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Tour Tempo Total Game app review

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Customer Reviews of the Tour Tempo Total Game App

Excellent App!

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Jetlag4's Review of Tour Tempo Total Game

Reviewed on 9/11/19 2:04 PM

I’ve been learning golf for 5 years now and have been frustrated that I can’t seem to consistently groove my swing. By chance a fellow golfer was using the app and he showed to me. I researched it and it took me a few days before I put out the $24. But I can say after one month, my swing has improved and my consistency has improved. I use the long shot tempo. Not so much the short game tempo yet. The tutorials are good. I only wish they had one for the driver. It will seem fast at first but it makes sense. Time the pros on TV and you’ll be amazed at how fast their swing time is.

Has helped me in several areas

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An American in Portugal's Review of Tour Tempo Total Game

Reviewed on 9/11/19 2:04 PM

I have been using the Tour Tempo app in my practice sessions, on the range, and on the course for the last week and it has helped me in following ways: 1) It clears my mind of multiple swing thoughts which inhibit a free swing. I focus my attention on making a smooth swing at a target while listening to the tones rather than letting multiple thoughts detract me. 2) The short game tones promote a crisp, consistent tempo around the greens. My chipping and pitching is much more solid as a result, my bunker shots still need more practice with the tones. 3) My follow through has improved dramatically, resulting in more distance and trajectory with my irons. I finish with my hands high in a great finishing position. So far this has been the #1 benefit of using this app — I am finally able to swing freely and fearlessly on every shot! The folks at Tour Tempo are a pleasure to work with and have developed a high quality app.

Works but takes time

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Gravity003's Review of Tour Tempo Total Game

Reviewed on 4/16/18 1:14 PM

You will need to work with this on the range until you can get the rhythm in you head

Not enough tempos

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sway_thehairprince's Review of Tour Tempo Total Game

Reviewed on 11/3/19 1:00 PM

After getting The app none of the tempos fit me. Because I have a quicker 3-1 tempo. It should allow you to adjust the tempo to 12-4 and such. Not only what they have. 18/6 is to slow for me, I hit It solid going quicker. Good concept though. Wish I could get my money back.


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Swing Student's Review of Tour Tempo Total Game

Reviewed on 11/20/18 12:45 PM

$25 is way too much for this app. Swing Tempo provides the same functionality, but without the extra bells and whistles for $2. Other programs are out there to help develop a good swing. I've been very pleased with Swing Reader, which has helped me get on plane. I agree tempo is very important, but this app is overpriced.

If you love golf but wish you could improve in an area, try this app out................

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ERdiesel's Review of Tour Tempo Total Game

Reviewed on 11/20/18 12:45 PM

As a struggling golfer who shoots in the 80's on a great day and 90's on a bad day, golf can be extremely frustrating. Especially when you're as inconsistent as I feel I am. So many times on the range as i'm hitting a couple hundred balls, i will occassionally hit one where the tempo just felt perfect and i felt i was completely in rhythm and didn't even need to look up to see where the ball was flying, i just was going straight and far. however, i never could consistently replicate it nor could i figure out what that "it" factor was. Tour Tempo provides that "it" factor. I have to admit, I haven't gone to the range yet to try it out but so far I have been impressed with the app, and have been working on my swing from the comfort of my home to the beat of the 24/8 tempo and it just feels "right". I'm dying to hit the range and try it out. Aside from that, the app provides some very nicely produced videos with advice and drills to help with the swing. I have to say the videos are crisp and clear and the voice volume is pretty loud and perfect. From Y drills to L drills, setup to tempo, bunker shots, lob shots, chipping and putting, this app has it all. Highly polished app, and highly recommended.

Tour Tempo good product

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Biglesworth's Review of Tour Tempo Total Game

Reviewed on 11/20/18 12:45 PM

I downloaded the app for my iphone. I also purchased the Tour Tempo frame counter. It was great to see my swing frame by frame. I am a 4 handicap and like most golfers sometimes my swing gets out of wack. I believe it is due to my tempo. Specifically on windy days where I feel the need to swing harder. I went to the range and listened to the tones while hitting a bucket of balls. I found the tones which worked with my swing and found I was making better contact with the ball. I then went to the bunker where I have been having problems. I used the short tones and found immediate results. I found out I was taking to long of a swing which was not helping me execute the shot. The short tones got me back into rhythm. I can't wait to get the micro player and try it out on the course. Like another person said in their review, the cost is not that expensive equating it to a few buckets of b**** at the driving range. Add in the cost of private lessons and I think you are ahead of the game. I believe this product is great for the golfer who already understands their game and just needs to fine tune it when something breaks down in the timing of their swing.

This is an extremely helpful tool

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Chezla20's Review of Tour Tempo Total Game

Reviewed on 11/20/18 12:45 PM

I compete in long drive competitions. This is the first year I'm pursuing the sport, and I have made it to the world championship in Mesquite Nevada. I gained a consistent 5-7 mph increase in my swing which is a large increase in this sport. Using the right tempo for your game is critical to becoming a better ball striker and all around golfer. It takes practice and hard work to become a better golfer, and this app is a great tool for the game.

Nice but...

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ProBowie's Review of Tour Tempo Total Game

Reviewed on 11/20/18 12:45 PM

Love the app. Useful on and off the course. Gave it a 3 star because of price...WAY TOO MUCH for what you get. Really is a $5 app at most. Would have made it 4 star if it was cheaper. 5 star if they would have included the mp3's on their website. As it is now its really a question of the value you put on tempo and a coaching aid to that end. I will definitely get use from this app but feel short-changed because of what I mentioned above... Especially without the music because "swing, set, through" and a piano "plunk, plunk, plunk. Get old fast. Hopefully it will be updated with REAL music in the future. By the way, I am a 2 hdcp, and mechanical engineer that studies the physics and golf swing extensively. Whatever...

Picked up 30-40 yards in 2 weeks

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TSGolfTony's Review of Tour Tempo Total Game

Reviewed on 11/20/18 12:45 PM

Thank you Tour Tempo! I picked up 30-40 yards in just 2 weeks! I have worked hard every day with a combo of the Tour Tempo Tones, Power Whip, Speed Ball, and some strength training. I was hitting driver 240-250, know I am 280-290, feel like 300+ will be coming soon!