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Istrobosoft app review

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  • 660 Ratings
  • Price: $9.99
  • Category: Music
  • Updated: Dec 29 2018
  • Version: 2.98
  • Size: 7.01 MB
  • Seller: Peterson Tuners
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Customer Reviews of the Istrobosoft App

Great buy!

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Cotmbarry's Review of Istrobosoft

Reviewed on 9/4/18 12:33 AM

Ten bucks for a great tuner!

Really great tool

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TCrawf3's Review of Istrobosoft

Reviewed on 9/22/18 2:30 PM

I looked into and tried clip on tuners like the Snark. It worked well but I saw reviews that suggested some finishes were marred by the clip on over time. I saw the Peterson website and pondered on which tuner would work best for me with classical and steel string guitars. Then I saw the iStroboSoft tuner. Fascinated, I purchased and used the tuner with my iPhone and iPad. It has become my tuner of choice. I really like how it handles the job of fine tuning my guitars. I tried the sweeteners but finally I settled on the normal setting and use the “cents” setting. I find on most of my guitars the intonation on the third string is a bit finicky . If you just recognize this, you can kind of view the tuning bars and cent values to create your own “ visual” sweetener values. Bottom line- get it if you are in a quiet setting to use it. I actually think there is a clip for this that allows tuning in noisy environments? For me, I like playing at the end of day when all is peaceful and quiet. This tuner is the first step in practicing every day. Great software!!! Great app- period.

Great tuner

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BassPilotDave's Review of Istrobosoft

Reviewed on 6/4/18 2:12 PM

I bought this tuner primarily for intonation my instruments. I also bought the jack to plug a 1/4” instrument cable into. The large display on my iPad is perfect for the bench and makes dialing in tuning easy. I also tune with the iPad mic when practicing (no other instruments interfering with the input).

Yes, it’s worth every penny.

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M. S. N.'s Review of Istrobosoft

Reviewed on 5/9/18 10:07 PM

I used to use iStroboSoft back in the day on my iPhone 3G when I played a beat-up, bootleg Strat — pleasantly surprised to run into it on the AppStore today and glad to see it’s just as good as it was then. Better than the other tuners on the AppStore (I’ve tried them all). Absolutely worth ten bucks: your guitar - and the ears of your listeners - will thank you.

Money Well Spent

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Battletrap's Review of Istrobosoft

Reviewed on 5/6/18 12:00 AM

This app is probably my favorite app. I use this tuner often. It is extremely accurate and easy to use. After I purchased the app my iPhone died and I was happy to see it was restored through the Cloud when I purchased another phone. This truly is a great tuner.

The last software tuner you’ll ever need.

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DoughBoy247's Review of Istrobosoft

Reviewed on 4/9/18 1:06 PM

Been using this app for about 5 years now and no app comes close to the tuning accuracy of this one. I’m a session musician (bass, guitar, piano) and an educator and I use this app almost daily. I also setup and repair bass guitars and use it to intonate strings which requires very precise tuning and the tuner handles it superbly. Peterson also sells an adaptor to plug in guitars to your phone/tablet; when I’m on stage I use the tuner out of my amp into my phone and it works perfectly. The only feature I’d love to see implemented is an Apple Watch app. It doesn’t need to have the strobe screen but just the note and cents would suffice.

The Best

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PapaGM's Review of Istrobosoft

Reviewed on 4/6/18 1:17 AM

This is a. Excellent app. Just like the original big Peterson strobe tuner I still have. Every musician I have shown it to had bought the app. It is extremely accurate, reliable and easy to use. I have several tuners but I rely on this one. It is always with me on my phone or iPad. 👍👍

Untested portions of app

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harpist18's Review of Istrobosoft

Reviewed on 4/30/18 1:29 PM

I tend to lose faith in a developer that doesn’t test all functionality before release. There is a flaw with the in app purchase for extended ranges. iTunes is working just fine for other apps and music and some of the in app purchases, but not for extended range. Is it really that hard to test functionality before release? It causes me to wonder what else wasn’t tested. Low and high ranges with the app don’t work. Keep your handheld tuners!

Really accurate tuner

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clubgibson's Review of Istrobosoft

Reviewed on 4/10/18 7:30 PM

Simply put, if you want an accurate tuner in your pocket everywhere you go, this is the right buy.

My guitar has never been in tune before today

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zippppy123's Review of Istrobosoft

Reviewed on 3/4/18 12:08 AM

I’ve been tuning with harmonics for 40 years. Then I saw a video on YouTube showing clearly that harmonics are not correct, at least the fifth and seventh fret. I used this Peterson tuner to set my bridge intonation and tune my guitar and now it plays like a completely different instrument, this is a guitar I’ve been playing for 30 years. I feel like an idiot.