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Alleviate Ibs app review

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  • Category: Medical
  • Updated: Nov 22 2019
  • Version: 2.0
  • Size: 10.49 MB
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Customer Reviews of the Alleviate Ibs App

Beyond IBS

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Tate108's Review of Alleviate Ibs

Reviewed on 11/22/19 1:26 PM

I got this app, originally, to deal with some digestive issues that may or may not have been related to IBS. After taking the time to listen to it a couple of times a day, I found that not only did my digestive troubles begin to wane, but that my self-esteem also began to improve. In my experience, (I've been listening to this app for about a year now), this hypnosis will help you way beyond IBS. It will permeate all areas of your life, for the better. Best of all is the lovely, soothing, Scottish voice that guides you. I highly recommend the iCan series. I've also tried the ones for anxiety and for weight loss, and found them all to be effective in different ways, despite the similarities in the technique used. Give it a fair try, and see and feel results in terms of the healthy side of your heart's desire.


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C.Cheek's Review of Alleviate Ibs

Reviewed on 11/22/19 1:26 PM

I was skeptical at first, but felt soooo much better after the first time! I've been dealing with this stomach pain for almost 6 years and ERs and doctors have misdiagnosed me many, many times. One GI said it could possibly be IBS...but not a firm dx. Was in sooo much pain and came across this app, while waiting for my pain pill to kick in...which I'm so tired of taking, but I woke from the hypnosis feeling 10x better than the pain pill would have had me feeling!! I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who has IBS!!

Don't waste your money

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smflorida's Review of Alleviate Ibs

Reviewed on 11/22/19 1:26 PM

Worst hypnosis app I own. It is fragmented, with no transition from the induced hypnosis to jumping right in to describing how to self hypnotize. Very poorly done, and the worst part is only a VERY short mention of anything to do with IBS. Don't waste your money here, better to spend it on the many other hypnosis apps that are done well. What a huge disappointment and waste of 5 bucks.

Great app

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Atlguykev's Review of Alleviate Ibs

Reviewed on 11/22/19 1:26 PM

I found that if I listen to the app regularly, my digestive issues improve. When I don't listen, I start having problems again. It seems to really help me.