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  • Updated: Mar 20 2018
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Customer Reviews of the Mac Life App

I love this magazine but very much dislike their technical support

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Pbrothha's Review of Mac Life

Reviewed on 3/20/18 4:37 AM

I have been a lifelong subscriber of MacLife and love the magazine. However, I purchased an issue a bit back and have subsequently upgraded my phone to the new X! All of my issues have loaded back onto my account except the one (mentioned before) that I really need right now. I have emailed the “support” folks, several times, hoping that they could help and haven’t gotten any answers back. I’d say get the app, just hopefully don’t lose any of your purchases as their support staff are nonexistent. Hopefully they don’t cease production as good luck finding anyone who cares!


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AppReview_NOT_CostReview's Review of Mac Life

Reviewed on 2/23/18 1:47 AM

MacLife was the one magazine I would still buy in print form in the grocery store, as I really like the content and look. But, for less than the cost of two print issues (which is still true, I think), I can get an entire year. And, with the Retina display on the large iPad Pro, it seems to actually look BETTER than the print version. And, of course, there’s also all the capabilities that come with an “active” publication (like links and such). Plus: I have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE as to where all these other reviewers are getting these problems! They must be using a different app or something! ;) Seriously, though, I’ve actually NEVER had a problem with the app itself, or with the purchasing of issues! Plus, I’ve just turned 60 years old, with my brain and memory getting worse and worse, and I’ve been able to read issue after issue with (LITERALLY) ZERO problems. So, this app is ABSOLUTELY AND VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Makes useful Mac info alive

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WalterCeebee's Review of Mac Life

Reviewed on 2/22/18 8:16 PM

MacLife is one of my first magazine (apps?) experiences within Newsstand. It's working well generally. I response time is good. New issue load time is long - not something to do just before leaving the house or a Starbucks. In-magazine navigation is intuitive for the most part, with helpful cues (and the initial help screen is handy), but sometimes there is a sense of too many different ways to reveal another page or section. Maybe I need to get some practice! In the end I can read the content, share it and that's most important. I will add that going back after a break to an open mag can be frustrating with having to start in the library screen and wait a long time for the mag to open- fortunately on the page you were in. Make the app smarter and snappier!

Love the magazine. App not so much

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kranny1's Review of Mac Life

Reviewed on 12/8/17 3:24 AM

Have had to Uninstall Reinstall on my iPad several times because an issue would just plain old not download. It is slow too. I will not renew subscription via My Favourite Magazines if I have to use this app only. There are other ways to read the magazine digitally.

Getting better...

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Dr David W's Review of Mac Life

Reviewed on 11/9/17 2:10 PM

This digital magazine is gradually improving.

Doesn't work

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Rob Berger's Review of Mac Life

Reviewed on 10/21/17 2:51 PM

I've given up on the app. You can't download issues. It sows as queued.

Good and bad

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Negro896's Review of Mac Life

Reviewed on 1/31/18 10:08 AM

Contents is good, but the app need more work.