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By Thomas Grapperon

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Chord app review

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  • Updated: Dec 13 2018
  • Version: 2.6.2
  • Size: 28.41 MB
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Customer Reviews of the Chord App

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Werty952's Review of Chord

Reviewed on 9/16/18 2:57 AM

In the ad video they showed what seemed like an audio playback from composed cord progressions and sadly it does not do this. It’s an alright tool. But they need to give a 7 day trial before asking you to pay.

Best App of It’s Kind

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StephenBK's Review of Chord

Reviewed on 8/7/18 1:58 PM

I’ve tried a bunch of apps that do this sort of thing and this is easily the best. You won’t be disappointed

Best music app

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GemüseV's Review of Chord

Reviewed on 8/17/18 11:46 PM

I’m not fond of the interface but this is one powerful app.

Great App but does not sync

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Zosimus's Review of Chord

Reviewed on 7/26/18 7:51 PM

I have used this app for several years now and I love it. I love how I can transpose a song on the fly or modify the location of the chords. The issues I have found is the sync, and use of the app via family share, I share my apps purchased with my Wife and when I went to install on her iPad it is requiring me to purchase it again. But it says it is family share enabled.

The Best App For Song Writing

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photowebby's Review of Chord

Reviewed on 6/22/18 2:26 PM

Seriously it’s extremely detailed yet remains a pleasure to use.

Great app for guitarist and songwriters

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Rolinlueb's Review of Chord

Reviewed on 4/16/18 4:40 PM

Excelent source of chords and scales that save time 👍

Impressive Features

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GtrInLA's Review of Chord

Reviewed on 3/5/18 8:04 PM

Yes it’s a bit difficult to figure out but you are forgiven! Great Job! btw.. FYI... wouldn’t a C Blues #V scale have a G#? There’s a flatted 5 instead, maybe needs an update? Recommendations: Allow our custom scales and Chords to be searchable from the list. Allow us to chose the Key center in which to reference our custom scales and chords. For example, in A blues I want to modify the Am blues scale with a Robben Ford scale which is a blues scale but swap the flatted 7th with the 6th (great sound btw). After adding this to my customized scales area your app forces the key center to G minor but my intention is to use this scale in a A Blues progression. Wouldn’t it be crazy (in a good way) to allow the user to modify that key center to see what other interesting chords get recommend?

Best Modular Chord App

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jameswenzel's Review of Chord

Reviewed on 3/1/18 1:45 AM

Chord! isn’t just a dictionary of chords - it’s completely customizable down to the tuning and number of strings on the instrument. You can specify quality and every inversion of any chord and Chord! will tell you how to play it - and that’s just the chord features.

Best I’ve seen

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Reluctant Lemming's Review of Chord

Reviewed on 2/5/18 8:38 PM

This is the best Chord app I have seen. Once you learn to navigate, it’s all there. Highly recommended. I’m very satisfied. I immediately put it to use using Reverse lookup to name a chord I had cooked up. It returned an accurate result as well as a boat load of alternate chord names. Truly an awesome app.

Best I’ve found so far

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Here-and-Now's Review of Chord

Reviewed on 12/24/17 12:09 PM

This app works extremely well for what I need. I type out the lyrics of a song I wish to learn, then add the chords. The track I am learning from can be included and played right in the app, which is a big help in transcribing the lyrics and getting all the chord changes in the right places. There are fields to enter info like title and composer, etc. Then as I work on learning to do the song, it can be transposed if I need to fit better into my vocal range (or to accommodate my collaborator). There are more cool features that I don’t use right now, but I’m glad to know they are there when I get ready to learn more. I highly recommend this app for anyone who wants to learn and share songs. My thanks to the dev for making this app and keeping it up to date. Bravo!!