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Guitar Pro app review

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  • Updated: Dec 19 2018
  • Version: 1.8.2
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Customer Reviews of the Guitar Pro App

Used to be my favorite app

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adaptiveagile's Review of Guitar Pro

Reviewed on 7/9/18 8:08 PM

I now experience regularly occurring unrecoverable crashes that force me to reinstall the app, losing my data. It’s become a major PITA. Started a couple months ago. Went out and bought a new iPad Pro 12.9, and same thing. Here writing a review because I’m installing for the third time in a week. It is maddening importing my data over and over using desktop sync tools. Five stars when it works, but 0-2 when I spend all my time troubleshooting IT glitches.

Not for a composer

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Jake Marek's Review of Guitar Pro

Reviewed on 7/3/18 8:51 AM

If you happen to be that one guy who just goes hard in the paint on guitar pro in their spare time, don’t care about learning the guitar & enjoy creating personal masterpieces with little attempt for applause from others & you do it because you love to or even if you use it just for fun cause of how awesome the pc software is you will be very disappointed with this. You can only write one track! Very limited options, or i should say it’s purely unrealistic MIDI sounds and not as good as the RSE, obviously. No eq. No fx. No changing the track to a different instrument at whatever bar you please. Oh! And my LEAST FAVORITE IS NOO DRUMMS. What! I feel like many people complain about the drums with the pc but as a drummer myself and through years of using it i am very comfortable with how they set it up. The drums from gp5 prob being my fav. I can’t even touch a drum here. Total impulse buy figured i could trust these guys since I’ve been a long time user & ACTUAL BUYER of their products. Thought wrong. Ah well a novice might be convinced this is good enough but not for the people out there like me.

Don't know what you've got until its gone

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Cheeze slug's Review of Guitar Pro

Reviewed on 7/22/18 8:31 AM

The good old days of simply downloading guitar pro tabs from ultimate guitar have faded into memory. Now it seems everyone is chomping at the bit to sell you their inferior ripoff. This is the real McCoy

Browser Crashing When Downloading

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Maniac0's Review of Guitar Pro

Reviewed on 7/2/18 7:22 PM

When I try to download Guitar Pro files from Ultimate Guitar Tab site inside the browser, it crashes. I can get logged in to UG and I might get one file downloaded but when I try to go back and download another file the browser gives the endless spinning wheel till it crashes. Sometimes can’t even get one to work. This app is choppy also in file playback. iPhone X vet 11.4

Limps Along

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ajax7771's Review of Guitar Pro

Reviewed on 6/5/18 12:16 AM

Guitar Pro is the best software I’ve come across for guitar tabs. Problem is, there are nowhere near enough tabs. So had I Not bought this years ago and downloaded Many songs, I WOULD NOT buy this program. It’s like having the keys to a huge library building, and upon entering, one saws EMPTY shelves. The catalogue is so thin- it’s a Real Shame to have a nice program that limps along on what is offered. A Porsche with no gasoline.

Please Refund - Disappointed loyal customer

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Alex2Legit's Review of Guitar Pro

Reviewed on 6/26/18 2:39 PM

I have used guitar pro since 2012. I really felt blind-sighted when I bought this app. When I saw that Guitar Pro had an app, my first thought was “my boring desk job was about to get a lot better!” My first thought was not: “I could regret not reading the fine print”. I trusted in the brand that I supported for years, so I bought it without hesitation, but when I go to use it I found that this app is almost completely useless to a composer. If you primarily use GP to compose, don’t buy this, unless you hate polyphony. Because you can only write with one track per file. I’ll admit that it was an impulse buy and I should have read it the description more closely and not let the beginning of the description sell me. I just expected more from Guitar Pro on this. TL/DR Don’t buy for composing or editing– it’s a trap!! Only supports one track per piece.

Needs work ASAP

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ImPuL53's Review of Guitar Pro

Reviewed on 6/21/18 7:10 AM

Needs to be updated and fixed keeps crashing and the score runs very choppy. Idk what went wrong it was working fine and then just went south.

Somewhat disappointed...

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+Jem+'s Review of Guitar Pro

Reviewed on 5/29/18 4:33 AM

I knew when I purchased that this is only a player and not editor. Still, I have to rate this low. Highlights: Audio quality is decent Loops whole score Plays selective tracks/instruments Lowlights: Very little of the nice formatting (section breaks, fonts, proportions) from the Mac/Win version is kept. The chord labels are tiny and difficult to read when in 4-bars-per-line mode. Looping of selected groups of measures is not possible. This is a b***** when I want to practice certain portions of a piece. No direct integration with the Files App. The only way to load your gDrive or DropBox files is to use "Open In". It would be nice to be able to create folders to organize your scores. Overall, I'd say it's not really worth the price (I paid $6). My only consolation is the possibility that the developer might improve it. Fingers crossed...

Great Guitar learning tool

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patakut's Review of Guitar Pro

Reviewed on 5/2/18 6:40 PM

I love it. Just a few small request, hope you will consider: 1- enable removing songs from the library. 2- add more realistic guitar sounds. Thanks


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zun123123's Review of Guitar Pro

Reviewed on 4/27/18 10:31 PM