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Deepdish Gigbook app review

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  • Updated: Oct 10 2017
  • Version: 2.8.1
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Are they even there anymore?

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milosic's Review of Deepdish Gigbook

Reviewed on 8/29/18 4:15 PM

I have been emailing them for months with only one reply in the very beginning. I have 3 iPads and it only works one my oldest iPad 1. On the other two they continually crash as soon as opened. I have used this app for along time and all my songs are on it. I'm really at a loss. I hope they read the reviews

Game Changer

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TGodfreyGuitar's Review of Deepdish Gigbook

Reviewed on 7/26/18 8:16 PM

I’ve used this app for the past several years. I used to lug a ginormous binder to gigs. It’s so nice to just be able to bring my iPad and a Bluetooth page turner so I can change pages with a foot switch. It’s super easy to organize and navigate, and I like being able to download PDFs from Dropbox. This app is one of the best things I’ve ever purchased for gigging and practicing.

Set list problem. Everything else. Perfect.

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kizzi81's Review of Deepdish Gigbook

Reviewed on 6/17/18 5:06 PM

The only problem I am having is when I have some songs in a set list and I set the metronome for one song it copies to all other songs in that set list. So all songs are at 98bpm or whatever. Everything else is amazing. Still love this app.

Gets the job done

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redmiller1's Review of Deepdish Gigbook

Reviewed on 5/14/18 10:30 AM

Very happy with this app. I’ve used it for several years and it’s been stable and reliable. Just upgraded to the gen 6 iPad and am now able to make annotations with the Apple Pencil. I’ve tried a few other gig organizers but keep coming back to this one. I now have a library of over 200 PDFs of lyrics and chords, and like the way the set lists work in a performance situation. I recommend this app.

Google Drive support

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eduardoinoue's Review of Deepdish Gigbook

Reviewed on 5/10/18 5:18 PM

Any plans to offer open from google drive?


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Secos Steve's Review of Deepdish Gigbook

Reviewed on 4/28/18 4:56 PM

Sorry to report I have been having issues with the app crashing when selecting a song. I have written 2 emails to the deep dish gig book web site and zero response. I see other reviewers have posted the same issue. Disappointed because I have my whole music library loaded and have been using this app for years. I’m dreading deleting it and starting over. C’mon step up developer, please fix it and allow me to upgrade my 1 star rating.

Could be so much better

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Gitarzan1954's Review of Deepdish Gigbook

Reviewed on 11/28/17 5:27 AM

The current version or two dies every so often, typically when I'm clicking on another song. It hasn't happened during a song, but it's still annoying. Fix that please. There is no easy way to share directly to another gigbook user, unless you want to send an email or Dropbox. Not handy if there is no wifi. Also there is no ability to sync between GigBook on my other iPads. devices. I've a small one, too. I tried some other apps, and settled on another app. I love the menu on DDGB, easy to navigate, where The other app is a train wreck of a menu, it has the ability to crop and remember, sync page turns and selections between two ipads, and more. With crop/remember and device sync, I might run DDGB again.

The app is back

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Steplander's Review of Deepdish Gigbook

Reviewed on 11/25/17 12:07 PM

I had busted this down to a 1 star review because of the mysteriously vanished support. But, it appears they are back and they have fixed the app I relied upon for all of my gig-music needs. Thanks for coming back to Earth and fixing this very useful musician's gigging app. Whew. Greatly appreciated. Here's five stars to celebrate the return.

Well done!

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Cnhnet's Review of Deepdish Gigbook

Reviewed on 10/31/17 5:49 AM

I love this app for practicing and performance. But I hope that they add the ability for the app to automatically go to the next song and automatically play the attached audio when in the set list performance mode. I use this app to perform with backing tracks while I view the music. Right now, in performance mode, you have to awkwardly and manually move to the next song and click play for each individual song in the set list. Deep Dish, please consider adding an automatic next and play feature in the performance set list mode (that would make this app a 5 star app). Thank you Deep Dish for a good app with great potential.

Every musician needs this app!

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Jokoco's Review of Deepdish Gigbook

Reviewed on 10/14/17 12:38 AM

I have used this app for years. I can't imagine what I would do without it. I use it for both my church piano work and a rock and roll band. I put all my lead sheets into PDF format and have them wherever I go. They are easily sorted into cole coded binders and set lists. I have well over a thousand songs in it. After last update Dropbox was messing up the names. I told Tony and now a few days later it was fixed. Seriously - there really are no other apps like this out there. If you use ipad for gigs - or if you just want an easy way to organize your stuff - this app is a must.