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Disney World Lines (tp) app review

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Customer Reviews of the Disney World Lines (tp) App

Almost great, but Not updated

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Paperroof's Review of Disney World Lines (tp)

Reviewed on 9/8/18 5:55 PM

I love touring plans, they have really helped us through the years. This app, however, isn’t helpful when it comes to the menus. The menu offerings are wrong and the prices are off too. Idk how often Disney changes their menus and prices, but I would hope that the app would be updated more often. We were walking all over blizzard beach looking for the rice bowls that don’t exist and I almost didn’t bring enough cash to Tusker house because the price was $9 per person off! Wait times for the rides were also about 10-15 minutes longer than this app said. In fact, the Disney posted wait time was much more accurate. So what good ? Well everything else is awesome and the site, book and app are always a huge part of trips. Thank you for creating them.

INDISPENSABLE WDW resource!! Do NOT do Disney without it!!

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JBird7291's Review of Disney World Lines (tp)

Reviewed on 9/25/18 6:07 PM

This is a fantastic app that, when used correctly, will save you hours and hours of time in all of the WDW parks. We have used these plans since 2004, waaaay before this app came on the scene (printed in the book The Unauthorized Guide to Walt Disney World, updated yearly and to which this app is a companion) and they are spot on. But with this app, it increased the efficiency of the plans exponentially because unlike the printed plans, the plans in the app can be customized to your liking. Not only that, but they can be optimized at any time (when adding/removing attractions, for example) and the plan will update based on your location in the park and time of day to give you the best possible plan. You can also add Fastpasses to your plan and it will factor that in and tell you whether or not a Fastpass is needed based upon their tried and true wait-time data. Plans and info can be entered in the app or on the website touringplans.com and are synced. There is an annual fee of about $15 which is peanuts compared to the amount of waiting this app will save you. Plus, if you get the book (on Amazon for less than $20, which I also HIGHLY recommend because it gives so much detailed info about Disney that even people who've been to the parks before many times do not know), you'll save about $5 on the annual fee. Trust me, you are planning on dropping some serious ka-ching at Mickey's house, these costs are pennies well spent. Between the book and this app, my wife and I feel like WDW experts. We have seen everything we love many times over no matter the crowd levels because of the time we save. I could go on and on, but you'll just have to get it and find out yourself what makes it so great. You'll be a believer, I promise you, and you'll be trying to "convert" others whenever you hear of their upcoming Disney plans.

Very helpful app

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Oscar Jones13's Review of Disney World Lines (tp)

Reviewed on 9/20/18 10:40 PM

I used the app on our last Disney trip and it worked like a charm. I really like that you can set it to minimize walking, wait times, or balance the two. It was just a really convenient way to plan out each day in advance and it helped us get everything done that we wanted to without a bunch of backtracking and wasting time deciding what to do next. Planning another trip in a couple of months and will definitely be using the app again.

Saves so much....

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2kidsnotime's Review of Disney World Lines (tp)

Reviewed on 9/17/18 3:49 PM

Time! Hassle!! Waiting!! You name it. Just spent 8 nights at WDW, 4 park days and 1 MNSSHP evening. Touring plans helped me get ready before we went and while in the parks helped with those inevitable changes that have to be made. Great advice and such a great app! Made even better because the WDWApp was glitchy and hard to sign in on the whole trip. And is still “ experiencing issues”. Subscription worth every penny!

Great app

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goodflyer2012's Review of Disney World Lines (tp)

Reviewed on 9/16/18 5:36 PM

I wasn’t going to purchase touring plans because we were going to Disney World in September but I am very glad I did because Disney’s App is super slow to load. Your app is so much easier to use and I loaded my fast passes into my plan ahead of time Thank you for the great app

The Best!

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Bellmodel206's Review of Disney World Lines (tp)

Reviewed on 9/16/18 11:02 PM

You have to use this App to make the best out of your Disney experience!!


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Vlb35's Review of Disney World Lines (tp)

Reviewed on 9/15/18 2:12 PM

This app was ok. Using it in the Parks I found it loaded easier than my Disney app, which was extremely glitchy. I didn’t think their times were any better than my Disney app, and sometimes were off-base. My biggest problem was using their park plans. A lot of them are centered around you having a fastpass for key rides at set times. Without those fastpasses, I found the plans unhelpful— especially since those key rides were the ones I wanted help with getting on.

Great Resource

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PurpleCarnation's Review of Disney World Lines (tp)

Reviewed on 9/14/18 11:33 PM

I love Touring Plans. But this app needs an update. It’s still living in the ‘00s era, it’s time to get into the ‘10s era since we’re almost in the ‘20s! I love the website. Definitely worth the subscription.

Lines scored me a room upgrade!!

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Jeffreysc2's Review of Disney World Lines (tp)

Reviewed on 9/10/18 3:04 AM

My family of five just got back from out most magical Disney World trip ever and it all started with Lines 5 days before we left. They have a helpful tool that lets you submit a room request with them then they will fax it to your resort 5 days out from the start of your trip. In my request I had two things 1.) We were celebrating our youngest sons birthday and 2.) That it would be a fun surprise since we were staying at the Boardwalk to be upgraded from a standard room to a water view room. The rest was left up to TL to fax at the appropriate time for me and well, we got you upgrade!!!! I’ve been to Disney 8 times and never received anything like that!! Thanks so much guys!

Great app overall, but needs a few tweaks.

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SnoopDogg1's Review of Disney World Lines (tp)

Reviewed on 9/1/18 1:15 PM

very helpful app for our Disney trip. I wish there were a way to delete a “trip” we create in the app, and the ability to deselect a hotel that I added to a trip accidentally would be nice. Also, I have to enter my password every time I use the app. This gets old. Could you set it so that a password is only required every once in awhile (weekly maybe)? Even better, let the user use Touch ID/ Face ID to log in.