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By Daniel Bach

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Livebpm app review

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  • Updated: Nov 17 2018
  • Version: 1.2.1
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Customer Reviews of the Livebpm App

Can’t close app on iPhone X modified review

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Rmckee22's Review of Livebpm

Reviewed on 2/17/18 8:37 PM

Previously I stated you could not close the app on an iPhone X however as the developer pointed out if you do turn the phone sideways you can close it by swiping up. Thank you so much for the response this alleviated a very frustrating problem for this app.

Useful app

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lotus eater seattle's Review of Livebpm

Reviewed on 2/16/18 3:40 PM

I have enjoyed using this app, and the developer was very responsive to a question I had.

Excellent app!

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Jpayne11715's Review of Livebpm

Reviewed on 11/17/18 7:34 PM

Great learning tool. Only suggestion: have an option to play along to roadmaps of charts (could be open-source) so it could tell you where your time was inconsistent. (i.e. rushed at bridge, hits, etc)

Wow! Exactly what I've been looking for!

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Goldcoinz's Review of Livebpm

Reviewed on 11/17/18 7:34 PM

I've been looking for a good BPM detection app for years, how has this gem been out since 2012 and never shown up on my App Store searches? I'm a DJ with a large vinyl collection, and a lot of my records are not labeled with BPM due to how tedious a process it is; this app is exactly what I need! While some may take issue that it is not 100% accurate down to the 100th, it is more than enough for my purposes and–by a wide margin–the best app I've found to do the job. More than worth the price. I see it hasn't been updated since 2013, I hope the developer didn't abandon it and will eventually add more optimization and features!

Works very well!

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JonLong's Review of Livebpm

Reviewed on 11/17/18 7:34 PM

I usually don't rate apps. I wanted to rate this one because I was so impressed. I'm using it on an iPhone 5 with the latest OS. It's not optimized for the taller screen, but that doesn't affect functionality. I used this at my last band practice and wasn't expecting it work. I couldn't believe how quickly and accurately it started tracking the bpm, even despite the very loud volume of our music. One thing I noticed is that it sometimes loses the time signature. For example, it might be reading at 120bpm, but then a change in drum pattern will cause it to read at half or double tempo. This happens very rarely and doesn't affect the usefulness of the app. The only change I'd like to see in future updates, other than being optimized for iPhone 5 screen, is the ability to tap something to indicate where a song starts and stops. Sort of like a lap timer on a stopwatch. That way I could go back and look at the tempo graph for various songs. All in all, it's a great app.


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Jesse Merz's Review of Livebpm

Reviewed on 11/17/18 7:34 PM

Almost too accurate. I thought I was all over the place then I used this while listening to the radio. All non-drum machine music have tiny deviations in tempo. I wish it also had a metronome with goals for gigging. That would make this app A+++. Still rad.

Awesome app

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tak3000's Review of Livebpm

Reviewed on 11/17/18 7:34 PM

I downloaded this app a few days ago and have been playing with it ever since. If there was some way to calculate the average tempo over what it recorded and displayed the lowest BPM/highest BPM over that period would be great. These numbers could be used for all sorts measurements making it easier to see improvement over time.

An Absolute must have...

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Beatpsychic's Review of Livebpm

Reviewed on 11/17/18 7:34 PM

If you are a drummer this is a no brainer. I was skeptical at first, but after testing on a tune in 7/4 I was playing with a group, I was sold. Pro drummer, covering multiple genres, and this app is my best friend. Great practice tool, excellent gigging tool...this lets the pocket breathe to your personal feel. Sure a metronome is a great static representation of the time, but this to me personally is a greater tool, letting you know how much your time alters throughout a tune. Very accurate. My only request ( a crazy one) to let the app drive a metronome through something like audiobus, at a user chosen interval( metronome bpm adjusts over a set time or number of bars) to allow the click to be fed to others.

Bring on the GodFather

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scheperw's Review of Livebpm

Reviewed on 11/17/18 7:34 PM

Very satisfied as the computations are accurate. First tests were with music having strong down/up beat which matched lyrics. This was the easy test and expected to be right. Next was James Brown with a slow lyric tempo but faster percussion. Slider adjustment had to be used but after this adjustment Try Me registered dead on. I'm a Westie (Swing dancer) and favor songs with slow tempo lyrics with odd percussion that might trick the ear. Happy to come upon this tool!

Blank Screen

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DJDovOne's Review of Livebpm

Reviewed on 11/17/18 7:34 PM

I heard a lot about the accuracy of this app. Was exited to do a trail run. Paid my money. Then nothing but a blank screen. I've got a IPod touch running iOs 5.0.5. And would really like to have this app.