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By Jan Luther

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Apnea Trainer app review

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Customer Reviews of the Apnea Trainer App

Does not live up to the name

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Layne-O Reno's Review of Apnea Trainer

Reviewed on 9/24/19 2:20 PM

I am a recreational spearfishing freediver who has been casually freediving for many years. My starting max breath hold was 2:30 when I recently started to take training more seriously. Impressed by the high review count I purchased this app along with a few others. I thought this would be a comprehensive apnea training app, but it definitely is not. It is a Yoga based diaphragm exercise app which has one single exercise to increase lung capacity and help calm the diver. That’s it. There are no CO2 or O2 tables despite a miss leading review that references them. Also, there is very little instruction on how to breathe correctly (although if you go in the FAQ there is a little more information). You start with an exhale test and then it gives you three numbers and dumps you into the exercise. The exercise screen does not give you any indication of how long your session is supposed to continue, and they do not give a prompt to explain why each component of the exercise is what it is. To be fair, I do like the exercise that is in this app and I think it is a good complement to a broader training regiment. If you have no apnea history whatsoever I could see this app alone doubling your max static apnea time really quickly, but to be a paid app titled “Apnea Trainer” it should include CO2 and O2 tables, as well as this exercise, along with regularly updated recommendations for when you should do each. There should be a training plan that you can look at and customize, which would be updated with your performance in each session, and each of the exercises should be well explained with information before and after each session with tips on techniques and safety along with links to additional content on the subject. This app could so easily be so much more, but it was sadly less than expected and it is described in a way that makes you think it could be more than it is.

Good training, good meditation drill

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osireuggjwoeirugwerk's Review of Apnea Trainer

Reviewed on 8/28/19 2:02 PM

I started using this app as to augment my training for free diving. I find that it is also simply enjoyable. In a doctor’s waiting room, for instance, it’s a fun way to kill waiting time productively.

So helpful

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almond812's Review of Apnea Trainer

Reviewed on 8/28/19 2:02 PM

Its such an amazing and useful app that i use everyday

Excellent Tool for Improving Breath-hold

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Mr3-D's Review of Apnea Trainer

Reviewed on 8/28/19 2:02 PM

I’m just beginning to train for free-diving, and this app has already helped me double my breath-hold time. I especially like using the CO2 exercise table, and the fact that the app automatically updates my settings when I use the built-in stopwatch to set my new records. Doing these tables everyday will definitely help you improve your static dry apnea times.

I use it for meditation

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Dxhfvkugktwm's Review of Apnea Trainer

Reviewed on 8/28/19 2:02 PM

Really helps me focus on my breath. Clears my mind. And the app has become much nicer over the years

Worth Every Penny

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Fesslertime's Review of Apnea Trainer

Reviewed on 6/5/18 11:47 AM

It’s a quality app! They could probably ask for a higher price; I have to say it’s worth every penny because they’re only asking for pennies! I tried to save money by using free breathing exercise apps before this, and they were much more frustrating. This doesn’t lock you out, give quality workout instructions, and looks great!

Highly recommended

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Mcrizzy's Review of Apnea Trainer

Reviewed on 6/30/18 4:13 PM

I just started diving recently and have researched a lot of different tools for apnea training. This app has been amazing! Super easy to use and multiple options for training types. Happy spearfishing all!!

Awesome update/edit. Get Results!

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JungleNut's Review of Apnea Trainer

Reviewed on 6/18/18 7:20 PM

Below is my original review from a long time ago however I wanted to give this latest version and the designers another 5 stars if I could. So just to update, the app is great in every way. A few changes along the way has made it even better. One more thing I would like to have (and the app may already have it I just haven’t found it) is a sound confirmation that I have started the timer. Not a tic tic tic but just a beep on start to let me know I have started the clock without looking. Great app! If you freedive or just want to learn how to relax deeper I highly recommend this app. “This app is simple to use with several great features that simply get results fast! The developer's response to support and feature requests is awesome. This app has helped change the way I breath, which changes everything.”

Best breathing App!

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CVRuiz's Review of Apnea Trainer

Reviewed on 6/17/18 12:35 PM

Use it every morning to set my state!

Not worth it

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Jb134848585947's Review of Apnea Trainer

Reviewed on 5/30/18 3:59 AM

This app could be great but it misses CO2 or 02 tables, which are the basis of apnea. I would not recommend it to a friend