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Garmin Usa app review

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  • Price: $49.99
  • Category: Navigation
  • Updated: Sep 16 2017
  • Version: 2.11.
  • Size: 234.81 MB
  • Seller: Garmin
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Customer Reviews of the Garmin Usa App

Has the look and feel of the Garmin hardware, but...

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JMs App Review's Review of Garmin Usa

Reviewed on 11/8/17 1:31 AM

I have been using a highish end Garmin GPS for about 6 years and have found it to be very reliable with directions and easy to use. Although Google Maps, Waze and others have some nice features I do not like their ease of use or accuracy as much as my Garmin hardware. Because of this I just purchased this app. So far it seems much better for ease of use than Google. I like the fact that, like the hardware version it displays the posted speed limit. I like the fact that maps are downloaded so it works without cell service. I don't like the fact you have to download the entire USA when I really just wanted it for a few surrounding states. I was planning to use my old hardware for longer road trips. I am also very annoyed with the lack of app volume functionality. I listen to music over my car audio system from my phone and when the GPS voice comes on it is WAY louder than the music. This is extremely annoying. The app volume button gets dimmed out when docked - not so handy. A $60 app should not have such a basic annoyance. It is easy to use and laid out like my familiar hardware, so I like this. I don't like the fact that it is another $20 to get live traffic - I didn't see this in the fine print. My Garmin hardware gps with traffic antennae worked very well, though if I can't listen to music without the GPS lady blasting me out of my seat I am not so inclined to stick another $20 into this app. By the way, I first bought Navigon thinking this was like my Garmin. It was a different ball game. Although It did have a working volume control, on my first day trying to use it, it did not find a major UPS hub that I was searching for or my workplace of 150 people! I uninstalled it I was so annoyed. I don't have time for such major missing places. If you are in the USA, I would choose the Garmin app over Navigon.

Not bad.

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moddrocker's Review of Garmin Usa

Reviewed on 11/24/17 9:59 PM

It’s a solid app that does what it promises. It’s. A full(ish) GPS app. Full navigation and maps with or without cell service. In the mountain with no bars. The app uses GPS and Dow loaded maps. It’s good. I wish the resolution was a bit better for the high def phone screens. and I desperately wish it would allow importing of .gpx files for custom routes.

Poor Value -avoid

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Nothing@1's Review of Garmin Usa

Reviewed on 11/23/17 9:45 PM

Although I was willing to pay extra for the familiar Garmin interface, the fact that you have to pay even more for a complete product (traffic, 3D) is criminal.

Import Option for Trips

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Xtreme52803's Review of Garmin Usa

Reviewed on 10/27/17 4:18 AM

GARNIN, plz, I need an import option!!! ————————- We need an import option for trip planner. I want to be able to use my Garmin app with my iPhone 7 Plus on my motorcycle while it's mounted to my bike. For this to be an option I need to be able to import my trips from Basecamp even if I have to email the GPX file to my phone. Also... "More Vehicle Icons" is showing blank squares.


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Stergosteve's Review of Garmin Usa

Reviewed on 10/24/17 7:12 PM

I paid over $ 50.00 and haven’t been able to use it for at least 3 months. Every tim I try it say that I need to download new maps. I’ve done that at least 30 times and I’m still told I need it download maps... it’s a freaking joke.

Update insta crashes

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Db@AU's Review of Garmin Usa

Reviewed on 10/23/17 1:32 AM

I've used this product for five years and have really liked it. However, Garmin just isn’t doing reasonable product testing. A previous version would instantly crash on launch. The current version ignores navigation settings. Set to avoid unpaved roads, it’s taken me down two in the past two weeks—one up the side of a mountain. It’s running what appears to be shortest route planning instead of fastest route regardless of that setting as well.