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By Mario Zullo

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Intellilist app review

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  • Updated: Nov 25 2018
  • Version: 7.0.2
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Customer Reviews of the Intellilist App

Really Good but could be Great

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litchick10's Review of Intellilist

Reviewed on 8/29/18 5:36 PM

Really great shopping app. I find it helpful and I really enjoy using it. A couple of things would move this to 5 star. I really wish the packed/unit was available for each price. I use that functionality to find best price per unit. Otherwise you have to re-create a similar item to store different volumes. Also wish I could turn off pictures. I have purchased version.

Not a data base

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Sir Raymond's Review of Intellilist

Reviewed on 7/26/18 1:00 PM

Seems to me, that the data is from shopping lists and not as a single database. More complicated than needs to be for the average person. Why not have a single database that allows input per item for costs, unit, store info, etc. After you get over the nice photos and icons, you have a dumb database, you are working with your last shopping list as a reference. You can build your own data base as either one list or many, but it is cumbersome. What am I missing?

Too Clunky

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sean2a's Review of Intellilist

Reviewed on 7/13/18 3:15 PM

I tried it out looking for a new grocery list app since my previous app was bought, changed and then killed. This app looked promising but I found it a little clunky. When I want to add an item, I type it in. When I click that item, I want to see it on my list so I know it’s there and then automatically go back to and clear my search bar. On this all you see is the items you select and you have to click back on the search field, delete your searched word every time after adding something. Also, very disappointing, it only has “hundreds” of items? I was skeptical when I first saw that in the description. Should be thousands of preloaded items. It came to bite me when it didn’t have common like “Cajun seasoning”, “cream of chicken soup” “salad dressing” and it had pretzel in baking but not pretzels the snack. It seems like maybe They crowd source for items... except without a subscription you can only create up to 30 items? I’d blow through that in probably two trips. I even had to add a new aisle. There’s also a price feature with a “saved/wasted” counter on top, but no items had any prices. Maybe they want you to scan everything with barcode? If I had that item I wouldn’t need it now would i? I guess you get what you put into it but I want a polished app that’s ready for use easy right away. No thanks

Too complex

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She-Ra POP's Review of Intellilist

Reviewed on 6/8/18 10:07 AM

INCREDIBLY hard to figure out how to even use this stupid thing. Youd be better off using a pen and paper and writing down prices from different stores, it’d take less time since you have to do all the work yourself in this stupid app, plus figure out how to navigate it. FAIL. And the developer is an ibvious scammer these reviews all have the same writing style. They give rude snarky responses denying the problems in every bad review. Steer clear! Reporting to FTC AND BBB

Best shopping app ever

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JDnVA's Review of Intellilist

Reviewed on 6/23/18 3:12 PM

IntelliList is great as a reminder and a budget tool. Works great for all my shopping list; customizable, easy to use. Highly recommend it.

Nice app BUT!

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can't find it!'s Review of Intellilist

Reviewed on 6/16/18 6:12 PM

Like I said nice app. It is very complicated to use! Take some getting used to. And I just want to quick list that I can use without too much trouble.

Good app, needs one thing. Please help!

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Suzy1940's Review of Intellilist

Reviewed on 6/16/18 2:34 PM

The developers just responded to me (! That’s a huge plus!) by saying that when enough users request aisle sorting by stores they will add it. If, like me, you shop at more than one grocery store and need the sorting to be STORE specific, please let them know! The sooner enough of us beg, the sooner they will raise this good app to an excellent one. LATER. I’ve been using this app for several weeks now and twice sent in a request for help. VERY quick response time and just the help I needed. Meanwhile, I’m still hoping for an upgrade that will allow me to sort aisles by store and save that sort to the store, allowing me to save a different sort to a different store. Other than the big nuisance of that omission, this app is nearly perfect. And once again, if you agree with me about the sorting, please let them know!

Pretty good but...

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Snobs s's Review of Intellilist

Reviewed on 5/27/18 9:11 PM

It seems like a pretty good app. I found it after I went shopping and added everything I just bought to it including prices on the receipt. For some reason the total on the app doesn’t match my pre tax total but is close. I see no missing or extra items so I’m trying to figure out why the differences. Also it would be awesome to be able to put in the sales tax rate and have it add tax to the total. I have another app that does this but due to it not being user friendly and adding the tax to each individual item and not just the total it makes it frustrating. I did purchase the full version and hope that I can figure out the reason why things are slightly off total wise. Hope to see sales tax added in the near future. Thanks.


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littlmonterrey's Review of Intellilist

Reviewed on 5/2/18 6:56 PM

Ya no olvido nada en la despensa, siempre la tengo a la mano y voy actualizando mis productos, me encanta!! Gracias

Best list app!

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Chris1026's Review of Intellilist

Reviewed on 4/7/18 1:53 PM

This is the best list app I have used. I would give it five stars if there was a way to add coupons or other deals (BOGO). As is, it is a very good app.