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Dm1 app review

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  • Price: $4.99
  • Category: Music
  • Updated: May 8 2018
  • Version: 6.1
  • Size: 319.91 MB
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Customer Reviews of the Dm1 App

Great Drum Machine

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Pastor RSJ's Review of Dm1

Reviewed on 8/19/18 2:26 PM

This is my first drum machine, it was hard to make it work at the beginning because I am not a drummer (I play guitar), but once I started to know it I can only say that this is all I need to practice and write songs along with my guitar. Big selection of acoustic electronic drums. GREAT APP.

I love this app!

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Bbdmpg's Review of Dm1

Reviewed on 5/8/18 3:08 PM

Easy, intuitive and versatile!

Rad! And getting better...

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Z3C@'s Review of Dm1

Reviewed on 4/14/18 12:10 PM

DM2 has been here on the AppStore for awhile and has steadily improved and built upon a simple but solid interface to become one of the must-haves for “padtronica”. Easy for a beginner to build something on-the-fly and have it sound decent, with enough features and inter-app communication options for it to be right at home with a traditional DAW and/or hardware. My one (or two) wish(es) would be for more individual drum sound-sculpting options like frequency filtering and EQing and maybe to inject some life into the FX section with more parameter control/different FX. But I can understand the reason behind not adding too many more options, as it is more than capable as-is and it’s restrictions are, in the end, what gives it it’s unique character.

Good beats

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Mateo Corona's Review of Dm1

Reviewed on 3/27/18 12:58 AM

Juice red beats. Well worth the money

cant find a support email to write to

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noiseplayer's Review of Dm1

Reviewed on 3/20/18 1:17 AM

i have a few questions. i have dm1 on different devices, mac, iphone and ipad. can i automatically sync your user settings and saved samples and songs via icloud? why isnt icloud an option as a location to import samples from? why cant i find the user kits section on the iphone app?

It just has that feeling... so good!

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Drum and Bum's Review of Dm1

Reviewed on 2/20/18 7:47 PM

Definitely a good app, with all these icons and an underground vibe, and swing seems to work better than DM2. It might be big, but the stuff is worth it. From clean analog sounds to gritty sounds to apparently, animal noises, you’ve got a lot of possibilities, especially paired with a recording app for multiple tracks. However, I have a question. So, I bought the everything pack, and if a new in app pack is released, do I automatically get it, or do I have to buy it? How would you go about doing it? Hope the answer helps!

Simple to figure out, fun to use

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dasleaflet's Review of Dm1

Reviewed on 12/25/17 4:00 PM

Enjoying playing around. Good for creating video background tracks quickly.

Owned since day 1 and DM1 has gotten better and better and better

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BK Holiday's Review of Dm1

Reviewed on 11/30/17 6:13 PM

Own on Mac and iOS one request is please PLEASE please add some marching percussion drum corps style samples! I would be forever grateful. I would pay $20 IAP for really great marching snare, tenors, and pitched bass drum kits. Also as long as you are at it improving/adding midi, IAA, audiobus, & AU features would be the Christmas wish list best ever presents. Thank you! 🙏

Love It!

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iluvthemusic's Review of Dm1

Reviewed on 10/19/17 6:20 AM

This App makes my musical life better in every way!


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Nnnipppiiii's Review of Dm1

Reviewed on 1/7/18 1:05 AM

Was excited for update, but it keeps crashing as soon as the red bar finishes across the top of the screen when loading.