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Wingx Pro7 app review

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  • Updated: Dec 29 2018
  • Version: 8.8.1
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Customer Reviews of the Wingx Pro7 App

Customer service is almost non-existent - Having more and more issues lately with the app

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I Fly By GPS's Review of Wingx Pro7

Reviewed on 9/6/18 2:10 AM

Just ok, used to be awesome. Customer service has taken a turn for the worse and if you e-mail or call you will get voicemail and they will cal you back in 3-7 days. They used to have the best customer service, now if you have a problem you will wait and eventually decide that maybe one of the competing apps is a better match. I made the switch to a different app but will keep this app installed to see if they bring it around in the future.

More issues and no call back from tech support

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Sr Maestro's Review of Wingx Pro7

Reviewed on 9/4/18 4:07 PM

I have use this app since its inception, historically it has been great. Most recently it has started having problems and tech support does not return my phone calls. The newest batch of problems came when their weather source for the textual weather data changed something so weather no longer updated in WingX. That issue has halfway resolved, now it updates but the TAF displays messed up data that is somewhat readable?!? At the same time that problem popped up their ability to display Nexrad moving map data from ADS-B quit working too. So now you can get ADS-B text based weather updates but can’t see the Nexrad on the moving map. Using the competitors app with the same ADS-B receiver and the Nexrad displays perfectly. Hoping for a quick fix or I will have to permanently switch over to the competition so I can get the Nexrad info!!! I will update this if/when it is fixed.

Haven’t kept up with the competition

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RNG Flyer's Review of Wingx Pro7

Reviewed on 9/14/18 3:53 AM

Finally gave up after using Wingx for years. I hope they are making money on their military contracts because Foreflight and Garmin Pilot have surpassed them by a fairly wide margin for GA features. I would have switched sooner but switching also means buying new portable AHRS unit.

It's a toy for pretend pilots

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temnoff's Review of Wingx Pro7

Reviewed on 7/24/18 3:36 PM

Too much silliness in this app. Very cumbersome to use in flight. no easy to use magenta line manipulation while route planning or diversions for that matter. No FARS But you can pretend you are a stealth! Stick with Garmin or Foreflight. GPS ALWAYS FAILS AND NOT SAFE!!!


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Wasord's Review of Wingx Pro7

Reviewed on 6/22/18 10:09 PM

Fantastic. Provides more flight planning and flight enroute info than I will ever be able to use or need. There are other very good programs of this type out there. How, with this you’ll never need another. And their customer support if you have questions is excellent. I’m using it with Stratux ADSB In now. Interface was perfect.

Great navigation app!

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JDC517's Review of Wingx Pro7

Reviewed on 6/13/18 2:56 PM

It’s been several years since I’ve flown and used to do all my flight planning and navigation the old school way, which is fine, but with this app, what used to take me a few hours to do... I can now do in about one! And using this app on my iPad makes it even easier! I can flight plan on my iPad and set it up with the synthetic vision, and then use my iPhone for the moving map with terrain overlay. Great app!

Pilots - Please do NOT use for flight!

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Hanson24's Review of Wingx Pro7

Reviewed on 5/10/18 3:23 PM

I am a Certified Flight Instructor and teach national courses on Mountain Flying. I think this app has many advantages over the competition but a dangerous and persistent flaw persists. When the moving map screen is touched either by intent OR involuntarily, the terrain layer freezes and no longer indicates terrain proximity. For flat land pilots or flight simulator pilots this may be acceptable. If you are a serious pilot, this App should NEVER be used for real world flight. There are MUCH safer alternatives. (I have spoken to company representatives on FIVE occasions over the past 3 years continuously hoping for a fix) Two weeks ago I left a detailed message with an employee who said the developer would contact me. . . . Crickets


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Solomonwannabe's Review of Wingx Pro7

Reviewed on 4/6/18 6:37 PM

Truly an egg outstanding electronic flight bag product! I am an instrument instructor for both ground school and flight coursework. Privately, as well as at a local organization. I am recommending this to everyone. Multiple overlays, intelligent – if sometimes counterintuitive – user interface, exceptional graphics. This makes flying easier and safer. I trust the data I am being shown. That should say all of it. One small additional item that I have not found in the program yet, the MOS. Model output statistics from the National Weather Service, that is the only thing I am still looking for here.

Doesn’t work out USA

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Elwort's Review of Wingx Pro7

Reviewed on 4/30/18 1:10 AM


Great app and cust support

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AKraptor22's Review of Wingx Pro7

Reviewed on 4/1/18 9:02 AM

This program rocks. It works well and is easy to use. Also, the customer service is top notch and easy to get ahold of. Also, thanks for supporting the military. I will never use another EFB in my jet.