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  • Updated: Nov 30 -0001
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Customer Reviews of the Autocad App

This app needs a smoother way to Export PDFs

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Transmenshunt's Review of Autocad

Reviewed on 9/26/18 12:24 AM

Fitting your drawing onto the pdf is difficult. Sometimes a part of the drawing is cut out and almost always off center. I wish there was an easier way to plot and preview the drawing when exporting. Other than that it works pretty well.

Embarrassing for kids & engineers

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DASHIZNIT_5150's Review of Autocad

Reviewed on 9/24/18 10:15 AM

This program is sad. I can’t even draw a line or circle. Kids use real AutoCAD in High Schools and you can’t even do anything with this. Completely useless on iPad. Think lite. I’m just trying to let you know that no one even wants anything to do with AutoCAD. This should be a free workshop for 30 days. I’m deleting this app because it’s worthless and I won’t pay min of 4 dollars to be your information about how undeveloped this is. Sad, sad day for meetings and I’m not pleased with loading up models. I just use GrabCad. Slow and annoying just like UG and SolidWorks users were thinking. Free to use. Please fix

Best available, but still lacking basics, and has many bugs

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Duck Step's Review of Autocad

Reviewed on 9/23/18 2:17 AM

My use case is fine woodworking, not engineering or architecture. I am also familiar with autocad 2010. Of the four apps I evaluated (this, dwf fastview, arcsite, and umake), I found this to be the most functional and intuitive. However, it is still lacking some really basic stuff, notably: - Ability to change the color of an existing layer. - Apparently the ability to change line types and widths (the property is shown in the editor but is not editable). - Ability to group objects. - Ability to change font size of aligned dimensions (it seems to be based on the zoom factor at the time dim was created, leading to a mishmash of sizes, some unreadable). - An annoying lack of perpendicular snaps when I need it most, especially when creating polylines that need 90 degree bends but aren’t axis aligned. - Hatches. Additionally there are a number of very annoying bugs: - The layer list easily becomes corrupted, especially when undoing/redoing involves adding or removing layers. The sequence create layer > undo > create a layer with the same name in particular leads to very weird results. - When offsetting an object by dragging and releasing (rather than tap > enter offset), grid snap is not obeyed. At first it looks ok, until you release, then the final offset is positioned at the release point not the snap point. - Zoom extents does not work properly if the model is entirely on one side of the origin, which is especially irritating because the origin of a new drawing is in the top left of the screen but the user tends to draw around the center of the screen. And a number of things that aren’t bugs but are just irritating: - I have a 12” iPad Pro. There is more than enough room on the screen to display the entire tool palette, but the palette is smushed into a tiny space that requires horizontal scrolling and is reset to the left after every tool use. It gets tedious when offset is one of my most frequently used tools. - The selection visible feedback animation is too slow to get started, and there is no live selection preview feedback while dragging a rectangle. So every selection rectangle is somewhat of a guess plus a slight delay waiting to see the results. - Aligned dimension extension lines are way too big and way too far from the object for things down in the inch range. - Regarding creation of new documents: It would be nice if the coordinate system origin was visibly indicated on the grid, and also if I didn’t have to spend a bunch of time zooming way in on every new sketch to get the working area down into the inch range. - For some reason I have to log in every time I open the app. Super obnoxious. I get that “the cloud” is trendy but my device can store files too, you know... And a pipe dream: - Traditional autocad console command interface and the ability to use an Apple keyboard to enter commands. 😉😉😉 The other major issue I have is lack of official support and feedback channels during the free trial. Community support is always hit or miss, but it’s during the evaluation of a product that I want to get the most support in order to inform my decision to purchase or not. So yeah, it’s decent, but still disappointingly behind where I feel mobile cad apps should be in 2018. I do not see myself paying for this once the free trial is up. It really just isn’t that impressive, and for an app that is apparently 7 years old, it’s shamefully behind where it could be (this was a 3 star review until I found out how long this app has been around; it is now 2).

Excellent App

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The Big 'D' Man's Review of Autocad

Reviewed on 9/16/18 12:53 PM

Excellent App


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不想评论,但烂软件没's Review of Autocad

Reviewed on 8/5/18 4:15 PM


Love it !!!

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Linkup2us's Review of Autocad

Reviewed on 8/5/18 3:05 PM

It’s so nice to have it on my iPhone 7 Plus for quick reference of drawings. My only hope is to get points to show up normal. Thanks

Object enablers.

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lrentz's Review of Autocad

Reviewed on 8/28/19 1:54 PM

Civil3d object enablers should be integrated. You should be able to view civil3d objects in an autocad mobile platform even if you can not manipulate the objects.


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Archi77!!'s Review of Autocad

Reviewed on 8/28/19 1:54 PM

I understand this is hard to conceive but if we are paying for a subscription than why can’t we get an AutoCAD LT full version on IPAD? I want to hatch/annotate/create just like we do on laptops and desktops. Make plots/PDF’s/plot preview. This is an AutoCAD Viewer with some creation and annotations tools. I know autodesk can do it! Let’s get it done. Please.

Update Blocks Your Previous Subscription

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Chemist01's Review of Autocad

Reviewed on 8/28/19 1:54 PM

The update now doesn’t recognize that I paid for an annual subscription through March 2020. Now AutoCAD is asking me to pay a separate subscription to them. Amateur.

Clunky and broken

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-TySLindsay's Review of Autocad

Reviewed on 8/28/19 1:54 PM

The app takes a long time to startup, upon which it cuts your music. Additionally, it has crashed every time I’ve attempted to load my linework (multiple files, different days, no other apps running). 1-star for both not doing what it’s supposed to do, and adding insult to injury by unnecessarily killing your music upon app startup.