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By Paul Green

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Soundcue app review

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  • Price: $14.99
  • Category: Music
  • Updated: Nov 18 2018
  • Version: 1.52
  • Size: 8.09 MB
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Customer Reviews of the Soundcue App

We use this for United States Air Force functions all of the time!

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Base Jase's Review of Soundcue

Reviewed on 6/30/18 10:15 PM

I am a professional Audio Engineer, I own a recording studio. In the day time I work as a DOD contractor for the USAF. We have used this as a replacement for our CD players for over 5 years. Every time it’s been flawless. We cue ceremonial music, background music, and anything that we need for different ceremonies. I recently showed this to the White House communications staff, when they brought out their Instant Replay for a Mike Pence visit. They were very impressed with the ease of use. We pair these with a focusrite iPad dock to give a professional output for the ipad sound. Nothing but rave reviews for this program. In addition we have saved a lot of tax payer money by using these instead of 2500.00 a piece for an instant replay. iPad+SoundCue+Doc= $600. Big savings.

Merges audio channels 😏 My bad!

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okie51's Review of Soundcue

Reviewed on 5/5/18 1:56 PM

Update- Ipad setting was defaulted to mono. Works great once ipad was set up properly. Thank you Paul! Still hoping to see a L/R fader control in a future update.

Does literally nothing

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Twiteratti's Review of Soundcue

Reviewed on 3/23/18 9:33 PM

I was able to load songs into the app, but could get it to do anything else. That was an unfortunate waste of $15.

Good app

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PhilFlorida's Review of Soundcue

Reviewed on 12/15/17 10:40 PM

This is a very practical app for running back up and click tracks. It is NOT any good for editing tracks. Your apps have to be ready for use - pre-prepared exactly as you want them. Two short comings; there’s no way to increase font size on the buttons. It’s so small it’s hard to read. Also, it does not auto-change to the next page when the last track on a page has played which is a real pain if the next cue comes real fast. It could also do with a facility to trim down the end of a track as sometimes tracks have a few seconds of audio trail left on them before they finish.

Needs improvement

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RJP1666's Review of Soundcue

Reviewed on 11/18/18 12:35 PM

When it works, it works well. The problem is that when you fill all 5 pages with tracks, it often has trouble loading. I've been stuck on several occasions having to cue my tracks though iTunes instead. Also, it would be helpful to allow for more pages, perhaps in groups so that you don't have to overstress the loading feature?

Missing support for wireless speakers

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sunyjazz's Review of Soundcue

Reviewed on 11/18/18 12:35 PM

A basic program, good for simple applications. However, it does not support wireless speakers, which rendered it useless for me in a particular theatrical application.

A little shaky to start

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theboreingone's Review of Soundcue

Reviewed on 11/18/18 12:35 PM

Once the app is up and running, it works great. I have all my tracks loaded into the app, and they all work great. However, when launching the app, there appear to be a couple bugs that cause it to crash the first couple times - I think it's related to screen rotation, but unable to verify precisely.

Almost there to being a perfect app

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xanadu1215's Review of Soundcue

Reviewed on 11/18/18 12:35 PM

This is a very good app and allows me to get my Magic show in sync with my music and sound cues. The developer is very responsive and friendly. It is a bit expensive, however don't let the price deter you from considering this. A few features which would bring this up to perfect are... Play through bluetooth. Name the page tabs Work with a remote The ability to touch and slides the cues around to different positions would be really nice. It appears that if you want to change the order of cues or add cues in the middle of a set, you have to go through deletes in the cue array and rebuild the array from the last delete. A real pain if you have 40 items and you need to insert near the beginning. Have the "last played" cue highlighted so you can see the next cue in line at a glance. An undo on the clear button would be very helpful.ugh he does have a nice pop up to help I have suggested to the developer on allowing two or more cues to run in parallel and that is being considered i believe. So, buy it, Love it and hopefully new features will be added to make this the perfect sound cue app.

Still having issues assigning

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KilerB's Review of Soundcue

Reviewed on 11/18/18 12:35 PM

Finally! Seems to be working perfectly so far! The only other thing I would add to this is letting you start the song at any point you want. Being able to start the song during the chorus is perfect for my use. I haven't examined this version that closely, so maybe it is possible now… If not, that would be awesome! Your email address was down last time I tried to contact you by the way.

Great app but locks up after screen sleep

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Great but has a bug's Review of Soundcue

Reviewed on 11/18/18 12:35 PM

I love the app but when the screen goes to sleep or if i turn off the screen - the app locks up and crashes. Only want to get it back is to cycle through the screen again and hit the home button.