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Customer Reviews of the Notability App

Fix eraser

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Guuuuuuuû's Review of Notability

Reviewed on 9/9/18 3:32 PM

It would be nice to have a free hand eraser rather than erasing whole strokes.....

We want to create our own template of paper!

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这软件的程序员有脑子's Review of Notability

Reviewed on 9/9/18 10:42 PM

Please add this function so that we can save a lot of repetitive work! Thanks for such a great app


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Bearcat1234kitty's Review of Notability

Reviewed on 9/6/18 8:16 PM

While the iCloud sync not being functional really & causing panic attacks is a downside... still one of the top note taking apps out there and I do have multiple that I use. 5stars because it’s my preferred/favorite note-taking app to use and I’m glad customer support is really amazing as well. Relatively quick response to my issue report & even checked back in to confirm that their recommendation for recovery of notes worked (which it did, otherwise I’d not be writing this).

Excellent... If only--

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Adam Pretzel's Review of Notability

Reviewed on 9/6/18 6:36 PM

This is an excellent piece of software. It now covers the entirety of my college reference and note-taking and I have no intention to switch from it any time soon. That being said, the lack of a "full screen" or "distraction-free" mode feels like a such a painful missing piece on an otherwise masterful tool. That little caveat is by no means an impediment. Notability is worth it's price. I make this little critique in case the developers can afford to make my schoolyear that much better... Thank you!

Great but can be a lot better!

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alxglz's Review of Notability

Reviewed on 9/6/18 4:14 AM

I like this app, but a few things. Make it easier to organize notes. It’s not as aesthetically pleasing and it feels limiting by only giving you 2 options: A subject, and a divider. Also, if a subject for something like “Lecture Notes” exists in a divider for one class, you can’t make a subject of the same name in a different divider. This is really annoying. Please make it so that we are able to add expandable notes. I like the idea of sticky notes but they’re not any different than writing on the actual document since they take up space. Please make it so that we are able to add notes that appear small but expand. This would be amazing too! Also, I don’t like the eraser tool. I think we should be given the option to delete either a whole line object or part of it. I know this is possible in vector applications. One other thing, I think the organization of the tools in the tool bars can be better improved. It’s takes too long to be able to move and switch between different colors or tool options. I think this system can be better improved by the specific attributes for a tool, such as color, would always be visible. Allowing a user to just easily tap for color coding. I say this because I know this app serves many purposes, one of those being a very useful tool for college students. For me, color coding or using various colors for coloring notes, is so useful in helping me comprehend and understand material. I think overall these suggestions would greatly improve the app. I already love it but I want to be able to love it more.

Great but....

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egraduate2019's Review of Notability

Reviewed on 9/5/18 7:27 PM

I love this app. I am a college student and have been using this app for some time taking notes. The ONLY thing I wish this app let me do is to draw perfect circles and other oval shapes. It does well with straight edges like square and triangles, but not circles. One more thing is if I draw a hexagon, I would like for it to be perfect as well instead of keeping my unequal sides. Other than that, this app is great for note taking.

Love the app; not fond of it deleting my notes

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Bearcat1234kitty's Review of Notability

Reviewed on 9/5/18 4:47 PM

So, I love using notability to take lecture notes and to work on practice problems/homework. I’ve been using it to do so for well over a year. However, I got an iPad so I could more effectively do the practice problems since I take many courses that are STEM. I decided to sync with the iCloud so that all the hours and effort I’ve put into my notes would be backed-up on the system I use most. Turns out, there’s a glitch and it can delete your notes!!!!! So I synced and lost more than half the notes I had on the app for my iPad. To make matters worse, the one troubleshoot solution was not being recognized by the app. The help page suggests turning off iCloud sync through the app and turning it back on to recover the deleted notes. Yet when I pushed the switch to turn off the sync option, it wouldn’t acknowledge the command. Not even after exiting the app nor restarting my device. So, hopefully support can fix the issue and restore the notes I spent all of my time on. If not, this rating is definitely going down to a 1-Star because that is a HUGE issue to have notes permanently deleted in an attempt to back them up and sync with other devices.

Great app but has a bug

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claudiadst's Review of Notability

Reviewed on 9/5/18 3:43 AM

I just started using this app after my best friend highly advised it. I love it and it is great for college, it keeps every note organized and you can set it just as you prefer so it doesn’t even feel like you’re taking notes on an iPad. However, I just downloaded it three days ago, just when I bought my iPad and every time I open the app and then go to another app, it won’t let me use it again but the screen just goes black when I try to reopen it, so I have to quit the app and reopen it again to make it work. I hope it is a bug that can be fixed because even if the app works alright it is annoying to have to quit the app every time you have to switch to another one. Thanks!

Ok but need to work on highlighted pdf

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Jotarek's Review of Notability

Reviewed on 9/5/18 3:42 PM

The app is ok, but when i import a highlighted pdf the highlight is not there which’s bad

Wonderful for teaching

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VTchemist's Review of Notability

Reviewed on 9/5/18 10:24 PM

Wonderful app! I use it as a “white board” for my college classes. We have ceiling mounted projectors in my large classroom (seats 200 students). I have tried other apps and have not been pleased. Notability gives me the tools to draw/write equations. And it allows me to export the file to my students as a pdf. (OneNote has a problem with this).