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Mantis Bible Study app review

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  • Updated: Nov 30 -0001
  • Version: 10.1.
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Customer Reviews of the Mantis Bible Study App

Not working!!!!!!!!!!!!

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mirvamradio's Review of Mantis Bible Study

Reviewed on 9/2/19 1:56 PM

on all old iPads, the bible worked beautifully. I bought an iPad Pro 2018, a month ago, it hangs on a new one, it's impossible to read notes, in short, I lost everything that has been gained. Please return the old version of the Bible !!!!! unable to find help. I paid $ 70, and now I’ve lost everything! Please return the old version of the Bible !!!!! return the old version of the Bible !!!!! return the old version of the Bible !!!!! return the old version of the Bible !!!!! Please

Ruined app

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not he but she's Review of Mantis Bible Study

Reviewed on 9/2/19 1:56 PM

The developers have ruined this app for me. It doesn’t work properly and does not do what it used to. I have contacted them numerous times to no avail. It almost seems intentional.

The best, not necessarily the most popular

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Waterboyandy's Review of Mantis Bible Study

Reviewed on 7/31/18 2:43 PM

I have used mantis for 15 years now. I have tried all the other main bible apps which have similar features and always find mantis to me to be more useful for study and researching words. They are still in transition of redoing the platform to be compatible with the latest iOS operating system but it works fine. Very helpful staff if you need to email for help. Highly recommend!!

Love this app

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nbmd1's Review of Mantis Bible Study

Reviewed on 7/27/18 4:36 AM

I have been using mantis for many yrs, love it and the last update was long overdue. It works really well with no hiccups. I wish they can add more material to buy and especially the passion translation on their list of bibles.

Gerald Burchell

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Gerald Burchell's Review of Mantis Bible Study

Reviewed on 6/24/18 3:54 PM

DONT BUT IT!!! DONT DOWN LOAD IT. When I 1st got this years ago it was the best thing I could have. I could go to a restaurant and have access to an extensive library of commentary’s, Bible versions, etc. but like must companies. They don’t understand - if it’s not broken stupid, why fix it - they call themselves up dating it. They have ruined it. I cannot even change the Bible’s I need to search. Where is costumer service? It done by email or search. I have 55 addition books that purchased from them. So you can just imagine the amount I have invested in this app. And it’s a disappointment. I would rather have my money back. Don’t buy it.

No other app for me

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trstrange's Review of Mantis Bible Study

Reviewed on 4/25/18 12:22 AM

I’ve used this app for so long that I cannot remember how many years it’s been. If I’ve ever had an issue, customer service was right there to fix it. I will not use another Bible app, because this one is far superior.

Far to many glitches in new version

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Hpach's Review of Mantis Bible Study

Reviewed on 4/22/18 5:24 PM

This app used to be the best Bible reader on the market. Now it is quite possibly the worst. Selecting Bible verses is hit or miss now since barely pressing on the screen while scrolling will cause you to go to the wrong book. Don’t bother going back that will exit instead of taking you back. Notes and search are now broken too. The old search was so helpful. Now the search is extremely finicky and groups all the verses so you are forced to click to expand the blocks. Please fix the glitches and bring back the old search, bookmarks and notes features. 🙏 You removed all the various font styles. Please bring back "courier new".

Almost there

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Gray Cloud's Review of Mantis Bible Study

Reviewed on 4/22/18 2:24 PM

Long time Mantis user glad that materials are available again. In iPhone it’s back to being a great resource where I can flip easily between Pages and Mantis for bible study or note taking. Now that I’ve started using iPad more in these situations, Mantis would do well to take advantage of the split-screen modes available with iOS 11. Wouldn’t it be great to mimic the natural experience of having a bible open next to word processing or note-taking apps?

It may still be best Bible Study app out there

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PacAnd's Review of Mantis Bible Study

Reviewed on 3/27/18 12:05 AM

So, it has been a while now since Mantis X was released. I was(am?) very happy with the new features etc. but sad that the KEY features it did great are now gone or confusing. It appears version X is a couple of steps from becoming great again, but now so many days have passed and I don’t see changes, therefore kind of loosing hope here. One big one is: BOOKMARKS It was awesome and simple. I could add/have my favorite bookmarks in folders/topics that I created and with a glance I could see which verse was the one I wanted without having to click on it. Now that ability is I have to click on each verse one by one to find the verse that came to mind in an impromptu conversation, group bible study, or at church. Just allow bookmarks preview(!!!) inside each folder and call it a day! Let us choose how many preview lines we want to see? Apparently it is impossible or very hard to do given all these months without the fix. Three stars because I stopped adding bookmarks (or markers) long time ago...and if I only use this app to read the Bible then there are other apps that can do that somewhat better. I still love the app, but I miss how simple it was. My previous review (a year ago) is below. ************** Not exaggerating here. I've done A LOT of research and tried almost all there is out there. Even when this app hasn't been updated in a while (apparently), and shows now some signs of bugs the more iOS sends updates, it is STILL the best app out there. Bookmarks and folders (for preparing and studying) is one of its best features. When I emailed for help I received responses within an hour. The reason I am giving 5 stars and not 4 is because I just read some 1 to 3 stars reviews that are simply not truth, and so I am in a way trying to balance it to an honest rating. I can still recommend this app as the best out there. I wish the app developer had a boost of time, or resources to give it another push.


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namelesstwo's Review of Mantis Bible Study

Reviewed on 3/22/18 9:09 PM

Update 3: The fact that this App must require to sign in with your email in order to use it, does not smell good for an overpriced App. It appears that the App may be collecting your private info from your email account, and who knows what else, while you're using it. Why else would it require to "sign in" to use it after you overpaid for it? There are other good and less expensive Bible apps in the AppStore that do not require to sign in. If you're still using this app, LOG OUT AFTER YOU FINISH USING IT! That will prevent the app from collecting more of your private info if you keep it open. Update 2: A few days ago I installed the new version of this App, and to my surprise it first asked me to "Log In" and stayed connected in order to use it, otherwise I could only use the old vanilla stripped down KJV version without the Strong's Numbers, red lettering, and other things included in the Study version that I had paid for years ago. That is preposterous! More over, it also showed me a page asking me for personal information that the app doesn't need in order to work. Why does the developer want our personal info to log in, and stay logged in, to use the full App? So our personal data gets stored in their servers? This seems like total commercialization of the Sacred Scriptures by not just being happy to get $19.95 for an App that although is good, it's way overpriced. I hope the developer changes this App to the way it was before, and not let greed get on their way, by trying to additionally monetize our personal info. In the meantime, I have deleted the App and started using another one that doesn't need any log in tricks. My recommendation to all users is to avoid this App until the developer changes it, so we can use it like we did before the update. Update: This app, and probably ALL of Mantis apps, are 32 bits thus won't work with 64 bit iOS 11, meaning they're good for about 3 more months. So, if you're upgrading your iOS to v11 or buying a new iDevice in 3 months, you better consider another Bible app if you want to keep studying the Bible. I'm running iOS 10.2.1 and when I try to open the app, it shows the message that the developer needs to update it, then it crashes. The most expensive app in my iPhone and it's now totally worthless. Don't buy this. It's a total ripoff!