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Traktor Dj app review

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  • Price: $9.99
  • Category: Music
  • Updated: Jul 16 2018
  • Version: 1.6.8
  • Size: 80.85 MB

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Doesn’t work

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DJ Dave Dolphin's Review of Traktor Dj

Reviewed on 7/16/18 7:22 PM

To add to my previous review: I am using an iPad Pro, and the app rarely works at all.

Love this app!

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Omosha's Review of Traktor Dj

Reviewed on 7/11/18 12:31 AM

Great UI w lots of creative options

Good for existing Traktor Pro users

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BeatsbyDiv's Review of Traktor Dj

Reviewed on 7/10/18 3:21 AM

If you own the computer software version of this app then this is great because you probably already have your library in itunes (or easily add your library if not) and have a way to work on setlist literally all the time. Do the tedious stuff like lining up beatgrids, setting cue points and the main benefit is being able to test out every possible combination of any of your tracks, anywhere. If you download a bunch of new songs and drop em into an itunes playlist on your computer, download the playlist to download all the songs with one button on your ios device, go into traktor dj, let it analyze the tracks and just organize the view so it puts them in order of key to start seeing what sounds good with what, all in key. Not to mention all beatgrids and cue points can be transferred to traktor pro! But this assuming you have the appropriate settings in itunes and devices. All of this may sound like an extended tedious process but for me this isn’t a simplified version of a typical process for a dj. Too me this is a workflow I didn’t even know was possible or how to begin to setup. All ground work for sets can be done casually on your ipad or iphone in terms of building routines, set lists and routine prep work like cues and what not then you can literally just pick up where you left off when you go to your computer and have a set fully prepared, that just works, doesn’t fall out of sync and that you know an order of songs for. It’s pretty rad but there’s no midi functionality which is ridiculous. Only works with certain ni controllers for control of parameters like faders, knobs etc.... but it’ll play audio on any sound card that may already have that works with other apps. It’s a pretty complete solution for a few use cases like those how have compatible hardware but everyone else should see this as a lite or mobile version of Traktor for building and rehearsing set lists or routines. Also no IAA or audiobus support. Auria, cubasis, tabletop and garageband all don’t show it as a sound generator so there’s that.

Traktor is dead :(

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denoizer's Review of Traktor Dj

Reviewed on 6/19/18 5:07 AM

Leave the game and do something serious: - Key control "Pro". - Pitch "each deck" (4%, 8%, 10%, 16%, 24%, 32%). - Pitch bend "each deck" (+/-). - Cue/Play (like all Dj iPad software). - External USB stereo mixer (1/2 - 3/4). - External mixer mono (heatphone output). - Colored wave. Easy :)


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MeLoXtra's Review of Traktor Dj

Reviewed on 5/31/18 10:41 PM

Performance master piece


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KIrkDouglasSD's Review of Traktor Dj

Reviewed on 5/22/18 6:35 AM

This is hands-down the BEST Dj experience on the iPad in my experience, but it DESPERATELY needs an update! Please add multi-device syncing settings and up the interface a notch. Its been too long since this app has had an update it deserves. I’m scared you guys might be leaving it to die. PLEASE DON’T... Its the BEST!!!!


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Eyeh8popups's Review of Traktor Dj

Reviewed on 5/11/18 10:06 PM

Easy and fun. Get a controller!


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Chiapas8374's Review of Traktor Dj

Reviewed on 4/28/18 6:56 AM

Really good, i use on ipad excelent

Mixcloud upload nit working

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Razorhalo's Review of Traktor Dj

Reviewed on 4/27/18 2:02 AM

I like Traktor for the ability to upload to Mixcloud, but now it will not log in to do it any longer. What has happened?

Traktor Dj is a great for learning

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Dgabruno's Review of Traktor Dj

Reviewed on 3/1/18 5:37 PM

Ok so I actually started out djaying with this program I find it to be amazing in many ways it helped me learn and got me really into this kind of work it’s v Rey easy to use and almost does most of the work for you really but honestly hands down I love this app over all the other dj apps for iPad love native instruments keep up the good work