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Digits Tape Calculator app review

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  • Price: $2.99
  • Category: Productivity
  • Updated: Dec 15 2018
  • Version: 3.0.8
  • Size: 28.57 MB
  • Seller: Shift
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Digits Tape Calculator App Screenshots

  • Digits Tape Calculator review screenshots
  • Digits Tape Calculator review screenshots
  • Digits Tape Calculator review screenshots
  • Digits Tape Calculator review screenshots
  • Digits Tape Calculator review screenshots

Customer Reviews of the Digits Tape Calculator App


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oxygenh2o's Review of Digits Tape Calculator

Reviewed on 7/8/18 2:12 PM

First of all super thanks to developers for make the best calculator ever thanks a million . And Please update so I can use with ISO 11 , I accidentally updated my phone now I am not able to use this super great app

We're Now in iOS 11.4 and Still No Update

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Joshua D.'s Review of Digits Tape Calculator

Reviewed on 7/7/18 4:44 AM

Well, it's been forever since iOS 11 came out and Digits became obsolete, unusable and seemingly abandoned in my opinion. And, while the developers have been posting rare description updates to this now defunct app, saying they are working on iOS 11 compatibility. Well, it's hard to keep the faith that this will ever happen. We are now many months past iOS 11's release, we're on iOS 11.4 like I mentioned in my review title, for goodness sake. And while I'm no programmer or developer, I just cannot imagine what is taking this long to get the app working with the latest iOS builds. I mean, even before iOS 11 first released developers had access to builds of the new operating system months before, so as to get their applications ready to be compatible and working properly with the new operating system. So, there were those months before and now many, many months since the first release of iOS 11. So, what is going on? How can it take this long to make Digits work again? You're giving the app away free to the minute amount of people still running iOS 10. But, what about everybody else who are actually running iOS 11 and without this app we paid for? Seriously, you don't even need to change anything or add anything spectacular and new for Digits, just make it finally work with iOS 11 please. Like I mentioned, we are now at iOS 11.4 and you've still not made this app compatible. That's just ridiculous to me, no matter how much hard work and time it would take to do make the app work again. I don't even know how to program and I could have released an iOS 11 compatible build of Digits by now. That's how long this app has been abandoned with promises of an update. I can appreciate that it's not like you just flip a switch and your app is updated and working well with the latest iOS release. But, why not at least put out some updates explaining why it's taking you so long and what's going on? I've since moved on to an app called Calctape, which it allows me to do what this app did, albeit not as beautifully. And those great aesthetics that Digits once had and its ease of use is the only reason I still occasionally check this long dead App Store page for this application. Still, I wouldn't imagine that there are many people who still do this like I do. It really just seems like bad business to take this long to get Digits working again.

The no-mistakes calculator

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Stee-rider's Review of Digits Tape Calculator

Reviewed on 7/18/18 3:46 PM

So excited to see this updated! I love this app. What an awesome concept to be able to run a tape and edit or label the items on it. Often when I want something like this I have to fire up Excel on my laptop; I love having this on my iPad and iPhone now! The ability to run multiple tapes and switch between them, to save or email tapes, to edit calculations you've already done... All of it is just outstanding. Even without that, the on-screen tape as you work is worth the price. Add the other features and it's just outstanding. Notably, there is a setting to tell the calculator to pay attention to Order of Operations (PEMDAS), instead of just doing the calculations as you enter them. A very nice, thoughtful, touch. The only complaint I have is the garish default colors and app icon. About the first thing I did on both my devices was change it to white text on brown, which is much easier on the eyes. (I'm stuck with the app icon though.)

Digits rules

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BShaw20's Review of Digits Tape Calculator

Reviewed on 7/18/18 3:07 AM

Man I can’t believe the new Digits is out!

Best Calculator App

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Largebergo's Review of Digits Tape Calculator

Reviewed on 7/18/18 2:53 PM

This is by far the best calculator app. It has everything I need and is simple to use. The tape feature is great.

Thank You for Coming Back!!!

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yank$24's Review of Digits Tape Calculator

Reviewed on 7/18/18 2:38 AM

So great to see my favorite Digits calculator return that was used daily and a Big Thank You!

The Best Calculator I can’t recommend

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BerSerKr's Review of Digits Tape Calculator

Reviewed on 7/18/18 1:50 AM

It’s been way too long for this update.

Where is iOS 11 update??

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TFC47's Review of Digits Tape Calculator

Reviewed on 7/18/18 1:32 PM

The app won’t work until this is handled!! Finally! Thanks for the update.

Nice improvements in version 3!

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donschuy's Review of Digits Tape Calculator

Reviewed on 7/18/18 1:22 AM

Love the design. Makes using a calculator a great experience.

Welcome Back Digits!!

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Cat Lady 1994's Review of Digits Tape Calculator

Reviewed on 7/18/18 10:11 AM

Update: Jul 18, 2018 IT'S BACK!!!!. Digits 3 is available. I am so happy. It has been a long process but I am happy to have my calculator back. A big thank you to the developers for listening to us and bringing Digits back!! Jul 10, 2018 After months of waiting I was invited to Vera Test Digits 3. I started on May 5th. It has been interesting to be part of a Beta testing. Mar 2, 2018 Here we are 71 days since my last update. No updates yet. I have been looking for other calculators and I finally found one I am beginning to like. Thank goodness I have found a new calculator with a different developer. Dec 21, 2017 Checking again to see if there is an update available and guess what? There is NO update for Digits. I am beginning to think it will never be done. It was a great app. I just wish the developer would let us know. The same message still says they are working on it. Dec 02, 2017 I checked again today Dec 1, 2017 and still no update. This is still very frustrating. They have known about iOS11 coming out for over a year. Apple gave them the tools to do the update and they have not done it. There website still shows the same thing. Please get this fixed. Nov 21, 2017 Still no Update as of Nov 21, 2017. So frustrating as I want to be able to use my calculator again! It was the best calculator ever. Nov 7, 2017 This was my favorite calculator. It is very frustrating because they have never updated this calculator. The description says it is being updated. I have emailed them several times. They respond but I feel like it is a canned response. I am wondering if they will ever update it. If they don't it is ashame because this was the best app unfortunately I can not use it because of updating to iOS 11. Hoping they will update it SOON!!!!