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By Lucky Clan

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Artstudio For Ipad app review

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  • Price: $4.99
  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Updated: Dec 29 2018
  • Version: 5.104
  • Size: 36.53 MB
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Customer Reviews of the Artstudio For Ipad App

The best just got better! Still 5 Stars

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arrrrt's Review of Artstudio For Ipad

Reviewed on 8/16/18 8:18 PM

May 3, 2015 Request... Time to update to stay ahead of the pack. ------------------- Sept update review Fantastic app!!! It really has no competition. The best there is. _______________ Review update... Of 50+ iPad image/paint apps I use, this is by far the best of them all... hands down! I said it before, there are no other iPad apps that come as close to Photoshop as what ArtStudio does. Even if you don't use it as a paint app, it's image manipulation features make this one heck of a picture editor! (Negative ratings don't do this justice. It's much better than what any gripes make it seem.) ---------- Now, more than ever, this is the best there is. New iPad update has me using this for many of my image creating/editing needs! Previous version review... Honestly, this is the closest it gets to an iPad Photoshop. The only areas holding it back are 1024 maximum resolution and unintuitive interface. If this could save at higher Rez, it would be the best image editor the iPad has.

Just a little suggestion

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iMagicBae's Review of Artstudio For Ipad

Reviewed on 7/19/18 8:52 PM

App is great, everything else is perfect. This is the only mobile app that allows you to do pixel art at a decent level. But its tedious to be zooming in and out to see your work as you edit it, can we please get a small window that hovers on our screen showing us a live zoomed out version of what we are currently working on? This will help to reach that last level of detail pixel artists need. I talked to a Lucky Clan member months ago and he said it would be implemented, but im still waiting on it, and we need it badly.

Art Studios

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Kay Nine's Review of Artstudio For Ipad

Reviewed on 7/13/18 2:13 PM

This app was a gift. What am I supposed to do with it? Can't leave it much to learn...having a great time. The recent update simplified a lot of things yet added more options. Thank you! I've had Art studio for years. Suddenly it's not working. I can't upload a photo and it's been freezing up.

6 Out Of 5

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Fellow Artist Person's Review of Artstudio For Ipad

Reviewed on 6/20/18 5:04 PM

I love this it really helps me with digital art, and hey- I've made some good pieces! I did have a problem quite recently where I changed the canvas size, then the app crashed. When I got back in, the lines where blurry, even after I changed the canvas size back to the original. Probably my fault, but I'm wondering if it could be fixed? Aaaanyway, I would rate this app way more than 5 stars if I could. Keep up the good work!


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JohnNeuron's Review of Artstudio For Ipad

Reviewed on 6/18/18 4:15 PM

Extraordinary app. It would be cheap at any price. Great value for the money!!

App crashes and deletes progress

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Eminsanityx's Review of Artstudio For Ipad

Reviewed on 5/28/18 3:00 AM

App crashes when trying to delete layers and has deleted everything I was working on. Not worth the price.

love this app but urgently needs two additions

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Teophilus's Review of Artstudio For Ipad

Reviewed on 5/27/18 2:38 AM

by Thophilus As said love this app. bought the new version. To complex. Of the more than thirty painting apps i own this continues to be my best favorite. Thanks. The non pro version, is still the best. But it would be even greater if you guys could add import photos from Google Photos and PM Pro, and maybe add some more. deposit of photos I still love this app. Please do not spoilt it. I use it every day.

STILL waiting for third party Bluetooth stylii support, as promised!

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Hardcore Trek Tek's Review of Artstudio For Ipad

Reviewed on 5/2/18 12:36 AM

Update May 1st 2018. Alrighty! I don’t know what happened to all of my update reviews and my return to given this app a solid 3 stars, BUT in hopes that this app will have third party Bluetooth stylii support coming to all iPad models, including the iPad Pro, SOON, I have decided to be hopeful about this and give you the incentive you need by upping this app to a 5-star review, FOR NOW! If all third party stylus support will NEVER appear, for me, this 5-star review will disappear and get downgraded back to possibly 3-4 stars, once again. Please bring Adonit AND Wacom stylus support to this app for ALL iPad models. My patience for this to happen is gone!

Best Art App I've used

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Allyburu's Review of Artstudio For Ipad

Reviewed on 4/14/18 8:10 PM

This app allows me to create art, even though I can't get out my oils or's intuitive, layered, multifaceted, and it has features that make drawing and creating fast, easy, and beautiful...truly a fabulous app for anyone who wants to draw, paint, or just doodle(which is how half my art projects start) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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CoffeeQ's Review of Artstudio For Ipad

Reviewed on 3/4/18 3:39 AM

I love cartooning with this app. Makes everything a breeze!