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Stop Drinking app review

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  • Updated: Mar 10 2020
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Customer Reviews of the Stop Drinking App

It’s working!

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#AEBD's Review of Stop Drinking

Reviewed on 8/8/18 2:04 PM

This has definitely helped take the edge off of my cravings. 10 days in and going strong!

Very Clever

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Joyinalaska's Review of Stop Drinking

Reviewed on 8/31/18 1:18 PM

This app is cool... But it’s not actually the app itself, it’s the real experience. Basically you’re paying $3 to have this amazing, intelligent and enlightened man guide you through yourself, facilitate your ultimate relaxation and therefore susceptibility to his positive influence, and then tell you everything you need to hear. It’s really amazing. It’s funny and moving, it’s so simple and effective. I see so many reviews about wine and I am so far beyond wine, let’s say 750ml of whiskey a day straight up, and anything else I can find. Sick all day every day, trying to quit so many times and literally physically ill with shakes and heart palps. I have never understood why I would choose to continue to make my life so much more difficult than it should be, and the end result is feeling ill and ashamed... and broke too... and never remembering my life! If I need to feel ill for a spell in order to stop making myself ill every day then so be it. I’m excited. I’m grateful. If you’re reading this then you’re thinking about it too - don’t let haters’ reviews dissuade you. I’m glad I didn’t. If you’re smart, this will help you.

One meditation for $2.99???

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Corey F's Review of Stop Drinking

Reviewed on 8/30/19 1:58 PM

I’m hoping I’m using this app wrong but is this seriously just one meditation for $2.99 and the option for periodic reminders to breathe??? That’s it? The one meditation is good but i would literally go mad if I have to listen to the same thing every day for three weeks. Please tell me I’m missing something here.

Trust me, this app WORKS!!!

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BitchPrease's Review of Stop Drinking

Reviewed on 8/30/19 1:58 PM

I didn’t drink everyday, but when I did drink, I’d until I passed out. This app has me not even thinking about drinking, even after a horrendous day at work or on the weekend. It works, and I’m so glad I found this!!

It works!

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Khaaleessi's Review of Stop Drinking

Reviewed on 8/30/19 1:58 PM

I’ve been drinking 2pints of vodka a day for over 3years. Before that I would drink a bottle of wine or a few glasses of Whiskey every night to self medicate to sleep and eventually to combat anxiety and depression. I drink all day everyday, usually reaching for a bottle as soon as I wake up. I couldn’t function without alcohol. I bought this app when I drank through several bottles of expensive alcohol my husband has been collecting. I hated myself and made up my mind to quit. I came across this app and bought it. Nothing in the first week. Second week I stopped for a few nights as I was getting discouraged on its effectiveness. 1 week ago I decided to try again and this time determined to listen all the way to the end maybe that would make a difference. I set it to end in sleep and listened all the way through to the end. That was the last day I drank. I woke up the next morning and didn’t think to reach for a bottle as I usually did. Not one craving, not one desire. I still think of it but my heart doesn’t race and I don’t get the desire to run to the grocery store to pick up a bottle and a couple more as back up “just in case”. I can almost not believe it. I never would have ever thought it would be this simple. It’s been only a week but if you knew me you’d know that’s a HUGE accomplishment. I have never gone this long without alcohol in the last 7 years. This app works! But for me it took going through the entire session and just once! it didn’t work for me in my sleep but sure worked wonders when I was awake and was able to listen to and follow the suggestions

Finally found my way out

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Cstviper's Review of Stop Drinking

Reviewed on 5/25/18 11:38 AM

I have been drinking off and on for 45 years. I retired about a year ago and started drinking 3x what I used to. It was all I thought about and all I wanted to do. I started doing s***** things and realized I needed help. I have tried to stop in the past, but always gave in to the cravings. I have tried several methods but none worked. I have always known that one needs to reprogram your sub-conscious mind in order to be successful. This recording does that. Stick with it and it will work. If I wake up thinking about booze, I listen for a “tuneup” and my cravings stop right there. No white knuckle, no drama. Of course, you have to have a strong desire to quit. Start listening when you have a bad hangover since that was when I was the most motivated. Get your life back and try it!!!!

Stop Drinking

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catdogfolks's Review of Stop Drinking

Reviewed on 4/3/18 8:08 PM

Terrible... cannot understand the man’s voice cuts out constantly does not work I want to refund

Surprisingly effective, outstanding sleep tool

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Doxiebaby's Review of Stop Drinking

Reviewed on 2/15/18 1:34 PM

Let me start by saying this hypnosis, subconscious messaging app works as well as you want it to work. Can you really give up alcohol altogether? Yes. But you still have to *want to. Many reviewers say they were “drinking a lot” and then claim a nightly glass of wine or two. Well, I was drinking a LOT more than that. Often I’d start in the morning and sip wine all day long, switching to v**** at the “cocktail hour.” I was roughly drinking eight to ten liters of wine a week plus a 750 ml bottle of v**** every few days. Drinking A LOT. I’m retired, and I was bored; alcohol made me less bored. But it was getting out of hand when I started waking up hung over. So I bought this app because I needed to get back in control and I did. I like that it works while you sleep. The hypnosis relaxation into sleep is addictive; I can’t wait to settle into bed now because I know I will be asleep in minutes. Andrew’s soothing Scottish brogue still sounds in my head throughout the day and I used the app for a week without ever staying awake through the countdown from ten! The day after the first night I used it marked the first time in months that I was not drinking all day. I got more done around my house that day than in a week and went to bed that night alcohol free for the first time in years. Now I’ve been using it for five weeks with great success. Some days, at around 4pm, I listen again to a shorter version ending with “wake” just to boost my resolve. I wanted to severely curtail my intake and I did immediately. I might still have a glass of wine OR a cocktail some evenings but it’s just as likely I will not. And when I do, it’s now a conscious choice and I can stop at one. But most days I don’t even think about it and I have no problem watching others drink at parties or at lunch and I only want water. I’m utterly amazed by how quickly I changed. If you want to quit or even just cut back this app will work. Can you use it and still keep drinking? Sure, because you cannot be hypnotized into doing anything you don’t WANT to do. But that doesn’t mean the app does not work, it means the user wasn’t ready to quit.

After one night, it's working already!

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toneygyrl's Review of Stop Drinking

Reviewed on 11/18/18 7:35 PM

Last night I took more wine bottles out to the recycling bin, after hiding them under my sink till it was dark at night to dispose of them. I opened the recycling dumpster at our apartment complex and looked in, the bottles inside were mine from a few days ago. I thought to myself. "am I the only one who drinks like this? I thought everyone drank every night with dinner!" That very night I bought this app. And fell asleep to this incredible voice. I never understood the power of hypnosis but I woke up, dumped the rest of the wine in the bottle from the night before down the drain, and didn't feel a craving all day. I'm quitting for thirty days with the help of this man! Thank you! I will update in thirty days.


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Goofall's Review of Stop Drinking

Reviewed on 11/18/18 7:35 PM

I tried this app with an open mind, at my wits end with a drinking problem. Not going to lie, I believe you must be open to not simply making the change, but the possibility of mental suggestive support. It's works! Two 1/2 weeks in, and not one craving! My 'fog' and muddled thinking, forgetfulness, and clumsiness are gone! The constant depression has lifted. I had four days of a headache and feeling like I had the flu. But at no time did I have any cravings. Totally worth a few days of physical discomfort to feel as wonderful as I do now.