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By Alexander Clauss

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Icab Mobile (web Browser) app review

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  • Updated: Nov 23 2020
  • Version: 10.1.
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Customer Reviews of the Icab Mobile (web Browser) App

Keeps crashing iPad Pro 12

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Knickckick's Review of Icab Mobile (web Browser)

Reviewed on 9/7/18 6:23 PM

I've loved and used thus app for years. Works fine on iPad Pro 9, but crashes w/every other search on iPad Pro 12. Bummer. Please fix!

ios 12 unfriendly

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physicsboy's Review of Icab Mobile (web Browser)

Reviewed on 9/26/18 11:47 AM

this has been my browser of choice until i upgraded to ios 12. now i experience frequent, seemingly random crashes. please fix it soon.

After iOS 12, YouTube in iCab loses basic features

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nichollspete's Review of Icab Mobile (web Browser)

Reviewed on 9/23/18 1:21 PM

I use iCab to play YouTube videos that help me fall asleep. Before iOS 12, I could start a video, tap the power button to turn off the display and listen to the video. I could also control the video from my headphones or my watch. After iOS 12, all I can do is play the video. If I turn off the display the video stops and hitting play on my headphones or watch just starts my music playing. Please fix this. Thanks! I am a long time user of iCab Mobile and use it every day!

Too many problems

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xgh's Review of Icab Mobile (web Browser)

Reviewed on 8/7/18 4:18 PM

I'd love to love this browser. It's more like a good desktop browser than a mobile browser. However, it just plain does not work. No matter what browser ID I use (even WebKit), pages don't render well, they reload, it's like looking at bits and pieces of a page being placed where other bits and pieces are so it re-renders. It's also dead slow rendering some sites, bits and pieces float all over the place, frequently covering what you want to read, some sites crash (Trip Advisor, Reuters), the folks at iCab obviously love social networking sites as the ribbon with all their links is usually there, at times floating around in the middle of pages, even when it's off to the side there's no margin for it to stay in so you have to read around it. iCab can block ads. But then again, not all ads. Not nearly as many ads as Safari. And there's no way to ad a filter list to improve its ad blocking or get rid of annoyances. As the web gets worse and worse to visit, iCab has gotten worse and worse to use. The one good functionality that always works though is the "Open in Safari" button.

The BEST Browser

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AOAJacobAOA's Review of Icab Mobile (web Browser)

Reviewed on 8/30/19 2:07 PM

I have never been so impressed with an app that I’ve felt compelled to write a review. Seriously, I’ve downloaded literally thousands of apps across dozens of mobile devices, Android to iOS, Mac to Windows, even many Linux systems, and never have I seen a piece of software that goes so far beyond my wildest expectations. I have spent the better portion of two decades studying and redesigning systems of the world and a great deal of that time has been spent researching, testing, and using software. This browser does nearly 99.9% of what is theoretically possible for a mobile browser. Every aspect is customizable. I can adjust the position of buttons, modify every aspect of the user interface: colors, brightness, and fonts, and change every setting. I can even specify the various gestures and swipes to exactly what I want them to do. And it doesn’t stop there! The privacy and security features make all others pale in comparison. I have complete control over what websites can display, set, and do on my device. I can set a different browser ID, I can tailor-block all forms of advertising, I can even specify which cookies are allowed or blocked by website. If you’re worried about prying eyes while sharing your phone, don’t be, you can set up different user profiles with their own settings and they all can be password protected. Want to automatically erase items periodically? No problem! Then there are the several dozen extensions built in: URL shortener, QR scanner, secure password manager (LastPass and others), AdBlock, file downloader and manager, custom search engines, full bookmark engine with folders and organization, FireFox sync, Amazon integration, and so on. For real, get this browser, especially if you value customization and features.


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Mjrestiano 1's Review of Icab Mobile (web Browser)

Reviewed on 8/30/19 2:07 PM

I want to give more stars but videos aren’t working. Fix please.

Great app with a few bugs...

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Heliguy4599's Review of Icab Mobile (web Browser)

Reviewed on 8/30/19 2:07 PM

iCab Mobile offers everything and more I need in a web browser. It’s fast, customizable, reliable*, and easy to use. However, I have a few gripes. Videos, not just in YouTube, don’t play when scrolling, the app tends to crash when trying to load new videos, and 3D Touch sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. This app is amazing and replaces safari for me. I have moved safari into my extras folder on my iPad and iPhone and put iCab in my iPad’s dock. Overall, this is a great app with a few bugs.

Very useful tool — currently broken

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Passepartout's Review of Icab Mobile (web Browser)

Reviewed on 8/30/19 2:07 PM

Changing score to 1 star until iCab gets fixed. Right now videos do not play in icab. I think it was broken by an iOS update but it’s been over a month now. I’ve been a fan of iCab ever since the early desktop days when it was the only browser that rigorously reported HTML errors. On the iPad it offers very useful privacy and multiuser features, allows you to bypass paywall sites that allow a fixed limited number of views, and on and on. I also like the fact it keeps getting updates and supports without forcing you to pay more (and I have made an in app donation to appreciate this). I’m writing this review, however, because the latest iOS update (12.2) appears to pretty badly break it. I’m not exactly sure what’s going on but a lot of things aren’t working.

Bookmarks Deleted One Morning

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MrPebius's Review of Icab Mobile (web Browser)

Reviewed on 8/30/19 2:07 PM

Suddenly the app despite no recent update has slapped a password onto an Administrator account. I had no idea the app had a multiple accounts feature. I can only log on as a guest and all my settings and bookmarks are gone. It demands a password I never set so certainly can never guess.

Just doesn’t work

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No name available ?'s Review of Icab Mobile (web Browser)

Reviewed on 8/30/19 2:07 PM

It claims to do much more than it actually does and really fails to do a lot. Cannot render consistently. For example, google docs tables turn into a dead block the crashes the app whenever simply trying to place the cursor there. The other comments about strange blocks and fields that seem to be random are very true. It would be amusing if it weren’t so painful. Apparently a lot of people have had a lot of luck using it for something specific though I can’t imagine that lasted long. Good luck.