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Songsheet Pro app review

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  • Updated: Dec 29 2018
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Customer Reviews of the Songsheet Pro App

Really great Music App

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Tweed57's Review of Songsheet Pro

Reviewed on 9/9/18 7:07 PM

I use this app for live performance . There was a learning curve to using all of the features that it has. I’m extremely happy with it.

Nice app for general practice and more

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W5CCK's Review of Songsheet Pro

Reviewed on 9/15/18 3:01 AM

I like the easy import functions as well as the easy editing. I’ve added many songs from scratch. It’s easy to modify songs the way I like them.


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MoxyMakesMusic's Review of Songsheet Pro

Reviewed on 8/16/18 3:00 PM

Best song chart program I’ve seen. I’ve been using UnReal Book for my band, but it doesn’t have a good chart writing function. I’d have to write the chart in Word, adding the chords above the lyrics manually and moving them to the right positions, and adding verse, chorus and bridge notes manually. Then I’d have to change the Word chart to a PDF chart to get it into UnReal Book. This program makes it super easy to do all that with much simpler keystrokes. If you could figure out how to add chord diagrams to the program that would make it almost perfect!


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D8771's Review of Songsheet Pro

Reviewed on 7/8/18 4:22 PM

Need to know an easy way to transferring existing set list without have to retype in 600 songs. Shouldn’t be this difficult

This App is a Musician’s Best Friend!!!

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Teresa 557's Review of Songsheet Pro

Reviewed on 6/27/18 8:28 PM

As a performing vocalist and piano player, I have been surviving off of a cumbersome three-ring binder for years! SongSheet Pro has completely changed the way I perform music at Church Worship services, coffee houses and small venues. I can easily chord new music with lyrics, and quickly transpose into different keys as needed through the app. Everything is laid out in a user friendly manner, so I am able to gather songs and create set lists in moments. The app has a black background screen option with the lyrics and chords appearing in blue, to accommodate a lower lit venue. I am able to send my set lists to other musicians with or without chords above the lyrics. It has the iDrop feature to share completed music with other iPads, which is such a time saver. Plus as an added bonus, the app creator is wonderful to work with and quickly responds back to questions or concerns. There are so many other wonderful tool inside SongSheet Pro as well. I am more than 5 Stars happy with my purchase! It is such a time saver and so convenient! Well done on this app and thank you for providing such a tremendous songbook!! Sincerely, Teresa

Great app, room for growth, learning curve

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ryanissamson's Review of Songsheet Pro

Reviewed on 6/24/18 2:58 PM

The app takes some learning, but is great once you get it. Needs better inline comment capabilities. Needs iCloud backup option for syncing. Needs an actual presentation mode that hides buttons (especially when using foot pedal) Would be fantastic to have Apple Pencil integration. I’d love to write inline comments with Apple Pencil.

Is it possible to get a refund?

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The HD Guy's Review of Songsheet Pro

Reviewed on 6/16/18 12:11 AM

Not a very intuitive app at all! No ability to format text is a serious oversight among the many other shortcomings. I don’t want to bash the app but for 15 bucks I would’ve thought the 5 star rating would have held a little more water. Very disappointed.

Thanks SongSheet Pro!

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GoSongSheet's Review of Songsheet Pro

Reviewed on 5/11/18 11:24 AM

This app is amazing! It’s more than amazing It is great for musicians transferring their big bulky music chord books like I have to my iPad. I can arrange my songs the way I want them arranged and scroll the speed I want them to scroll. The support was superb and very fast response without making you feel like a dumby. Thanks SongSheet for the app that lets me carry my songs a little easier now. Michael O

Excellent support Great app

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Mesh43567875437's Review of Songsheet Pro

Reviewed on 4/7/18 12:33 PM

In searching for an app of this genre I bought several of the cheaper versions. Ok but didn’t quite have the features I was looking for. I considered that real expensive one with all the in-app purchases and though I’m sure it’s good I didn’t need all that. Then. I found SongSheet Pro. Does what it says. Easy to use. Effective. Good customer support. —Michael Snellings

Excited! This is great!

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#byrself_Terri's Review of Songsheet Pro

Reviewed on 4/24/18 12:31 PM

Venturing out into the solo realm for the first time in my music career, I am finding this app very helpful! The only thing I’m finding that gives me some concern is the fact when I swipe across the play button, it will play the next song with my current songs lyrics up. I’m having to go back, close the song, then reopen it. Maybe you can help me with that? If I could go back an edit my rating, I’d give you 5 stars, cause I’m really enjoying your app! #byrself_Terri