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Just downloaded - more features would be nice

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LemG's Review of Epic Canto

Reviewed on 9/29/18 11:59 AM

Using at Vidant medical center. Need: Be able to update PMH and other histories Be able to update problem list Be able to fill out handoff section Be able to order staff messages by date as well as priority In clinic, be able to see result/trends on one half of screen while composing staff message (to nurse) on other half of screen. Would be great if in the future it were compatible with Apple Pencil for writing notes Like: Nice interface Like jot section - works with pencil - is their a jot summary where you can see all jots on all patients? i.e a “to-do” list.

Beware. Don’t expect too much

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Canisreevus's Review of Epic Canto

Reviewed on 8/28/19 1:40 PM

Beware. Why, do you ask? If you are looking for a useful tablet app with more utility than Haiku (iPhone app), then you will not find it here. There is so much potential for this iPad app to be useful (especially on iPad Pro). Want to edit PMH, PSH, FH, and SH? Nope. Want to write orders? Many require you to complete them at a workstation. What about notes? That’s a no go. Want to find those final Microbiology results? Too bad, that’s too “old” for the app to display it. Unfortunately, this app falls short in all areas that matter. What could be a supreme utility that saves time in countless ways throughout your day is, instead, a glorified version of Haiku and with all too similar limitations. This could easily be the go to place for bedside and/or ward documentation, but for now, it’s just wishful thinking. It’s too bad because I can’t even use Epic via Citrix since last Epic update without it crashing within 5 minutes on my iPad Pro.

Frustrating limitations

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eucalyptus_'s Review of Epic Canto

Reviewed on 8/28/19 1:40 PM

As others have said, this app has a lot of potential but falls short. Most frustrating is the limited number and seemingly random assortment of notes displayed. This should be an easy fix but has remained a problem for years. Very disappointing

Good be giving not far from useful

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R sloan md's Review of Epic Canto

Reviewed on 8/28/19 1:40 PM

I like what is there but it’s incomplete. It is actually very easy to set up diagnosis, charges and follow ups for a visit but progress note generation is not there yet. We need to be able to start a note in hyperspace and finished it out using Canto Keep up the good work you’re in the right direction. Ron Sloan M.D.

Does not reach its potential

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Jlteeeeeeee's Review of Epic Canto

Reviewed on 8/28/19 1:40 PM

This app could be so useful but falls very short. All though you can view the handoffs for patients (unlike its counterpart haiku for your phone) you are unable to edit the handoffs. This is problematic if you are using the handoff as it is intended (to create a running to-do-list). Otherwise you would have to go to a computer between each patient you see which is particularly impractical when working as an inpatient physician. Also can’t order meds. And worst of all, you can’t view the “med hx” to view the administration history to confirm if and when patients have received their medications. Overall disappointed! More of a gimmick than a practical, time saving program.

Add a vitals tab

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Raihansomc's Review of Epic Canto

Reviewed on 4/21/20 1:39 PM

It takes 5 minutes to find vitals on this app. How absurd, this is a epic’s mobile version and you cant even find vitals. Nevertheless to say you cant put orders or write notes..amazing app

Crashes on new iPad Pros with Face ID if Touch ID enabled

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St. Louis Sweet's Review of Epic Canto

Reviewed on 12/8/18 12:30 PM

The app needs to be updated to work with the new Face ID enabled iPad Pro models

Has potential but so far really limited

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NikoMan69's Review of Epic Canto

Reviewed on 12/24/17 2:27 AM

Canto has a much better interface than the Citrix app, but remains very limited and usable only to view notes, labs, and patient lists. You can dictate a note, but can’t use templates or dot phrases. Most critical for me is the message board. However, I cannot sort the incoming phone calls, MyChart messages, or refills (let alone respond). It’s less than useless with the hundreds of messages that populate each list. Unread messages should automatically be on top, but they are instead buried (same in Haiku). Frustrating! Please talk to users and fix this ASAP.

needs work

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Moshe Skier's Review of Epic Canto

Reviewed on 11/19/18 12:29 PM

It's a good idea but underdeveloped. You can't read inpatient progress notes so it's not useful for rounding other than as a directory of where your patients are and maybe to alert you to critical labs. For any other hospital work you're going to need to log into a workstation anyway. As noted by others, no real way to annotate labs or send results to your patients, plus you don't see everything in your in basket so you need to get back to a real computer. As for clinic use, it would be nice to have a list of progress notes available for review prior to going into a room. For use off site, you can't order meds or message patients so you're going to be tied to a telephone anyway. Great start, would like to see epic put some effort into this. Until then, I'm not throwing away my laptop.

Keep it coming

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skiaddict's Review of Epic Canto

Reviewed on 11/19/18 12:29 PM

Glad to see epic making iOS native apps. Would love to see these expanded to support full touch based epic hospital medical record access, order entry, note writing, and ability to use the app on rounds to negate the use of a desktop or laptop. I have full faith that this is possible. Would be amazing to have a fully touch based app for inpatient care!