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Symphony Pro app review

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  • Updated: Dec 29 2018
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Customer Reviews of the Symphony Pro App

Great tool for transcription and teaching!

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Damien Smith's Review of Symphony Pro

Reviewed on 9/18/18 7:25 AM

I really love this app. I am learning more and more about it all the time. It is a fantastic tool for both scoring, and teaching. It is relatively easy to learn and great for practicing and sharing files.


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popcall's Review of Symphony Pro

Reviewed on 8/21/18 3:10 PM


This app is great

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ElectricMan4Ever's Review of Symphony Pro

Reviewed on 8/20/18 10:18 PM

It lets you compose symphonies


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Xjdjdjdidifi's Review of Symphony Pro

Reviewed on 8/17/18 2:52 PM

Please fix this ASAP: When I am setting my tempo I’ll adjust my tempo above 224 and if i hit play it changes my tempo to 224 you should be able to select any tempo you want. Ok please try and fix this. Thank You, Ryan D.

Good developer, making progress, some features are very strong

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articcircle888's Review of Symphony Pro

Reviewed on 8/13/18 8:29 AM

I use Notion iOS and Symphony Pro 5. IMO, these are the best two notation apps for iOS. NotateMe is nice because it has Photoscore built in (mixed results). I didn’t start using SP5 until this recent iPad version came out so I have no history with this app. I came straight from Notion iOS and Finale. Notation apps, by their nature can be confusing at first. IMO, Notation apps are overall some of the most difficult applications to learn. Honestly if I could have my pick I’d want a slimmer Finale/Dorico hybrid for iOS. The 12.9” iPad Pro is practically WYSIWYG. Laying out pages with gestures and the Apple Pencil could be interesting at some point. Anyway, there are some things SP5 seems to do really well. So far it has been the best app at importing MusicXML files. That’s important. The UI has some pros and cons. I feel that Notion iOS’s palette is very logically laid out. It’s nearly impossible to not be able to find the tool you need. I like what can be done on the “paper” area of the GUI, but I feel like the tool bar could be organized better. Initially I was looking for an app on iOS that would allow me to use Schenkerian type analysis fonts and graphics. If not that, then a free form mode where notes didn’t have to stick to the time signature. Surprisingly, I managed to perform some reduction, but not much. I don’t have much to say yet, (I’ll revise my review at a later date), but there is a lot of potential here and it seems that the developer is intent on building a professional notation app for iOS. For me it must be able to handle orchestral scores, elaborate piano notation (Debussy, etc..). and eventually film scores. I have a feeling that Presonus keeps Notion iOS on life support just because. Komp is a subscription based service. I will never do subscription based apps. Finale has said they’re not going to do iOS right now. Sibelius? No way. All of that said, I’m pulling for SP5 and am going to start making YouTube videos about it. I’d like to see AUv3 Instrument support added so I can use the Ravenscroft piano and other instruments. That’s the future. That’s it for now. Stay aggressive SP5! There’s a whole community waiting to see who’s going to become the king of the iOS Notation hill. SP5 has a chance. Look at Finale, Dorico and Notion for feature inspiration. Easy but powerful. I’ll revise my review once I have more specific things to say. For now, I’m giving SP5 a chance to become my daily.

More fun than playing games!

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KStover02's Review of Symphony Pro

Reviewed on 8/1/18 2:48 PM

I’m writing my first composition and this app will definitely make it easier. It’s more fun than playing games.

Exercise in frustration

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Habaneroburger's Review of Symphony Pro

Reviewed on 7/6/18 1:11 PM

The functionality is nice and the app shows a lot of promise but it gets a hundred little things wrong and it ends up fighting. you. all. the. time. When you can get in a groove of note entry then you’re really happy, but you can only enter maybe five or six notes successfully at most before it messes something up, and it takes you 30 seconds to fix it. It’s really bad about inadvertent screen touches (even finger touches while using the pencil are bad) and it loves to drop random notes ten ledger lines below a staff. If it gets the pitch of a note wrong and you go to fix it, what will it do? The same gesture may bring up an edit window, or add another note, or rewrite the note, or do nothing, at random. You can drag to change the pitch but it prefers to change to a non-diatonic note and it’s a real pain to move it the extra half-step. Especially with the pencil you learn to change its input mode all the time to reduce chances of input being misinterpreted. Multi-voice support is wonky. It loves to interrupt your workflow to brag how a feature you didn’t intend to invoke used to be paid but is now free. You get the picture here — using the app is a litany of navigating its bugs and quirks and shortcomings, and you cannot enter a state of flow with it because it behaves so erratically. You use it because you have to. You’re unlikely to be happy with this as your sole notation app unless your needs are trivial. For my part I will use it on-the-go for quick ideas or to do entry of scores I will later clean up in Sibelius on my laptop — an app which for all its oddities I have gained a much better appreciation for now. I don’t blame the developers. Writing this sort of app is super hard, and the Sibelius and Finale developers have had teams working for years and years, and their stuff costs hundreds. This price is a steal by comparison, but nevertheless you get what you pay for.

Outstanding Creativity Tool

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Jasper Yate's Review of Symphony Pro

Reviewed on 7/11/18 8:42 AM

What an amazing way to bring musical composition to the iPad and beyond! Make music and save paper ~ what’s not to love!? Elegant and capable. Has all the tools I could imagine and more :)

Impressive, but serious flaws

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Spe42's Review of Symphony Pro

Reviewed on 7/10/18 2:01 PM

It is a very impressive package, considering all the features that are built into the app. Was somewhat disappointed when, immediately after purchasing, I navigated to the in-app user manual, clicked on "submit feature request", and the app immediately crashed. When I then went to submit a crash report—the app crashed again. Notwithstanding, I am very impressed with the sheer volume of keystroke shortcuts to use the features—and since I am using an ipad keyboard case, this works well for my needs. However, as other reviewers have noted, the note input method is an incredible nuisance. Compared to what else is available on the ipad, and what reviewers are generally saying about them, Symphony Pro seems to my way of thinking yet the most reliable. All the music notation apps seem to have very compromising errors in their functionality, and not much in the way of signs of improvement (judging by what reviewers are saying, that is). Considering what's available, this is of very good quality.

Conditionally Awesome

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Uncle Bottle's Review of Symphony Pro

Reviewed on 6/12/18 1:00 AM

I’ve been using this software for a couple of months now. I bought it for the handwriting feature, and first, let me say I love that it does what it says it does. The Apple Pencil feels a little slidy on the screen, but that’s not your fault, and I’ve mostly gotten used to the feel of it. The sound patches are pretty good - I’ve mostly been using the violin, viola and vcello for string quartets. I’m not positive that playback properly reflects written dynamics, but that may be simply because I haven’t tweaked the settings properly, and besides - I’m using this program for note entry and then exporting to Sibelius for actual playback. This process works pretty well, btw, once you work it out to use File Sharing to manually pass the files back and forth between pad and computer. Importing from Sibelius is not as thorough - lyrics and numeric notation (I-IV-V-I) did not come over on the file I tried. The biggest problem I have with the app is that I rest my hand on the screen to write, as one would on a piece of paper. Frequently in the middle of a measure, I will accidentally touch the control bar that sits at the bottom of the screen, which will send the app into a different mode, or erroneously enter whatever I’ve touched. It seems to me that if you could move that control bar to the top of the screen, that would clear up this problem. Something to think about for a future version. Two other issues - Note Mode and Edit Mode are not as exclusive as they could be - I have entered entire passages using the pencil in Edit Mode, and made edits in Note Mode. A little better separation would come in handy on this feature, and avoid the occasional palm cancel confusion that sometimes comes up. And the Feedback function crashes the app - when I tried to send these suggestions directly to the app it just quit to the main screen on my iPad. This happened whether I selected Report Bug, Request a Feature, or any of the other options that are offered. Keep revising - I think you’ve got a really good thing coming here.