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Touchviz app review

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  • Price: $9.99
  • Category: Music
  • Updated: Nov 5 2019
  • Version: 1.4.0
  • Size: 12.35 MB
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Update: It has 1080p!

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SMKartiat's Review of Touchviz

Reviewed on 9/19/19 2:13 PM

I have messed around with a lot of live video performance effects apps. This one is by far the best one to work with in regards to features and integration with music apps like audiobus. But even more important, thanks to the developer for responding to my original review. Originally I gave a poor star rating because there seemed to be no 1080p. The developer alerted me to the fact that 1080p can be added in custom settings but no higher. A future update expands this. Yes! So, if you are trying to record a 1080p you have to add it in custom settings as stated in the developers response. It works, full 1080p. Total clarity! Awesome! So if you are a VJ looking for a quality VJ application for iPad Pro, this is it! BTW, I recommend buying this app in the pack that includes OCS Touch. You’re going to want that with this app. 5 stars!


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GiveGet's Review of Touchviz

Reviewed on 12/19/18 1:31 PM

Disappointing app. Can't do much with it. There is no support to help understand how to save or create other effects. Over priced. Shouldn't be more than$1.99. Would not suggest others purchase it.

Best VJ App so far for iPad

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TheBigBuddha's Review of Touchviz

Reviewed on 12/19/18 1:31 PM

Best VJ App so far for iPad. All of these Apps lag on HD material, 720 or 1080. Choose 640x360 for 16:9 aspect, smooth, lag free mixing. This App actually HAS FX on each of the two A & B channels, AND the Master!!! Yes, 3x FX. 17 types of FX in all: blur, invert, mirror, dots, kaleidoscope, color, radial blur, posterize, pixelate, wave light tunnel, adjustments, sharpen, edge, television, swirl, & shuffle. Although it does not have layer mixing modes, with 50% opacity on center, there is a Mix, Level, & Color adjustment on the Master out, in addition to the FX adjustments makes up for it. The ONLY complaint I have, besides the lack of layer mixing modes is that there is no back and fourth (forward & reverse) playback of clips. Which can be solved by mixing down your animations / video clips with and external video editor with the fwd & rev loop in the clip for seamless playback.

Great app but missing some key features

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Jon Mass's Review of Touchviz

Reviewed on 12/19/18 1:31 PM

Devs, PLEASE consider adding the following. This is a fun app at the moment but could become a huge musical performance tool if it had some ability to sync effects with music. Or, please tell me if I’m just unable to find these features. Manual field entry (especially for strobing and the like) Inverse strobe/Strobe color choices (really needs black! Strobing the image would be key) Ableton Link compatibility, or something similar Sync effect speeds to a BPM value MIDI clock sync


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Sidaj's Review of Touchviz

Reviewed on 12/19/18 1:31 PM


Turns your iPad into a video sampler!

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Dongus The OrigionAL's Review of Touchviz

Reviewed on 12/19/18 1:31 PM

I cannot speak enough for how useful this app is. It has secured life for my ipad2 and is indispensable in my video performance setup. Works great with AV out. I would love to have a way to sequence clips by tap tempo o clips just finishing and going to the next, but as it is this is the most useful and feature packed VJ app for iOS!

Great app! Having an issue importing movies though

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DJRob2K's Review of Touchviz

Reviewed on 12/19/18 1:31 PM

Can't seem to import any new media.... The app has an add a clip to a slot function, but I see no media available in the library tab or camera tab.... Only thing available is the documents, which just has the preloaded demo files....a little help? I have a few videos in the camera roll and some itunes music videos, but nothing shows up..... Running on an iPad2 with iOS 5.1.1

App keeps crashing :(

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Themyno's Review of Touchviz

Reviewed on 12/19/18 1:31 PM

This is an amazing app, I used it frequently on live events but it kept crashing when using it constantly and had to stop using it. Please fix it 'cause this app is gold.

pretty good start...

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mtrucco's Review of Touchviz

Reviewed on 12/19/18 1:31 PM

pretty good start..I haven't tried the midi yet but video out works nicely. any chance we could get the ability to record from the camera, or master mix....even if just for a few seconds? record from the camera might be the easiest way to "import"... for now I am enjoying mixing in video feedback (slightly) via pointing the camera at my projector projecting the video out :)

Here's the deal

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theconceptofzero's Review of Touchviz

Reviewed on 12/19/18 1:31 PM

I really liked this app but now when I try to load videos from my library it crashes on my iPad Pro. Does not happen on my iPad Air 2. Have written to the developer but no response yet which is strange because most of these people get back to me in a day....except the dude with Crudebytes that ignores my email. Will update this review when it gets worked out. In any case, Takete blows this away. 091916 Updated this morning, still crashing on iPad Pro. Gonna cost another ★