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Auria app review

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  • Category: Music
  • Updated: Dec 18 2018
  • Version: 2.21
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Customer Reviews of the Auria App

Totally impressive

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transcendentalaccidentalism's Review of Auria

Reviewed on 9/15/18 6:09 PM

This thing is a beast and capable of delivering top notch multitrack product. The preamp compression/limiter, eq, gate/expander is enough to frighten any GarageBand user ... that being said, take this thing seriously. It can be used with all of your audio apps and will work with your iPad mic, but obviously this thing was made with professional bussing in mind. It crashes here and there, but don’t they all? Is it worth the cash? I’d say yes, especially given what you get with the midi upgrade in the oscillators.

Auria is the best

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Glishba's Review of Auria

Reviewed on 8/11/18 12:56 AM

The quality of sounds, the control you have over things, the effects built in are as good or better than any DAW on iOS, and right up there with desktop ones. The Fabfilter plugins are very powerful and easy to use, as are the other effects you can purchase. I have the highest appreciation and respect for the creator of Auria. If you want to sound your best, this is the DAW to use.

Not good

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7Z7's Review of Auria

Reviewed on 5/27/18 12:34 AM

I really don’t understand the hype around this app. Probably from people who never used a proper DAW. The MIDI in it is just awful. Especially in terms of editing. Not to mention the hanging notes during playback. I swear, these developers never used a DAW before. Very tedious and clunky workflow.

I really want to like Auria...

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Eriptron's Review of Auria

Reviewed on 4/23/18 8:42 PM

...but it’s designed like all the other main DAWs...PC designs (e.g. the little x in a window’s upper right corner to close that window when it should allow just touching outside of the open window.) They brag that Auria Pro was designed ‘specifically’ for iOS and it’s gestures...too bad they forgot about all the other design and touch features iOS offers. Auria is still a PC designed app just that it runs on iOS), lots of bloated menus, non-intuitive ANYTHING, and an incomplete (though large) manual that is out of date by 2 years and 15 updates! The manual is just wrong in places. Like there isn’t an “Input” button on the track whether you pick MIDI, Mono or Stereo for track type, which the manual didn’t even cover as it jumps to configuring an existing track and not the creation of a new track (you always assume your audience knows nothing about the subject you’re talking about.) I upgraded to the Pro version over a year ago but that’s looking like wasted money. And if you want do create something on the spot from inspiration forget it. The inspiration is lost in the laborious, and at times tedious interaction with the Auria app. All I wanted to do with Auria is to load LAYR to overdub it’s output with a previously made LAYR recording but with the old manual and the apps cluttered PC program design mentality, that’s becoming ‘rocket science’. I’m a musician, not a geek. Doing that in AUM is intuitive and easy to do. It’s just that AUM recording on iOS 11.2.6 either drops the recording with an error or LAYR crashes about 60-90 seconds into AUM’s recording (AUM or iOS?). AUM’s developer doesn’t seem to be able to fix it making me suspect iOS 11 likely is the main problem. iOS 11 is worse than version 9, which Apple should have been ashamed to actually ‘dump’ on their customer’s. I would give my right arm to be able to go back to iOS 10.3 and stay there. It was stable, efficient and fun to use unlike anything about 11.

Beware of latest update!!!

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Edkeys's Review of Auria

Reviewed on 3/28/18 7:38 AM

I installed it and purchased Fabfilter L2 and now the app will not start. I tried reinstalling, restarting iPad, etc to no avail. Please be careful with this latest update. Will change star review once issues are resolved.

Best iOS DAW hands down, but...

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TravelinBri's Review of Auria

Reviewed on 12/6/17 2:31 AM

4 stars instead of 5 because even on my iPad Pro it still crashes occasionally. It crashed much more often on my older iPad Air 1, especially when I added multiple track effects. Clearly, Auria needs a lot of available memory to run effectively. The major problem with the program is the much anticipated MIDI functionality, which still is just too buggy to be useful. I’ve had nearly complete song files completely lost due to glitches with MiDI tracks. In other cases, the contents of MIDI tracks just inexplicably disappeared, requiring me to re-record entire tracks. Until those issues are fixed, I simply don’t trust the MIDI functionality of Auria, and avoid using it altogether. The above criticisms aside, as a digital audio recorder, Auria is second to none for iOS. It’s not as user friendly as, say, Harmonic Dog’s DAW, or the much cheaper Garage Band, but it’s absolutely worth the extra learning curve and money to get access to some very professional sounding effects. This is my go to DAW, for sure. I just wish the MIDI functionality was more trust worthy.

Missing my PRO version!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ***Fixed Issue***

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DaSignature's Review of Auria

Reviewed on 12/22/17 12:49 PM

***Fixed*** I guess I panicked before actually taking a breath and realizing all I had to do was restore my purchases from the Auria store within the Auria app... simply fix for my issue. Also customer service had emailed me "STAT!" to resolve my issue but I had already figured it out. Appreciate the rapid response!!! I purchased Auria le a while ago when I thought that I was purchasing the PRO version for it. I upgraded my le version to the PRO version through the app for $24.99 and all was fine, except for it saying something like I will have all the PRO features but due to me upgrading through the app, my app will read Auria and not Auria Pro. No prob because it gave me all the features of the PRO version I even have projects that will no longer load because it's now telling me "this project was made with Auria Pro and will not load in Auria"..... we'll tell me how the h*** did I create the project in Auria Pro if it's now saying I do not have Auria Pro?!?!?!?! I've been bragging about your product when asked how do I accomplish such high quality on a freaking iPad only to get done like this....this is absurd!!! I need this fix.....STAT!!!

A traditional digital audio workstation

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qwesterish's Review of Auria

Reviewed on 12/18/18 12:56 PM

I enjoy using this app for my recording needs. This represents digital audio done right. Great work Rim. Please keep up support for this product and your customers.

Already payed $50

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Carlaughter's Review of Auria

Reviewed on 12/12/18 12:19 PM

I had already payed $50 for Auria v1 - now they want me to pay another $40 for the upgrade. Unreasonable.

48 tracks now 24, Why?

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D.Donatelo's Review of Auria

Reviewed on 12/12/18 12:19 PM

I bought this app for $49 when it first came out and haved 48 tracks for recording audio... Now they just give me 24 track available I dont no why , and without notification or explanation... Why they do this? I dont Know... Very desapoint. No more this app on my Ipad... 24 tracks dont work for me... You guys steal my money