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By Kai Aras

star star star_half star_border star_border 2.5 / 5
Ambify app review

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  • 4 Ratings
  • Price: $2.99
  • Category: Music
  • Updated: Oct 4 2017
  • Version: 1.7
  • Size: 20.65 MB
  • Seller: Kai Aras
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Customer Reviews of the Ambify App

Best music app for Hue lights!!

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Dmsdd45's Review of Ambify

Reviewed on 12/2/17 1:23 PM

Don’t let the negative reviews fool you into missing out on this one. Those guys must not have their equipment setup correctly. I setup my playlists in the Music app then use Ambify to AirPlay to my AppleTV which is connected to my home stereo system. It turns my house into a night club!! My kids absolutely love it and it takes house parties to a whole new level!! One piece of advice I would offer is to keep in mind this app is connecting multiple other apps and services (Music, Hue, AirPlay). It’s been my experience that when I have an issue with something not working as expected, the problem is usually in one of the other programs and not Ambify.

Does not work...

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Lawenforcer's Review of Ambify

Reviewed on 12/17/17 5:37 PM

I cannot get any sound when I try to play a song and for some reason it won’t even allow me to play my full play list just random songs are even listed on the list within this app. Have emailed developer and waiting for a response. Disappointing!

It's been two years....

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Bound_Love's Review of Ambify

Reviewed on 11/4/17 4:08 PM

Two years since the last update... That was to support ios8. We're now on ios11 and have lack of communication with most of my phones music. This app was great back than, even make me want more lights! Now it's just a complete hassle, this app needs a new UI and support. It's a shame really, Phillips HUE still has this as a great app to use with your lights. But stay away, untill an update, meanwhile this app will just sit on my home screen untill I see an update, if there ever is one...

Terrible UI

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G3249857340958's Review of Ambify

Reviewed on 1/6/18 10:04 PM

Terrible UI.