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Dive Log app review

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  • Updated: Dec 15 2018
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Customer Reviews of the Dive Log App

Best Dive App

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Mflannerydc's Review of Dive Log

Reviewed on 6/3/18 2:51 PM

This is the best dive app out there. It does everything you need. I can download information directly from my dive computer and then easily add all the information I need. The only issue I have had is with pictures. The app allows to to take pictures within the app or add a picture from your computer or phone of dive equipment and dive sights. Some pictures added from my phone will not crop properly. Pictures taken from within the app can’t then be shared. This is a very minor issue. It would be nice if basic information about a dive could be shared among dive buddies. Don’t waste you time or money getting a different app. This is the one you have been looking for.

Could be better

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Gerxt's Review of Dive Log

Reviewed on 5/20/18 1:42 AM

Works ok but minimal support documentation. Bluetooth sync costs more money and this is misleading on the explanation notes on the AppStore. A confusing array of other apps are needed to perform various backup and sync functions that again costs more money. Support website is amateurish and displays poorly on iOS and OS X. Overpriced for what you get.

The best dive logbook and then some

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Pilot Dags's Review of Dive Log

Reviewed on 3/22/18 1:25 PM

Wonderful app I have recommended to so many divers. Allows you to input information in psi or bar which is great since most of my diving is done overseas. Great way to make sure you get all the info in your logbook while you remember, between dives. My paper one is now just my backup. And this app works much better than my Suunto dive computer’s laptop program. Love the gps feature so I can mark my dive sites and it keeps track of my gear info, like my last service. It is everything I needed in one app. Keep up the good work guys.

So many opportunities ...

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grandgeezer's Review of Dive Log

Reviewed on 11/23/17 11:26 AM

... so much time spent on promoting a $100 bluetooth ad-on for reading dive computers. Admittedly, being able to copy the entire dive, profile and all, would be nice, but they *could* make the app so much more useful as an actual logbook if they wanted. It allows for a fairly comprehensive set of information with which to annotate your dives, but it's nothing that a spreadsheet couldn't do. You can enter groups, surface interval, etc, but the app really has enough information to fill in those blanks. Changing the spelling of a dive site, and all information about it (GPS coordinates, most notably) are gone. I have all my dives in here, so will keep using it 'til I find something better, but if you're looking for an electronic dive log to start with, "this is not the dive log you're looking for."

Great diving log App

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Roaming Fool's Review of Dive Log

Reviewed on 11/20/17 7:36 PM

Covers all the bits in a Diving log that I want. Fairly easy to sync with Diving log 6.0 on my pc. Would like to see a better search query on here - like how many dives have I made over 100 ft etc.

Rescue Diver

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Leprachaun41891's Review of Dive Log

Reviewed on 11/16/18 7:41 PM

Great app! A suggestion for improvement would be to add an option to reorder dives so that it will list them from the first dive to the last OR the last dive to the first so that the last dive is at the top of the list. That would be my preference so I hope to see it soon.

Best Dive app in the AppStore

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R.Hopkins's Review of Dive Log

Reviewed on 11/16/18 7:41 PM

Firstly, you can easily use Dive Log with a Mac despite a previous review. I've been doing it for years and it works great. As a professional dive instructor I recommend that all of my students keep a dive log and I always recommend Dive Log as the app to do it. The user interface is simple, yet effective, and easy to navigate. The statistical data you can capture is amazing and it the will even remind you when your gear needs serviced. More importantly I've watched the features of Dive Log grow consistently over the years as the developer is very active in keeping up with the latest technology and trends. If I could I'd give Dive Log 10 stars. Can't imagine logging dives without it.

Good start, but could uses a hand

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Bestuser_name's Review of Dive Log

Reviewed on 11/16/18 7:41 PM

Personally I love this app, it's very easy to use and I love that you can add photos from your iPhone! But it is missing some stuff and it could be designed a little better. Overall great app!

I love this app but needs a few tweaks.

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2004flhtci's Review of Dive Log

Reviewed on 11/16/18 7:41 PM

This is a fantastic app for logging dives. It has all of the fields that are required to properly track all types of dives and has a few extras that really simplify things. A few tweaks would be nice such as the locations. They are not really relational in that city and state for a site are not connected. But if I could only get one fix it would be the sync process. It would be nice if the app synced to iCloud using live data. Right now the sync between the Mac app and my mobile devices is a bit clunky. If they never fix this I'll still be happy with the app.

Works great. Excellent Functionality. Wish I could add pics for each dive.

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Twig1818's Review of Dive Log

Reviewed on 11/16/18 7:41 PM

App works great. Lots of good features. Easy to use. The only thing I've found lacking so far is the fact that I can't add pictures for each dive. I can upload a pic for each dive site... But can't add pics for individual dives at that site. Too bad! I'd like to be able to store data from old paper log books, and maybe add a few pics to remember the dive and the group I traveled with.