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Boating Uscanada Hd app review

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  • 1743 Ratings
  • Price: $23.99
  • Category: Navigation
  • Updated: Dec 25 2018
  • Version: 12.1
  • Size: 137.85 MB
  • Seller: NAVIONICS S.R.L.

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Customer Reviews of the Boating Uscanada Hd App

Navionics. US and Canada

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Boat stalker's Review of Boating Uscanada Hd

Reviewed on 9/9/18 3:10 AM

I purchased this app but have not gotten to download. It says purchased. Now what?

Horrible nagging experience every time you launch

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Sir Geoffreys's Review of Boating Uscanada Hd

Reviewed on 9/2/18 4:33 PM

I paid for this app, not cheap, and expected to get a great experience once I paid. Wrong. Now every time I launch the app I get nagged not once, but twice and sometimes three times to register and logging “for my benefit”. I have politely declined this day after day and it does not stop nagging. I am offshore with no internet most of the time - marine navigation app, go figure -and think it’s totally out of line to spam the app every time I need to use it.

Good route plotter and calculator, infuriating interface

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mickklass's Review of Boating Uscanada Hd

Reviewed on 5/12/18 4:31 PM

The app works great on an iPad for calculating and plotting routes automatically. The interface is infuriating, requiring extra taps and use instruction referencing non existent icons. If they fixed the interface, I’d give it a 5.

Navionics Marine and Lakes USA & Canada HD

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mojospud's Review of Boating Uscanada Hd

Reviewed on 12/16/18 1:21 PM

Overall an excellent app, but some of the depths which appear in the large scale charts in Saratoga Passage and Admiralty Inlet are in the wrong units. They appear to be in meters even when feet are selected.

needs improvement

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HershMagursh's Review of Boating Uscanada Hd

Reviewed on 12/16/18 1:21 PM

Buggy. Crashes when route planning. Can't adjust transparency of charts. User interface akward. Wait for fixes

Not ready for Prime Time

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sailboat3's Review of Boating Uscanada Hd

Reviewed on 12/16/18 1:21 PM

I liked the App initially. The charts are sharp and generally adequate for small boat navigation. The program is especially useful in trip planning. I have not used it underway so I cannot comment on it's usefulness in actual navigation, but I do see possibilities in keeping folks ashore in the loop. All that is lost however when after two hours of work the program crashes, the screen goes black and all is lost. Or, when you have a route planned, saved (you think) and you are on the next leg and the previous route dies, not always, but often enough to make me want to throw my ipad out the window. I now have a couple of routes which are still in the ipad although I do not know why, and several that have been laid out several times and are lost somewhere in the electronic abyss. This is potentially a great APP but it is not ready. I hope someone is working on it. I have contacted the Support and they answered me. They were polite but offered no solution.

It works great

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Jr/b's Review of Boating Uscanada Hd

Reviewed on 12/16/18 1:21 PM

I used this app to bring a boat from Essex, Ct. to Portsmouth, NH over the new year. The boats gps and chart plotter didn't work, but I had my IPAD. We had charts and handheld gps's but it became apparent after 2 days that this app. was just as reliable and accurate as any other onboard equipment we had ever used and the charts. The tide and current plots are excellent and we used them to time our transit through the Cape Cod canal. I recommend this app to any seasoned sailor. My IPAD had 3G And at times we were over 30 miles offshore.

Boater Scam

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Pw henderson's Review of Boating Uscanada Hd

Reviewed on 12/15/17 4:36 PM

I am a full time ocean mariner. I originally paid the one time fee for this app for lifetime charts. It is not ok to renig on our deal and wipe my charts. For those paying annually, you may be at sea someday and find that your charts have been suddenly wiped from your device at expiration. It happened to me. This is a severe safety issue and is unethical. I’ve since discovered there are other great chart apps, none charge annually.

Excellent Boating And Fishing App

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John McCollister's Review of Boating Uscanada Hd

Reviewed on 11/18/18 12:35 PM

This app works great with my ipad 2 and my Garmin Glonass. It allows me to easily create routes before boating, while I'm in the water and after a trip. I purchased the additional advanced boating app which gives me a fishing function that allows me to focus on specific contours and depths. It is an exceptional back up to my onboard chart plotter. In addition, I Purchased a waterproof case for my ipad. My only complaint is that the app for the ipad doesn't the a chart up (boat up) setting.

Excellent value-High Definition lakes and Saltwater!

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LakeKayakKid's Review of Boating Uscanada Hd

Reviewed on 11/18/18 12:35 PM

Honestly, I think the worst thing about the app is that the iPad screen has a lot of glare. This app covers the entire US and Canada for lakes and Saltwater. Not every lake in existence is covered with mapping detail. According to the company, the lakes list is the same as the HotMaps Platinum and Premium products (there is a list on the website) they sell for marine GPS use. So the product includes about 17,000 lakes with map detail and 1000 of the "best" HD maps-this is the largest library of lake maps I am aware of. The lakes data is supposedly "the best available", but understand whats currently "available" are often antique DNR maps-not realy detailed. However, The HD lakes are 1' increments and are the exact same as those in the companys HotMaps product-which are considered to be the best lake maps by many boat GPS users-especially fishermen. IMPORTANT! Check if the lake you want is listed on the company website first-if your lake is listed as an HD lake, you will probably be very happy with the app! Otherwise, its a gamble! Saltwater coverage is the same as the existing Navionics Gold products, but here the mobile app can overlay Google and Bing. Tides and Currents are included with nice sine wave displays. The new wind forecast overlay has been pretty accurate and is a nice touch as a free update. The Gold maps are standard for Raymarine chartplotters-so you know the navigation data is very accurate. The app for coastal use is a GREAT value, esp. if you can use the iPad inside! Oh, Navionics charts arent cheap. The US saltwater and Canadian charts that this app uses costs $450! The HotMaps products are $150 each. I have had the app crash a number of times, usually while i was bouncing in and out of it. Usually it will run for hours without a hitch if that is the only app Im using. The company has been very good about regular functionality updates. The routes and waypoints interface is pretty basic, but super easy-anyone can figure it out in minutes. The UGC function is also very interesting. I've used Navionics map products for over 8 years as part of my job-and I know their maps are usually the best or the map doesnt exist at all. This is a great app if you want to use it on the coast. On lakes, make sure the lake you want is covered. This is the best complete navigation suite out there for the iPad at this point. Oh-an otterbox is a good investment using the iPad otw!!!