5-star app!

Great, but…

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bummed on this app's Review of Mobile Mouse

Reviewed on 8/12/18 7:19 PM

Everything it does, it does very well. I just would love to see an option for a full screen of large hot key icons when working in a program with that set up. For example, there are options for 8 hot keys for each program and I’d love to see that as just a full screen with 8 huge buttons with customizable icons. I’d pay extra for this and bump up a star

Works as it should

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Wood John's Review of Mobile Mouse

Reviewed on 7/7/18 3:46 PM

This app is very handy for a couple of things. I do not have a blu-ray player but I have a blu-ray reader attached to my mac. So I can play a blu-ray on my mac and stream it to the apple tv, and use this app to control playback. Also, my keyboard just died and this app on my iPad became my only keyboard until I bought a replacement. The customer support is excellent - super responsive!

Could add a way to somehow follow the curser

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oscmed's Review of Mobile Mouse

Reviewed on 5/27/18 1:52 AM

Like with the mouse for my computer it follows the pointer on screen while zoomed in I really hope they add that ability

No multi-tasking

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Rambo8649's Review of Mobile Mouse

Reviewed on 5/16/18 8:38 PM

You can’t multitask with Mobile Mouse. If you want to go back-and-forth between mobile mouse and another app, every time you go back to Mobile Mouse it has to re-connect, and it doesn’t always re-connect right away, wi-fi or usb, extremely frustrating. I’m also frustrated that there isn’t a full keyboard with keypad option..the keyboard and keypad can only be brought up separately.

WAS great until iOS 11

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MT Tombs's Review of Mobile Mouse

Reviewed on 3/21/18 6:01 PM

Since the iOS 11 update, the keyboard with MobileMouse has been very problematic. I have a newer 12inch iPad Pro so it shouldn’t be the hardware. A lot of keys just don’t work, especially quotations and other punctuation when using the MM keyboard to type on my Win10 PC. It also can’t copy and paste URLs anymore without jumbling it all up. I’ll give it 5 stars once this has been fixed but I doubt it will be. iOS 11 had been out a while now...

One of the best!

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Jilly888's Review of Mobile Mouse

Reviewed on 2/28/18 5:55 PM

I use this app to remote into my desktop at work and at home. I am a C6-7 tetraplegic and using this app on my iPad makes working so much easier. I don’t understand when people leave really negative ads. I’ve never had a problem connecting this to any computer. It has always worked like a gem! My only wish would be that it had a “tab” button.