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Musicreader Pdf app review

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  • Updated: Sep 16 2019
  • Version: 4.960
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Customer Reviews of the Musicreader Pdf App

Not commercial quality software

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stoptheviolins's Review of Musicreader Pdf

Reviewed on 9/7/19 2:23 PM

An attractive feature set, but TOO BUGGY TO RISK USING ON STAGE. Lots of crashes. Lots of freezes. Lots of stuff that just doesn't work except once or twice. Works OK with footswitch (and has half-page turns in landscape mode, which ForScore lacks) but half the time it doesn't work. The halfpage/fullpage interface is a confusing mess. I'm giving up on this app until they produce a version that is better tested (and has a better interface)

Useful app. Great developer.

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Will Derr's Review of Musicreader Pdf

Reviewed on 9/7/19 2:23 PM

I am a professional church musician, music teacher, and community theater musician. I started using MusicReader on the PC when I outgrew my MusicPadPro. I love that I have my entire music collection (over 8,000 titles) digitized and searchable by title, composer, arranger, etc. I am so spoiled by the hands free page turning I don't ever want to go back to reading paper music. When I got an iPad for Christmas I couldn't wait to install the MusicReader app and start using it on my new iPad. The developer responsible for both the PC and iOS versions of MusicReader is constantly working to improve both applications and works hard to incorporate user suggestions. Initially I had difficulty syncing my library from my PC to the iPad due to the size of my library. Within a day of contacting the developer, he personally helped me troubleshoot the problem. A week and two beta releases later, I am now enjoying everything I loved about MusicReader on the PC on my new iPad. You just can't beat support like that.

Poor product

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Rvwr435's Review of Musicreader Pdf

Reviewed on 9/7/19 2:23 PM

Constantly crashes. Hangs frequently on start up. Not user friendly. Annotation is very poor. All in all a piece of junk and a waste of $5!

Music Reader 4.05 March 22 update

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jfegan's Review of Musicreader Pdf

Reviewed on 9/7/19 2:23 PM

Crashes, Crashes, Crashes. MR 3 clunky but worked. 4.05 original crashed occasionally (Not to helpful for a musician, kinda like your guitar crashes occasionally.) Update will not open. Too much time wasted. Already tried MR support. They are working on it. Was the update the product? Why release an app if it doesn't work? Don't buy this app until someone writes it works reliably or even works at all.

Keeps crashing

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Moob1234567890's Review of Musicreader Pdf

Reviewed on 9/7/19 2:23 PM

Please update! When I flip 3 pages, it crashes. I wanted to use it at a gig, and couldn't. It kept crashing when I got to page 4.

Needs work

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Cali_Bear's Review of Musicreader Pdf

Reviewed on 9/7/19 2:23 PM

Very buggy and not ready at all for prime time. Library management is impossible. The sample music cannot be deleted and music I attempted to load did not appear in the library list. Lots of potential here for a great simple PDF music reader but it's not quite there yet.

Good When It Doesn't Crash

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DebDAtCHP's Review of Musicreader Pdf

Reviewed on 9/7/19 2:23 PM

As a classroom music teacher of a K-5 Elementary School, this app had been very handy when teaching my students about reading a choral octavo. Projecting the images from my iPad to the Apple TV, I had used MusicReader's Annotation features to mark up the music for all the children to see. For whatever reason, the app seems to crash a LOT and will not reopen until I delete and reload it from my iPad. This is problematic because of my very limited time constraints, and I must immediately abandon the lesson at hand before losing the attention of my 9-10 year-olds. Adding insult to injury our IT dept. has blocked all access to the Apple Store so reloading is only possible outside of school. On the weekends, I'm a performer and this app WAS great for viewing my lead sheets, and turning pages quickly and effectively. I esp. loved the half-page feature for those lead sheets which are done in a very tiny font. However, I'd experienced the crashing issue again, and this was even worse, because I'd be in the middle of a gig, which is no time to be re-loading an app. Worse yet, if I CAN reload the app, I've lost all the music I'd loaded into it. A lot of good that does with a restaurant full of onlookers wondering what happened to their live entertainment. I would consider upgrading to the pro- version if I knew for sure it wouldn't crash so badly. I wouldn't care if it crashed as long I could reopen and have all my materials intact; it's a whole other thing when it crashes and is completely useless thereafter. Fix that and it would be a great - no - a super app!

Why I Like This App ( and why I don't)

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Piano Barbarian's Review of Musicreader Pdf

Reviewed on 9/7/19 2:23 PM

Have used this app for over 2 years now for one reason, it has a full page index. I play in piano bars on ships, need a lot of songs quick and this is the ONLY reason I use it. Many other things about it I find frustrating, say I want to organize all my 90's song in a list just to able to see and choose quick, good luck, want to make a page larger, has to be done on laptop. So on and so forth, the day ForScore makes a full page index, I'm there. Index in ForScore too hard to see on stage, but better over all than this.

No direct DropBox integration?

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Mouser13's Review of Musicreader Pdf

Reviewed on 9/7/19 2:23 PM

Seems that I have to "sync" Dropbox-stored PDFs to this app using an app on a PC or MAC. Totally unnecessary; have your developers spend the two hours it takes to integrate Dropbox directly into an iOS app.

Won't load

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DoctorNote's Review of Musicreader Pdf

Reviewed on 9/7/19 2:23 PM

Just wasted my money. This app won't even load. Just quits and returns to home screen. Save your money and buy something else. NOTE: Received very speedy customer service. Deleted the app and reinstalled, loaded some PDF files. Seems to be working. But I am concerned about showing up to a gig with this and finding Music Reader has failed again. ANOTHER NOTE: Crash, crash, crash. That's what this program is good at. This must be the worst iPad app out there. Do not waste your time. Do not waste your money.