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  • Updated: Dec 12 2018
  • Version: 10.7.
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Customer Reviews of the Shopper App

Long time shopper app user

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dkater's Review of Shopper

Reviewed on 9/28/18 12:57 PM

My wife and I have been long time shopper app users. I’m sure we don’t use all the features, but the fact that you can share lists makes it super useful. You can add items on the fly while your partner is shopping, and the items will show up right away as soon as they refresh the app. I recently had an issue with one of the lists, and sent a question about it via email. It took a few days because I’m not a gold member, but the response was a very thorough tutorial. Nice customer support shopper! Shopper is one of my most used apps.

Great app, but...

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M Long's Review of Shopper

Reviewed on 9/26/18 5:39 PM

Great shopping app that I’ve used for years now, but it's been many, many, many months, and despite a handful of updates the app still hasn't been upgraded to work correctly on the iPhone X, Xs, or Xs Max. Please fix your app so it works on the new iPhones and understands safe areas. If you’re reading this review on an older phone, I’d definitely recommend this app. If you have a new iPhone with a notch, however, please note that it’s been 11 months since the iPhone X was released, and the developer has totally failed to support that device. I guess I should be used to it, as it also took them nearly a year to support Plus-sized iPhones too. Updated: The latest version now supports iPhone X notched screens, but the updated occurred too late for me. After waiting for nearly a year I finally switched to AnyList.

Long time user

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loisjean's Review of Shopper

Reviewed on 9/12/18 6:03 PM

The most recent updates have made it much harder and more confusing to use. Adding a store was easy before, now way too complicated. I’ve decided to just go with one list and put everything in it. Looked for others but didn’t find one as comfortable as previous version of this one.

Very helpful

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NotKosher's Review of Shopper

Reviewed on 9/11/18 9:10 PM

Customer service was very helpful and quick. It’s awesome to be able to share lists with my husband that we can add to and checkoff in real time. One thing I would love that to add is the ability to have 1 list that I can sort by store. Example: so if I can go to CVS, I can sort a list so I can only see the items that I put on for the store, versus making separate lists for each store or scrolling through my entire list each time.

Does not import & Snap2 Add is not available

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tmsmith400's Review of Shopper

Reviewed on 8/20/18 4:10 PM

I cannot import my 396 items from a different app. When I clicked on Snap2 Add received message that not currently available but working on it. Deleted app from iPhone. Shopping Pro is a good alternative because it imports easily and has one time cost of $2.99.

Awesome app with super pro-active customer support!

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zoobecca's Review of Shopper

Reviewed on 8/17/18 3:00 PM

I have been using shopper for years. I tried a few others but decided to go with this one. It is so easy to customize your lists and create new ones. I was able to take my own pictures to use as thumbprints on my lists. Pet Supplies has a picture of my best friend, Jack, a rescue Eskipoo. I decided I wanted to move some of my frequently used lists up and others down on the list. I emailed technical support through the app and got a reply within two days. Two days later I got a follow up email to see if I needed anything else. I had a another question followed by more questions. The email replies to my questions were within minutes of each other. This is not the typical customer support for an app. The app gets 5 stars and the technical support gets 6 stars. Unfortunately 5 is the highest I can get. Thank you shopper for you app and great support.


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Monkeynipple's Review of Shopper

Reviewed on 6/10/18 10:33 PM

I bought this app years ago and have been using it daily ever since. Had to download a new version for my new phone, and now things don’t work. The app says I have to pay a subscription fee to add new items to my shopping list, or to access my templates. It was great the way it was, without all the bloated features and subscription fees. Response to developer response: No need to get in touch. I’ve moved on to another shopper app and will no longer recommend this to friends. We had a good run. Adiós!!

Make shopping easier ... and faster

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Dave in Orlando, FL's Review of Shopper

Reviewed on 5/7/18 1:16 PM

I’ve used Shopper for several years. When they started to offer a link to my Apple Watch, it got even better! 1st, add shopping items on your iPhone (or Android) from the list of thousands of items or add custom items. When you add items, they are placed in isle order. Once you’ve finished your list, go shopping! Bring it up on your watch and the list is there, in isle order. OR, you can share it with someone else like your spouse. Fantastic AND very easy!

Watch app is great

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jay4444444's Review of Shopper

Reviewed on 5/31/18 3:13 PM

Watch app is great. Use it all time.

Almost makes shopping a pleasure

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ravassar's Review of Shopper

Reviewed on 5/15/18 3:59 PM

I hate shopping but someone has to do the chore. Shopper saves me a much time composing lists and at the store. The Apple Watch app is a real gem. To top it off the customer support is excellent.