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Touchretouch For Ipad app review

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  • 1308 Ratings
  • Price: $1.99
  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Updated: Dec 29 2018
  • Version: 4.2.1
  • Size: 21.43 MB
  • Seller: Adva-Soft
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Customer Reviews of the Touchretouch For Ipad App

Absolutely Amazing!

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Robert009's Review of Touchretouch For Ipad

Reviewed on 9/24/18 6:54 PM

I love this app. It easily and seamlessly removes objects from photos. Best $1.99 I ever spent. Great work!

❤️ TouchRetouch for iPad is the BEST!

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BAR112's Review of Touchretouch For Ipad

Reviewed on 9/18/18 7:24 PM

This is my go-to app for getting rid of unwanted objects in my photos. So convenient to access it right from my Camera Roll via share sheet. Usually it completely erases the object so one would never even know it existed. You can also remove lines. Highly recommend!

Photo retouch

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Slimepool's Review of Touchretouch For Ipad

Reviewed on 9/13/18 4:54 PM

TouchRetouch is the best tool I have come across for for working with photos.

I can’t go without this app

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CathRN1957's Review of Touchretouch For Ipad

Reviewed on 8/16/18 1:44 PM

To be able to erase birds, or signs or any mess I’ve made with my photography and if I’m careful enough this app helps me erase junk in my photos and makes them perfect. A nearly seamless Image that otherwise would have been trashed. Thanks for this app.


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Lisalisa110's Review of Touchretouch For Ipad

Reviewed on 8/15/18 4:17 AM

✔️⭐️✔️⭐️✔️⭐️✔️⭐️✔️⭐️ THIS IS THE APP YOU ARE LOOKING FOR!! Rated 1st Choice!! Rated Top of The List!! Rated SUPERIOR!! Get it and get busy removing those annoying ‘items” you’ve wished were never in your photos, yet they are, that is until now. This App is so easy to use. The few tools you use are right on the main screen along with your photo. Choose the Eraser since you are removing, verify the brush width size, then highlight the item you want outta your photo, press the “Go” button and your done! Save it. If you’re not happy or perhaps your brush width was too wide simply press the ‘back button’ for a fresh start. It works flawlessly every time! Download this App and you are good to go! I promise you there’s no need whatsoever to waste your precious time any further, this App is exactly what you had hoped to find. Seriously don’t even bother looking. This App ReTouch is BY FAR THE VERY BEST in every way! This App is 1st rage, all the way for OBJECT REMOVAL. It’s so SIMPLE to use! The results are instantaneous! 1,2 and done, perfect!

Works great

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Sljmisskitty's Review of Touchretouch For Ipad

Reviewed on 7/8/18 10:46 AM

Finally an app to erase lines and objects. It seems to work best, when the objects are in an open space, or it distorts the object it is near or overlaps. The line removal is awesome. Still trying to figure out the brush and eraser, love it. Worth the money

Simple and effective

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Charlotte1928's Review of Touchretouch For Ipad

Reviewed on 7/14/18 2:25 PM

For simple removals, this is the best. No learning, no hassle, it’s gone!

Amazingly easy to use!

star star star star star

jellybean641's Review of Touchretouch For Ipad

Reviewed on 6/26/18 4:57 PM

I am not a photographer- my experience is limited to taking iPhone photos of my adorable puppy. I thought this app was interesting because there’s always that one, small thing I wish I could change about a photo. Now, I’m able to clean my photos up a bit and keep the focus on the subject of my photo. This app is nothing short of amazing. Its easy for even the most novice of users! Along with an awesome app comes a developer that’s responsive and really seems to care about the customer and their product. I reached out to support with a minor question and got an immediate, thoughtful response. I look forward to using this app in years to come and can’t wait to check out the other apps offered by the developer. Purchase this app— Its worth the price, 100%.

This is super

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Wild Bill Pollanger's Review of Touchretouch For Ipad

Reviewed on 6/23/18 1:54 PM

I am Wild Bill and have been looking for something, omg well worth the money, it’s so cool. East to use and does a great great job quickly. Get it get it get will NOT BE SORRY. THANKS 10 Stars.

Well designed app!

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Dave DeRave's Review of Touchretouch For Ipad

Reviewed on 6/20/18 2:58 PM

Great for quick fixes on your photos. Best I’ve purchased!