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Dart Sim app review

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  • Updated: Dec 31 2018
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Nice sim, but.....

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paramedick's Review of Dart Sim

Reviewed on 5/22/18 1:37 AM

This sim has great potential. Seems to present the AHA guidelines in a positive manner. However, expensive add ons must be purchased to make this app fully functional for classroom. I actually resisted the X-ray add on because I already spent so much for the EKG, MEDS, and scenario add on modules. Oxygen is omitted from the Med list, the most primary drug! At this point, I’ll use it as a teaching point, but won’t use it for any testing in AHA ACLS, PALS, OR ACLS EP classes. My review is based an 40 years as an AHA instructor.


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VCSL Akron's Review of Dart Sim

Reviewed on 12/29/18 1:07 PM

Bought this app for multiple IPads. The app is constantly crashing across all of the devices (some are newer than others). It will crash before I am able to input all of the vital signs. I tried contacting DARTSim via email and got zero support. All they did were ask simple questions like, “Is your device up to date with its current software?”, and had no solution for how to fix the problems. Now I have a 25$ app on 10 iPads that is completely worthless. Spend your money somewhere else.

This ECC Instructor's New Best Friend

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NurseSims's Review of Dart Sim

Reviewed on 12/17/18 1:09 PM

I have been teaching ACLS and PALS classes for over two decades and this is the best teaching tool EVER! I am tired of lugging a defibrillator and simulator to classes! This takes the place of both, not to mention the MONEY SAVED! Many defibs at training centers are old, this app simulates the latest tech. I have students connect pads as they would for hands off systems and away we go. Students build the skills and muscle memory needed to defib, cardiovert and pace. It makes a charging noise, clear and we shock. The pacer even provides a rhythm with capture as MA is increased. I absolutely love the PETCO2 feature. The variety of strips cover all the major rhythms and there is even one for STEMI. BP and CPR metronome work great. With an adapter I mirror the app with a projector and use it during case presentations/lectures. I may get a touchscreen TV with all the money I saved and use it in my code room. Thanks for making my life easier and my classes better!!!

bare bones app

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TBone1954's Review of Dart Sim

Reviewed on 12/17/18 1:09 PM

Reason to buy: The only app of it's kind available as far as I can tell. So it gets the more useful than nothing award. Reasons not to buy: minimal performance and buggy at that. From the download time (of mere seconds) and onward everything about this screams the need for someone to (earn your money and) WRITE SOME MORE COMPUTER CODE! Glaring omission, NO INSTRUCTIONS in use... but this is a small problem since it only takes about ten minutes to figure out what this minimal app can do, and that with distractingly erratic graphics and sound. You can script a scenario for rhythm, pressure, and saturation for whatever values you desire and for whatever time frames. I will probably use this very little. I just had to spend the ten bucks just to see what it could do.

Absolute Crap... Don

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1Dad9868's Review of Dart Sim

Reviewed on 12/17/18 1:09 PM

'Teach Cardiac and patient monitoring for a living. I thought this little widget might be a nice addition to the classroom. Most of the buttons that one would think to be interactive are not interactive; it seems many of the buttons do nothing at all. QRS tone is not in sync with the QRS; EtCO2 waveform does not move and does not change and looks nothing like a real waveform unless your patient is on a vent... I just can't think of a single good use for this app. Out of principle, I asked for a refund and never heard from the developer.

Good for instructors

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N722DB's Review of Dart Sim

Reviewed on 11/16/18 2:04 PM

It's still a little rough around the edges. The EtCO2 needs a lot of work and BP function is twitchy at best. It won't display a BP with a diastolic of greater than 100 among other issues. Pacing feature could be better - but it's got one. No matter what after defib the patient will show a period of Asystole and if you don't hit a new rhythm at just the right moment the previous rhythm will reappear. Tip: when using blue tooth connection with the iPhone, set both devices to not sleep. After about twenty minutes of running scenarios the app will get clobbered up and you'll have to shut it down and boot back up - but that's ok. All in all I really enjoy this app. There just needs to be several tweaks and support. I feel this app is constantly in BETA mode. Likes: Most every rhythm generated on the old heart sine sims are shown Pacer Mode BP It has EtCO2 - although it's pretty shotty Improvements that need to be made: Make EtCO2 display more realistically Fix BP issues - add mean arterial pressure Have a "standby" rhythm that the patient will convert to post defib or treatment Have changes in rates be reflected on monitor Allow more fine tuning of pacer have a section where I can input lab values - at least an ABG with Ph


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Denver41's Review of Dart Sim

Reviewed on 11/16/18 2:04 PM

This is a great concept app, and I know many who use it. However, the app crashes quite a bit and it gets annoying after the third or fourth time. The development person/team needs to have a hack-a-thon to rid these glitches…


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Pencrna's Review of Dart Sim

Reviewed on 11/16/18 2:04 PM

The previous version had a real life appearance. It had the ability to program scenarios. The pacer "gauge" and having to choose shock before you can charge to defibrillate aren't realistic at all. I originally purchased the app to teach ACLS and PALS. Now I worry about how professional this will appear when I teach at facilities. A big disappointment.


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cobo25's Review of Dart Sim

Reviewed on 11/16/18 2:04 PM

Please someone tell me how to give drugs, if you even can?

Good app for teaching

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CaliMedic's Review of Dart Sim

Reviewed on 11/16/18 2:04 PM

This app is the best EKG sim I've seen in the App Store so far. I use it frequently for teaching ACLS and PALS. Only issue I've found so far is that the program won't respond to my attempts to change the BP values. An update to fix this glitch would be helpful.