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  • Updated: Aug 31 2017
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Customer Reviews of the New Internl Ver App

Clear, easy to read: one of the very few ways to get the 1984 NIV Bible on IOS

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cbedgar's Review of New Internl Ver

Reviewed on 3/10/18 12:33 PM

Biblica, who owns and updates the New International Version (NIV), has a mission to keep the up to date in contemporary English. As I understand it, this is required by their charter, and arguably, their newer editions are better. Unfortunately, they have also made it very difficult to access the older version electronically. This Bible reading app solves the problem for IOS. It is a solid, clean, easy to use Bible reading app, and it is one of the few ways to read the 1984 New International Version of the Bible on IOS. I grew up with the NIV: one of the clearest and best English translations of the nineteen eighties and nineties. Since that is the Bible I know best, that is a Bible to which I often want to refer. That this little app makes this possible, is really enough for me. But the app is also fast, easy to use, stable, visually appealing, and regularly updated. It is a great Bible reading app. I strongly recommend it!

Great app for my favorite translation, printed

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Fred B in Alaska's Review of New Internl Ver

Reviewed on 12/17/17 2:47 PM

I've used this translation/version daily for over 30 years, now you can't find a printed version!!. The search function needs improve. The app seems to search the 2011 NIV, then when you select the verse you are looking for it gives you the 1984 text. However this causes problems because often not the same words are used in the newer 2011 version and the searches give 0 results when I know the word I'm searching for is used in the 1984 version. The selection function for copying and pasting needs improved. It is very "temperamental". Only phone app I found for the 1984 version, and thankful for it, but I wish the developers would make it more user friendly. I bought for around $20 and it been well worth it.