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Npr For Ipad app review

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  • Updated: Jan 10 2019
  • Version: 2.5.3
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Customer Reviews of the Npr For Ipad App

Huge improvement over old NPR, not-for-iPad app

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Ellen07040's Review of Npr For Ipad

Reviewed on 7/23/18 4:37 PM

I had been running the NPR for iPod/iPhone app for a gazillion years, because that’s all I knew existed for iPad. About 6 months ago, I got an alarming message from developers thanking me for participating in the beta program, and that my app would be upgraded automatically soon. I wrote back to say I have NOT been in a beta group, and don’t you dare overwrite my app... I got an apology that the email had been misdirected, but about 2 weeks after receiving that message, the app was upgraded without my consent. And it was horrendous. Could not do screen rotation reliably without cutting off the side or bottom of the screen, failed to show al the click points, and could not select stations to stream to save my life. I wrote to the same folks who thanked me for being part of a beta test group, and the reason had no idea what I was talking about — please provide screen shots. I was so put off, I didn’t respond. And then, after my frustration peaked, I decided to go to the App Store, and found that there was an iPad-specific version. Who knew? Downloaded it, and I am very happy with it. Now... my experience doesn’t seem to match the folks responding here, but probably it’s a great to stop beating my head against wall relief. I think it works fine — certainly better than the iPhone version when that was working. What I reeeeely care about is the current hourly news cast, and this works swimmingly. Everything else is gravy for me...

Annoying placement of volume button

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tcmadgrad's Review of Npr For Ipad

Reviewed on 7/13/18 9:18 PM

Like the news....... I really dislike the volume on button place just above the iPad home button. Too many times I go to close the app and the news starts, embarrassingly, blaring. The volume off button is in a different place on the app........ Please please please fix this.

It’s ‘listening’....

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Interlochen's Review of Npr For Ipad

Reviewed on 7/1/18 1:25 PM

Love NPR and this app does an okay job of delivering its contents. Perhaps thought might be given to separating streaming content from textual articles. I have to smile, however, whenever NPR advertises this app by enthusiastically reminding everyone that it ‘listens to you’ and ‘learns about you’! In these days of government snooping and privacy concerns this seems to be culturally tone deaf. This capacity is the LAST thing I want. And your curated offerings based on what I have chosen should not be your concern. Your next on air promo should be a solemn pledge to mind your own business!

Setting primary station doesn’t work

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Spellur's Review of Npr For Ipad

Reviewed on 6/6/18 12:39 AM

With the latest update, I have to “Find a station near me,”then select the one I want to listen to every time. There’s an option to save it as my primary, which I always select, but it never saves. Every time I use the app, I have to find my station again.

Snap Judgement

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13LuckyLeafs's Review of Npr For Ipad

Reviewed on 6/30/18 11:16 PM

One of my most beloved programs, Snap Judgement, stopped working completely. This might have to do with a bug in the app because the main program just announced that they were still featuring the show. Developers, pease fix it!! I miss the times where I could do the dishes as I enjoyed tales that were both inspirational and entertaining. Made a tedious task go by quick!! :)


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TN Thinker's Review of Npr For Ipad

Reviewed on 4/8/18 9:58 PM

I am very disappointed with the latest update. I cannot share and it is not easy to move from one article to the next. The older version was much easier as far as universal design.

Love it but please make playlist easier to manage

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See you cowboy's Review of Npr For Ipad

Reviewed on 4/30/18 9:10 PM

Use this app to stay connected every day. Runs smooth, and layout os almost perfect! Just one thing... please make it easier to delete unplayed items from the playlist. I use the "play all" function but if am unable to listen to the entire batch, I generally dont want to listen to yesterdays the next day. soo.. maybe a "delete all" button for the playlist. Sorry for being so picky.. love NPR!

Where did search go?

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wranglersupreme's Review of Npr For Ipad

Reviewed on 4/22/18 10:13 PM

I am a dedicated fan of NPR but the changes in the various apps are so frustrating I no longer use them as once I did...Fix!

Fix the playlist!

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jrmpco1's Review of Npr For Ipad

Reviewed on 4/19/18 10:03 AM

For some reason, NPR has decided to k*** playlists on its non-iPad version of this app, and now the playlist function on this app seems to have stopped working: you can put a bunch of stories on your playlist, but unlike before when you could press play and all of your stories would play continuously, now you have to press play for each segment every few minutes. This makes listening to playlists at night or while driving much more cumbersome and less user friendly. Please don’t k*** the playlist on the iPad app (and bring it back for the iPhone) and please fix the functionality.

App needs updating!!

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Iamnotanapp's Review of Npr For Ipad

Reviewed on 3/11/18 4:17 PM

This app used to work fine but it’s always buffering, plays for a minute then buffers again. Sometimes it just gives up. App hasn’t been updated in a year despite many bug fixes since then from Apple's iOS