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Toodledo app review

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  • Price: $2.99
  • Category: Productivity
  • Updated: Jul 1 2018
  • Version: 3.3.1
  • Size: 61.46 MB
  • Seller: Pink Java Media, LLC
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Customer Reviews of the Toodledo App


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Andrew12345678901112131415's Review of Toodledo

Reviewed on 7/1/18 10:36 AM

Used this app for years. Always end up coming back to it. Tons of features.

Robust todo management

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Boydston01's Review of Toodledo

Reviewed on 6/7/18 3:28 PM

Toodledo IS AWESOME! This app stinks (compared to how great Toodledo is) Easily one the most robust todo apps available. Unlike the majority of other apps, each task has many possible fields (e.g. start date--rare for to do apps--context AND folders AND tags). Then with extensive viewing possibilities including creating your own completely custom views, toodledo rises to the top--feature wise. However, this means toodledo may not be for you. If you want things really simple--with not much more than a task description, due date, and category--check out other options. But if you need depth and power, toodledo is one of the best! The big thing lacking to me is better focus on custom lists. Preferably, I could choose which lists are available on the home page. Get rid of what I never use, and mostly just have my "search" lists. At least provide an option for the start page to be searches. Just that would be huge.

Developer Where Art Thou?

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Bahamut07's Review of Toodledo

Reviewed on 6/4/18 4:06 AM

This app hasn’t been updated in a year! There’s a long standing bug that when you delete a completely crashes the app. It’s so annoying to delete/crash/re-launch over and over when deleting tasks. Please fix this and I’ll update to 5 stars!

APPLE: Why do my 5-star reviews keep disappearing?!?

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GTD Meister's Review of Toodledo

Reviewed on 6/28/18 3:39 AM

I have written SEVERAL lengthy, 5-star reviews of this app in the 9 years I’ve used it. Why does Apple keep removing them?!? I have used Toodledo 9 years and it’s by far the best value out there. Good platform for GTD. Syncs with Toodledo’s website so it’s easy to use on the desktop. Not fair to this developer to remove favorable reviews. Repeatedly.

I’ve tried a lot of apps and I’m so in love

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mailerxoxoxoxox's Review of Toodledo

Reviewed on 6/26/18 4:35 AM

I keep waiting for this app to have a major shortcoming but it seems like you guys thought of everything. I’m a freelancer going through a major organization overhaul and I’m used to keeping all of my tasks in a million places. I love how involved and yet intuitive this app is. You have to dedicate yourself to keeping it updated and put the initial investment into how you want it set up, but once you do have it customized it’s great. And I can start putting my notes, shopping lists, etc. in there too. If you’re looking for something that can help you track your workdays this is it. It is less of a micro detail-based project app and more of an overarching task app, organizing your projects into to-do lists with secondary notes if you want

Poor, cannot email NOTES

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abunai43's Review of Toodledo

Reviewed on 6/14/18 2:51 AM

Cannot email notes which is like the “dark ages” in light of where we are today with all the different available Apps out there. Let’s get with it TOODLEDO!

I will be requesting a refund from the developer, no subtasking without subscription

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Q2thousand's Review of Toodledo

Reviewed on 5/3/18 11:13 PM

This product is advertised as having subtasking & other “sub” categories, so I purchased it believing I’d received what was promised. When I went to use this feature, the instructions said I had to have a subscription to do so. Subcategories were the sole reason I purchased this app. Whether this is a mistake or false advertising on the part of the developer, I don’t know; but they are responsible for delivering on their promises. I have screenshots & will be taking more of what all they offer/advertise for my claim. With so many deliberately fraudulent app sellers, you can’t be too careful. I’m really disappointed because this app seemed to have potential.

Great Tool for Tasks

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gumdr90's Review of Toodledo

Reviewed on 4/29/18 12:42 PM

Very organized and intuitive. A me to easily set it up for my preferences. Syncs across devices and also has internet access if needed for your Windows or Mac computer. Can make a reminder (I usually “dictate” these with the microphone) and it will sync, make it into a task in Toodledo and then delete the iOS Reminder for me (my setting). All in all, the best To Do list app I have ever used.

Finding new uses

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GDefenbaugh's Review of Toodledo

Reviewed on 4/21/18 1:54 PM

I've used this app for years to manage my recurring daily and other periodic tasks. I just started using it to manage the tasks associated with completing tax returns for my clients. By using tags and notes, which I don't typically need for personal tasks, I was able to better manage my very dynamic work environment and client interaction. A Must Have for me is the web interface. I use this at my tax office which has Windows computers. I can open the web interface in another browser window and manage Toodledo data without requiring my iPhone or iPad

Great app

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stell_bell's Review of Toodledo

Reviewed on 4/12/18 4:19 AM

I love this app. I use it all the time. Thank you to the developers. I had a problem because I thought that the note title input was for the note body, and it took me a while to figure out why I could only write a couple sentences. Not intuitive UI for the notes.