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By Peter Allday

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Linelearner app review

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  • Updated: Dec 18 2018
  • Version: 6.9.2
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Customer Reviews of the Linelearner App

Great, easy to use app for memorization

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Aiaiay's Review of Linelearner

Reviewed on 8/20/18 10:00 PM

I’m a professional actor and I use this app almost every day. The interface is not super self-explanatory, but once you understand it, it is incredibly easy to use. You can play back with a gap for your lines, you can prompt yourself, etc. I often record a scene partner and use them as the other side, but it’s also great for when you need to run lines and you don’t have anyone around. It’s the best app for memorization that I have found and is well worth the money. No frills, but excellent. Five stars.

Great app for actors!

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😎😍🤗😎😍🤗😎's Review of Linelearner

Reviewed on 6/1/18 2:40 AM

This app is fun and easy to use! I use it anytime I need to memorize a script!

Fantastic app!

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rmyankee's Review of Linelearner

Reviewed on 5/31/18 4:18 PM

I am actually using this to learn Spanish. It is fantastic. Very user friendly once you learn the basics - which doesn’t take long. I record a series of sentences in Spanish and can adjust the looping and the gap for review. So helpful! Also, if I make a mistake recording a line, it it super easy to rerecord and fix it. Since the other sentences are separated out, I don’t have to rerecord all of the other sentences, just the one I need to fix. This allows me to work on very targeted sentences and word forms while I am doing chores, going for a walk, or anything. Also, for $4, it is SO worth it! Thank you so much for this app!

Good idea - BAD execution.

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MertN94's Review of Linelearner

Reviewed on 5/13/18 2:00 AM

This app could be so much better if the set-up was more sensible. The buttons and options are frustratingly vague and non-intuitive. The instructions are bloated. Moving from recording scene/playing scene/ editing/adding characters/playback options takes multiple trial and error, even after using the app several times. Options are ok, but hidden in a maze of swiping, toggling, and drop-downs. Too much time spent navigating the app than rehearsing lines.


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centralcast's Review of Linelearner

Reviewed on 5/10/18 7:12 PM

I have been using it for four years. I keep finding new ways to use it to help me at different stages in my memorization of scripts. I’m sure I’ll keep finding new things after this. I can’t imagine doing it any other way as I am not a visual learner. I can use it anywhere anytime to review which I do before each performance. Takes me about an hour to do my lines as lead in a show.

Super useful app

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forgestar's Review of Linelearner

Reviewed on 3/31/18 3:42 PM

Lines, lyrics, stage direction...this app can help you with all of those. Plugging everything in and getting the hang of the small intricate details of this app can be a pain, but it is very much so worth it if you are an aural learner like me. Cannot recommend this app enough!

The best!

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Charlie&LolaLover's Review of Linelearner

Reviewed on 3/2/18 5:10 PM

I’ve been wishing there was a program that I could run my lines on my own- this ap exceeded my expectations. Developer thought of everything- easy to use and record the script (don’t rush- you’ll need the right timing once your off book!), tons of playback options to help you transition from learning the lines to just running them, easy to delete or change lines if there are any script changes, you can flag a line you’re having trouble with, etc. bought the full version and I’ve been sharing it with all of my actor friends!

Fantastic! (Updated review)

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mrlincoln's Review of Linelearner

Reviewed on 3/17/18 11:47 PM

Update 3-17-18 This is the best app i have on my phone. I’m so happy to see my other actor friends in Los Angeles using it, and i recommend to all my actor friends who tell me they have trouble memorizing lines. I still use this every week, some weeks every day. Thank you SO MUCH Peter for creating it and adding my suggestions early on in the process. If you learn lines, you must try this app. Lincoln Update: I am in a play in Hollywood and the cast took my advice to get this app. They're all very happy with it. And years after buying, I still use this app BEFORE EVERY PERFORMANCE in the car on the way to the theater to review my lines in a speed through with the app's speed functionality. We're doing Christopher Durang's Beyond Therapy. The comedy is rapid fire, and this app helped me be able to relax and lock the words in my brain so I can have fun onstage. I cannot thank the developer enough. I also use for most auditions and when I book a film or commercial. Driving in LA gives me lots of time to run lines with hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. I love it!!! They just added a sleep timer! It's like the developer is reading my mind! Awesome! Update v6.0 AMAZING UPDATE!!! This update is fantastic and delivers several feature requests I've made over the last versions. Speed up and slow down playback is so great! Recap my lines only- genius! Stage direction addition! The new graphics interface is great! This has been my only line memorization and review tool since I bought it (and I bought several others, but this one works best for me). As a working actor, I use this every week. On my way to auditions in LA, on my way to class, or just to review lines while driving. I highly, highly, highly recommend it. I don't know how much it sells for currently, but I would easily pay $10 for this because of how much I use it and how much it helps me. I'm not just gushing, read my reviews below of the previous versions. I contacted the developer a few times with bugs and feature requests, and he took care of them and has now added those features! I haven't used it but a few times since the update, so I haven't encountered any bugs yet, but rest assured if there are any and you let him know, this developer will fix it. That's a good feeling. This is my most used app on the App Store besides Waze. I love it. Thank you! Update: v3.4 Now the app plays in the background, yay mutitasking! This is a great feature added!! Added a star to my review. Well worth it. I'm not sure if the script erasing has been fixed. I would love to see a new feature of SPEEDING UP PLAYBACK for speed throughs to practice lines and cues fast. This would be great. Adjustable speed. I use this app many times a week. Almost every day. I love it. It's still not perfect, but it's the best line memorizing app on the market that I've tried or bought. Great app, really great for line learning and solo practice, but totally needs MULTITASKING!!! I use this a lot while driving to auditions and jobs in LA. I set it on loop, but have to go back and forth to my maps app, and playback shuts off when you exit the app. Please add multitasking so I can keep playback looping in the background! Thanks! Update: Also, you need to able to re-arrange the order of scenes in a simpler way. (This has been fixed:) Holy crap! I just deleted one of my productions from an audition, and the app mysteriously deleted several other productions!!! For no apparent reason! The productions are still listed, but all of the audio and lines are gone!!! Now it crashes anytime I try to open one of the messed up productions! "recover" option does not work!!! Sounds like a database issue.

Pretty good

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pittsburgh's own little bleedi's Review of Linelearner

Reviewed on 3/15/18 3:16 PM

Except it keeps disconnecting from my Bluetooth headphones. I switch to another app and they connect just fine, but as soon as I switch back to linelearner the connection vanished. It's a little weird walking around with your own voice playing out of your phone. Also, the send feedback button just kicks you out of the app. Otherwise pretty good. Slight learning curve as elsewhere mentioned, but you'll have that with anything.

Best in Show!

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AdamElder's Review of Linelearner

Reviewed on 3/12/18 2:47 PM

This app is great. I started out using Rehearsal Pro, but the bugs in that program eventually made it completely unusable (although I love the concept of that one). This app, on the other hand, seems flawless. There’s a small learning curve, but watching the video tutorials helps thru that part. Entering in my lines was easy - I loaded up the entire play in about 2 hours - and once that’s done, you have so much power. it’s like they thought of every possible adjustment to assist you through every single stage of memorization. Unlike Rehearsal Pro, you are not seeing the script scroll in front of you as you memorize, and that threw me at first, only for like a minute though. Because it ended up with me learning the lines aurally - only through listening - and not visually (by seeing the lines), which usually happens for me at a letter stage of the process. Nice looping feature so I could also get up and walk the blocking when i was ready. The interface is bare bones - no extra flashy junk, which is better. Simple, effective, light, fast and powerful. Feels like it was designed by actors just brainstorming the perfect way to use handheld technology to help them do one thing, and then get out of the way. Really great job, designers and developers who made this. I thank you profusely for coming up with this and implementing it so well.