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By Andrew Smith

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Audiotools app review

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Customer Reviews of the Audiotools App

Please support audiobus

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Tipler Machine's Review of Audiotools

Reviewed on 9/7/18 3:15 AM

I want to use a parametric eq to tune some monitors to flat, but this is not possible to verify in LARSA because Audiotools won't let me run it through the same EQ. The easiest way to do this would be to add audiobus support to Audiotools/LARSA. Then the signal sweep can get corrected by the same EQ I apply to other apps.

Excellent features, accuracy, and support.

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Tfabris's Review of Audiotools

Reviewed on 9/19/18 10:02 PM

So far, I have only made use of the LARSA tool in this suite, but the attention to detail is very high, so I get the impression that everything in this suite of tools is just as good. The author, Andrew Smith, was also very responsive and helpful in email when I asked some usage questions. The LARSA tool is amazing. My goal was to find out if my car stereo had any need for EQ correction because I thought I could hear an unnatural peak at 1.5k. So I was able to pair my iPhone with the car stereo so that the LARSA app played a frequency sweep through the car speakers, while the app simultaneously listened to the resulting sweep with its internal mic, and then graphed it. Sure enough, there was the proof: a h*** at 1.5k in the graph, about 8db’s worth. I could then easily make a parametric EQ correction of the exact amount, and now it sounds much better. I was able to do all this immediately without any special configuration, it just worked out of the box. The author has posted about how the app turns off some of the built in filtering and limiting on the iPhone’s internal mic so that it gets an accurate response. For adjusting my car stereo, this was enough for my needs, but it’s great to know that I could also attach a calibrated microphone and get and even more accurate result. The app lets you run multiple tests (up to 8 of them I think) and compare them or average them together. I used this to get multiple samples from different listening positions in the car. It also lets you save and recall multiple test runs, adjust for latency, and other things. Very feature-complete. Final note: the LARSA tool is among the “in-app-purchases”, so you will need to buy it separately, though it has a 7-day trial built in. I think you can also buy it “a la carte”, or with other bundles, in the App Store.

Can’t Calibrate Mic

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MyKart's Review of Audiotools

Reviewed on 8/6/18 10:57 PM

I can’t get to step 1 with Audio Tools. The setup will not import my mic’s calibration txt file and the app keeps hasseling me to review it so 0 stars would be preferable but 1 is as close as I can get to that rating. It’s just a sales platform not a useful app as-is. You have to buy the add-ons to get actual useful data from it.

Better than a 4 star

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henry529's Review of Audiotools

Reviewed on 8/30/19 2:05 PM

I am still working with the many modules I now have. If they all work as well as the ones l have tried.... this will earn a 5 star!

Great app

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cookie35r's Review of Audiotools

Reviewed on 8/30/19 2:05 PM

Very handy for checking speakers and acoustics for shows Not as advanced as smaart or some software based products But does exilent job for the price. I use it all the time

The absolute best audio analyzer overall in the iTunes Store!

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Robertlars's Review of Audiotools

Reviewed on 8/30/19 2:05 PM

It used to be that there were two very serious audio / acoustic analyzer iOS apps available on the iTunes Store platform, i.e., Studio Six Digitals (S6D) AudioTools and Faber Acoustical, LLC’s various iOS apps. I have purchased all of these with every single option enabled as well as the “Pro” versions of Faber Acoustical’s iOS apps too. However, approximately one year ago, Faber Acoustical has opted to go to a “subscription” type of iTunes Store model which I can and will not support. That doesn’t mean the latter’s iOS products are now bad per se, but it does mean that if you want to “own” forever your iTunes Store iOS apps purchases, and you’re serious about having a high quality audio / acoustics analyzer - - Now there only S6D’s AudioTools remaining - - It stands alone in terms of being a professional grade audio / acoustics iOS app (especially when coupled with S6D’s hardware, e.g., iAudioInterface2 and the iPrecisionMic). For those of you whom have panned S6D’s in-app purchase model for being a “bait and switch” please look around at commercial grade audio analyzers / software and stop complaining! I also own the Prism Sound dScope III audio analyzer as well as the RTX6001 audio analyzer & the Virtins MI Pro software with all add-on modules, (and a CLIO v11 FC QC analyzer, etc.). The cost of the latter audio analyzers is MUCH higher than the purchase price of the iAudioInterface2, the iPrecisioniMic and the S6D’s AudioTools plus all add-on modules combined. It can’t do everything the latter audio analyzers do, but it can do MANY of their measurements and it is FAR more portable in nature. So stop complaining about the in-app purchases and expecting to get all of S6D’s R&D for $10 with their constant fixes for whenever Apple decides to upgrade the iOS version, etc. If you’re deadly serious about having a great and portable audio / acoustics analyzer, look no further than S6D’s hardware / AudioTools combination IMO. Keep up the GREAT WORK Andrew!!! P.S. I am not affiliated in any way with S6D / Andrew Smith (owner of S6D) but I love their iOS apps and hardware products and I truly appreciate how they constantly improve their products with both new features as well as updates for whenever Apple decides to release a new iOS version too. If they were to move to a “subscription based model,” as has Faber Acoustical, LLC, I will of course change my review, but I don’t believe this will occur.

Almost every tool you will ever need

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BanderaT's Review of Audiotools

Reviewed on 8/30/19 2:05 PM

I have used this app for setting up sound systems (pinpointing feed back quick and easy), tuning speaker cabinets, mastering Cds. You will need more than this but its another tool. Few jobs can be done with just one tool. Yes to make some things easier you will need to purchase some additional tools. Still When a mechanic buys a tool box he generally adds more tools. No doubt your ears are your most important tools that you have, but this suit of apps are definitely a huge help. With this app you get a lot for 20 bucks. The additional modules make a complete tool box. With the ability to see what you hearing.

Some calculations are wrong.

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Frankdog51's Review of Audiotools

Reviewed on 8/25/18 11:53 AM

I REALKY WANTED THIS APP TO WORK TO SAVE ME TIME ANALYZING ROOM DESIGN. I CAN’T TRUST IT!! In room mode calc - for an example - this calculator is not consistent with most university calculators I can find through the series of frequencies you need to have to design room dimensions. Kind of difficult for me to put trust in this. As in most coding that’s heavy in multiple simple mathematical computations it is quite easy to make mistakes. I have bought a few of the sections from this company because some of them are handy and fast but I don’t trust ANY of the computations in this app because of the errors I have found. Ho to a good acoustical engineering college site - the european colleges are the best but you will have to convert to meters a lot but this is something that you can learn to do quickly with google calculator, even if you are a math dunce. It is probably going to be difficult for most people to analyze all these numbers in a full mathematical stat output but if you take your time you will - I hope - see the patterns. Just methodically look for numbers being close together. Acoustics are for math wizards, I guess, but it is a d***** shame these people don’t really understand math and/or are sloppy coders. Is this app just another “money maker” for a sloppy coder?? There are far more sloppy coders than math wizard coders out there. Oh well, back to the spreadsheets. This IS ok for on-the-run pocket calculations but don’t trust it.

I Use this great App Daily

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ClaudeHill2's Review of Audiotools

Reviewed on 8/17/18 7:27 PM

As an Audio Professional, I use this App everyday in my work. I have have been at it fo 50 years. This App for about 5 years!

Thumbs Up

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Deference's Review of Audiotools

Reviewed on 8/15/18 4:26 PM

30 plus years as a professional sound engineer, well versed in SMAART and TEF analysts. This is a very useful “On the Fly” APP!