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By IK Multimedia

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Amplitube For Ipad app review

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  • 4 Ratings
  • Price: $19.99
  • Category: Music
  • Updated: Sep 9 2018
  • Version: 4.6.0
  • Size: 570.41 MB
  • Seller: IK Multimedia
  • © IK Multimedia

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Customer Reviews of the Amplitube For Ipad App

very good app needs work

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Rhodahr's Review of Amplitube For Ipad

Reviewed on 9/9/18 4:43 AM

Does what it says but needs some more features and stomp boxes. Have to pay extra for everything

Won't even open

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Mvdoming's Review of Amplitube For Ipad

Reviewed on 8/18/18 2:22 AM

App crashes as soon as I open it 👎

F'ing BS

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Darksiaxx's Review of Amplitube For Ipad

Reviewed on 4/1/18 6:54 AM

Love the app, been doing me great for awhile but now the worst that could happen did. Here i am having spend a ENTIREE WEEEK clipping mixing and editing a demo i need for my promoter. Being super detailed to time we all of a sudden during and i accidental drag one channels take over another's channels take while the menu pops up then selects delete track almost instantly after dragging by accident while trying to zoom. Well about now easy ill just press the undo button a couple times.. Oh except the app froze on me and crashed. Losing MY ENTIRE BODY OF MY PROJECT THAT I CANNOT GET ANOTHER TAKE OF TILL I HIT THE STUDIO NEXT WEEK. All while i need is demo tomorrow. There is no save options. So i can save only what id like as i go, but instead am forced to whatever the app saves in the moment it closes or F'ing i have nothing. But on top it'll now. As i have now attempted to do an acoustic version to get the point across, guess what?. IT CRASHES EVERY SINGLE TIME I TRY TO EDIT A DANG THING. I have paid $40 for what? Wasting literally 10's of hours of my life and hard pressed playing take after take to lose the entire project because the app crashed and i was given no backup option? Honestly even writing this is making me more mad. Unless there is a bloody miracle i think I'm done with this app. It time to put my work in the hands of a company that considers these possibilities and cares about the musicians work whom they built their whole business around

Confusing downloads at best ... deceptive at worst

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Indie Guitarist's Review of Amplitube For Ipad

Reviewed on 3/16/18 1:23 AM

Paid 19.99 for Amplitube app download ... looper should have been included as per app preview ... but now it’s asking for another 19.99. Probably wasted many more dollars in time trying to figure out this cluster