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Hipstamatic app review

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  • Updated: Dec 29 2018
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Customer Reviews of the Hipstamatic App

Love Hipstamatic!

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Deivilugo's Review of Hipstamatic

Reviewed on 8/9/18 7:37 PM

Definitely a great retro photography editing app. Can exploit creativity to the max with so many choices : ) Recently started to have problems with the app. It crashes , period . If I’m able to edit a photo it’s a miracle . Fix it please . iPhone 6 user .


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smartin765's Review of Hipstamatic

Reviewed on 8/8/18 9:50 PM

Crash. I used this all the time. Great stuff. Now, it crashes every time. Very disappointing. Please fix.

Love it when it’s not crashing

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srena's Review of Hipstamatic

Reviewed on 8/7/18 1:31 AM

I love this app, it’s delivers beautiful pictures easily and sales makes in store purchases completely affordable and well worth every penny. I loathe, loathe all the crashes.

Still my favorite app for creative photography. And you can have the photos printed out too!!!

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Thee Magnificent John's Review of Hipstamatic

Reviewed on 8/6/18 5:45 PM

I’ve been using this app in all of its iterations since the year it came out. I liked what it started out as, and I love what it’s turned into. Ȯggl was cool but is a complete ghost town now, so don’t bother, but it’s 2018 and Hipstamatic is still my favorite app for creative and fun photography. And you can have the photos printed out too!!!

Aspect Ratio = No?

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Eddie Corbo's Review of Hipstamatic

Reviewed on 8/4/18 8:52 PM

Did you know that another fun part about film photography is the ability to photograph in different aspect ratios? But Hipstamatic only wants you to photograph in square mode. Unless, however, if you use the normal full screen shooting mode you can change aspects. If a dev is reading this, why do you only allow diff aspect ratios when editing or in full screen mode? I would LOVE a new feature in the setting to choose my own aspect ratio when I’m using Hipstamatic’s default “back of the camera” mode. Please?

Are you even reading the reviews?

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deshkaelf's Review of Hipstamatic

Reviewed on 8/4/18 4:29 PM

Update: Still a buggy app, too many new releases without issues being addressed. The first Friday rarely shows up on a Friday and then you must update the app and your iOS. It seems like arm twisting with these constant ‘update’ before you purchase our product tactic. So you update and it still tells you to update. I so miss the app that first came out years ago. Simple and fun. Dear Hipstamatic, From what I am seeing and reading there are a bunch of us long time Hipstamatic users that wish you would have made your new version a stand alone app. Or waited to release when the bugs were all figured out. But you keep releasing new films and lenses ( which are not available to those that didn't upgrade ) and the bugs keep marching on. The thing I keep hearing from my Hipsta friends is that if we wanted to post process photos there is already numerous apps out there that do just that. The fun of this app was that it made you think about films and lenses and what would work for that particular photo. Now there's not much to think about because you can just 'fix it' after the fact. Come on let's get this right. Do some maintenance work on the 280, take the new one out for some major fixing and make the pro version a stand alone.

Good, but ...

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Jjaem0's Review of Hipstamatic

Reviewed on 8/3/18 5:06 AM

The controls are whacky. The swiping back and forth is dysfunctional, and will skip several steps at a time, kinda counter intuitive. Also wish the edits started off raw, without automatically applied filters. The results are great, just not easy to navigate.

Full of slowness and crashes

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Alexander J. Hovanec's Review of Hipstamatic

Reviewed on 8/29/18 2:25 AM

I’ve fallen in love with the app the second I downloaded it. A few days later and I’m experiencing crash after crash after crash. I take one or two pictures using whatever lens or film and all of the sudden the camera glitches around. I point the camera at Tree 1 and then at Tree 2 — 7 seconds later by the time it’s pointed at Tree 2, the glitching camera hasn’t processed the movement yet and still displays Tree 1, then finally slowly and glitchily shows blurred images where the camera should be pointing (the blurred images being the camera moving from 1 to 2) and 10 seconds later after a 1 second camera reposition, I’ve finally got Tree 2 on the screen... if I wanna take photos of people this’ll be a real hassle. I’ll point the camera at Person 1 take their picture and then amongst the severe glitching and processing and blurs it’ll take thirty seconds to position for Person 2 and take their picture... picture 2 is taken but person 3 won’t be photographed until 1.5 minutes after the camera finally stops glitching and blurring for whatever reason. The app is slow and freezes and completely crashes more than not. Heck it even causes my entire phone to run slow. Again I’ve fallen in love with the app and have planned an entire day in the city revolving around Histamatic photography but I may have to cancel given these conditions. I’ve been practicing at home and it takes me 10 minutes to get 5 decent photographs when I should be able to get five decent photographs in just thirty seconds if I want. Freezes, glitches, has slow processing, causes my phone to run slow, crashes... most likely because of all of the high quality data jam packed into the app. There’s hundreds of combinations and a lot of surprises within this one app, but it’s too much for it to run and is thus becoming Hell to deal with. I’ve seen many other users complaining about the same ordeal. Hipstamatic... you’re number one priority needs to involve making sure the app runs smoothly and without crashes. I want to use it like my Apple iPhone default camera and take snapshot after snapshot, effortlessly and without freezes or glitches and without causing anything to slow down or to move slow. Please fix this ASAP. I’ve had the app for just three days, and I’m baffled by its potential and am satisfied with photos I’ve taken thus far but the experience is almost ruined by this tedious technological error.

Where did the option go?

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Colorfulcutie's Review of Hipstamatic

Reviewed on 8/28/18 2:52 PM

I have a newer iPad and the option for selfies is Nowhere to be found why?

Bye bye Hipstamatic, you’ll be missed...

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Paper Master's Review of Hipstamatic

Reviewed on 8/18/18 6:18 AM

This sad day has been many years in the making, but I finally had to remove my beloved Hipstamatic from my iPhone. I have been a Hipsta devotee since day one, so much so it’s the only reason I’m still on an iPhone. It has been my singular stylized iPhone shooting and editing app since the first time I used it, and I suffered through all the issues over the years (they never really conquered iCloud syncing of edits, did they?). But since approx v3 it’s just become so unstable to a point that it was ruining shoots. The issues started about a year ago, when Hipsta started killing my battery routinely taking my phone from 30% to a hard dead in seconds. On one shoot on the Highline in NYC Hipsta killed the phone so badly I had to take into an Apple store to get it restarted. Now with the latest version it’s completely dead, crashing on every start, displaying the lens on the case off-center, quitting but still running in the background, and still with the battery issues. It’s a sad day indeed, but if you can’t rely on your photo software then it’s time for the software to go. It was a good run, old friend...😢