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Luci Live Lite app review

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  • Updated: Nov 11 2017
  • Version: 3.6.3
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Customer Reviews of the Luci Live Lite App

Good app. Great support.

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barrytmedia's Review of Luci Live Lite

Reviewed on 6/1/18 3:21 PM

I support a number of users of this app on both iOS and droid platforms. The app solves a problem of having too few audio encoders to go around. What I particularly appreciate is how responsive their support was recently for one of my users handling a license reset. Thanks!

Works great

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frequy1's Review of Luci Live Lite

Reviewed on 11/11/17 10:26 PM

A wonderful way to connect to access / bric units WITHOUT SIP :) Uses RTP and g.722 codec. Full duplex. You gotta have either STRONG cellular, or UNSHARED dedicated wifi. Pick one or the other, otherwise, you device will "hunt" between the two. If you dont understand this, go away now. You will do nothing but annoy who you are hooking up to, with "inferior" audio. This will run on xp computers if needed. I ran the demo in xp on an atom 1.2g with 2g ram, wired ethernet and saw up to 1500 ms delay on my comrex bric "stats". Prolly wanna use a headset with cell phones. My Iphone 5 with otterbox has a bit of echo when used like you normally use a cell phone. Yes, xtalk is on, and it still echo's a bit. All that aside, this is a good way to "break the chains" of needing to get to the studio :)