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Koco 5 News app review

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  • Updated: Sep 29 2017
  • Version: 5.13.
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Customer Reviews of the Koco 5 News App

Used to be much better

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Hey defuse's Review of Koco 5 News

Reviewed on 5/1/18 8:18 PM

Apparently they don’t make enough money not to link to fake news sites like taboola for revenue. Some of the same stories have been up since last spring.

News 5

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Chabon1837's Review of Koco 5 News

Reviewed on 4/30/18 8:15 PM

Very good at getting alerts out quickly


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MBAVRHM's Review of Koco 5 News

Reviewed on 4/28/18 5:22 PM

Too many advertisements. By the time I get the alert the story is gone and replaced by a car commercial or something else. Very frustrating


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Salysu72's Review of Koco 5 News

Reviewed on 4/28/18 2:23 AM

Gives news as it happens! And didn’t get caught up in politics, doesn’t take side, just tells it like it is! As long as you continue this I will continue to stay.

Home away from Home :

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Okcdoll80's Review of Koco 5 News

Reviewed on 4/25/18 1:55 AM

I have several Apps from Oklahoma keep me informed and connect it to my home state. I’m proud of okla. news station , they keep you up to date of the ever days happening before you leave your house. # 80 😊

Weather portion worthless!!!! 😥😢

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Angel777adv's Review of Koco 5 News

Reviewed on 4/19/18 7:21 AM

4/3/18 update STILL did not address the weather section!! I have been forced to do the one thing I said I would never do .... I've now downloaded the KFOR weather app for a great way to follow a tornado weather. I still love channel 5 news and meteorologists and will watch on TV, but when it comes to needing to watch. And I don't buy the excyctff 3/8/18 update released and still no update or improvements to the weather section. Come on koco app developers. Get with it!!! Now I feel forced into doing something I swore I'd never do, rely on channel 4 weather (app). Their app is close to what 5 used to have. I'll know more about it after a severe weather situation and see how it performs. 2/19/18 Tornado season is upon us and still no improvement. It's sad because you have one of the best meteorologist, Damon Lane, but your app does discredit to him. Please bring back the old weather app or integrate into the news app!!!! Update: I didn't think it was possible, but the recent update on 1/24/18 has an even worse weather section. Now you have to scroll sideways to see the hourly or weekly forecast instead of almost all on one page. Why can't you bring back the weather app or make the weather section like the old all!!! Wish I could give zero stars!! 😥 Weather portion of app is worthless!! Bring back separate app for weather!! Can't drop pin point on map, radar motion button missing, not all layer choices work, location choices aren't marked on map, map settings won't save-have to choose overlays, layers and alerts every time, shouldn't have to watch an advertisement to watch a real time weather reporting especially during severe weather, I can go on and on!!! Either include all the features of the other app or bring it back!!!!!!! Will change rating when improved or other app returns. News portion was better before updated to current layout. Have to scroll through to find breaking news that pops up on notifications. Not really interested in stupid videos from sources such as Vuz. Seems like tabloid news, not pertinent news.

Most up to date news information!!!

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elk citian's Review of Koco 5 News

Reviewed on 4/16/18 10:15 PM

I really enjoy the current(ness) of the Channel 5 App. It is my go-to source for timely and accurate news. Yes, I also watch the news at 10:00- ‘cause the weather and sports are covered so well. Highly recommend!!!


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djpositron's Review of Koco 5 News

Reviewed on 4/12/18 11:53 PM

TV channel, not too bad App, meh

News items

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The Greatest Patriot's Review of Koco 5 News

Reviewed on 4/10/18 12:22 PM

I would like to see MORE news items! Channel 9 is way over the top with useless notifications and ‘teasers’. I consider that to be unethical and dishonest. Channel 5ive(🤗) is the best. But, I’ll say again that you must increase your app’s news coverage and notifications! Thank you for your time and trouble in reading my review, Kenny Rosewitz

Great app

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Brandon Gurley's Review of Koco 5 News

Reviewed on 3/8/18 1:54 AM

It’s the only local news app in my phone!