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By David Earnest

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Newspapers For Ipad app review

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  • Updated: Jan 24 2018
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Rede4c's Review of Newspapers For Ipad

Reviewed on 12/21/17 10:58 AM

Paid for app but many newspapers only show one or two Lines of article and then you have to subscribe to Newspaper to continue reading. Bait and switch, pathetic

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Chem-Man's Review of Newspapers For Ipad

Reviewed on 12/18/17 9:43 PM

I like the news articles. However, your website’s ad design has caused me to drop you. The ad pop ups that cause to have to restart site to get rid of them time and again are unacceptable.

Taking the pulse of America.....

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swedearn's Review of Newspapers For Ipad

Reviewed on 1/7/18 1:25 AM

I like to read the letters to the editor and the opinion page of various states. Especially in states that differ in their opinions as compared to mine.

Very cool

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Usopp's Review of Newspapers For Ipad

Reviewed on 1/24/18 3:30 AM

Well, call me a nut. But I like reading the local stories that are not shoved away by someone who doesn’t think it’s important. But other than the load noises coming from the East, all news starts as a local story. In a small town or in the city, it all starts locally. Legends start big, they include the whole town or city. Stories start with a human action, grow to a decision, fester as a LTTE, and mushroom back as the whole story, mud and all, but inside is the truth. That is where these little stories start. Read some of these, mix it around. Get to know America. When you see the next “big” story, you will be able to look at it and see the little child of a story before it was known. You will note things that were added and things that could have only been left out. Holes that are then filled with pontification. But inside it the real story. The thing that was seen or heard, not what someone told you or took a photo with their camera phone. Some saw it and heard it and THEY know the truth. In these papers, scattered across North America, are the bones of many small stories, and an underlying large story that no one seems to want to read.