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  • Price: Free
  • Category: Magazines & Newspapers
  • Updated: Jan 13 2019
  • Version: 3.8.2
  • Size: 50.71 MB
  • Seller: Curio Labs Limited
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Customer Reviews of the Curio App

Looks Legit

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Toms_23's Review of Curio

Reviewed on 9/3/18 8:08 PM

I haven’t used it much yet, but it feels like this is a good app with good articles and narrators!

Great App. Excellent Support

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akrahe's Review of Curio

Reviewed on 8/26/18 3:15 PM

Really presents diverse viewpoints on thought-provoking topics. Looking forward to CarPlay support!

What to expect on the App...

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#Frappaccinolover's Review of Curio

Reviewed on 7/4/18 5:26 PM

It’s beneficial for anyone interested in expanding their horizons to invest in App like this one in question. You will be put in a trance, which in return learn new matters from many different discourse, and through enjoyable fashion. Learning doesn’t have to be boredom, or a remedial task at hand. Limitless potential here on this App for all education levels. You come to listen to articles, yet a impetus for a appetite to reach the stars in knowledge appears. I adore the psychology portions in the beginning primarily, then I got drawn to totally out my spectrums categories like art, history, and feminist articles. It’s like a Pandora box of massive enlightenment potential ready for the mortal to grasp, and attain absolute wisdom. Stay thirsty my friends, this App will quench your thirst!

Good articles, poor reading

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Larry_Hinman's Review of Curio

Reviewed on 7/26/18 10:15 PM

Curio has an excellent selection of articles, but the people who read them are terrible in terms of their pronunciation. Either they don’t look up pronunciations or they think they know the correct way to pronounce even common words such as “interlocutor” “teleological,” “Anaxagoras,” and “correlative.” I find this very distracting. I’m thinking about cancelling for this reason. Also the readers seem to treat all sentences as worthy of equal emphasis. Slightly better than a version read by a computer. The value to me right now is that I can find out whether I want to read the text myself.

Yay iPad version, too

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Appesque's Review of Curio

Reviewed on 7/22/18 4:27 AM

Glad it on both now. I’d just like the iPad one to work as a split screen or slide over app. It’s a little frustrating to need to switch completely the app I’m using since most others work on the side. You could perhaps... have it load the iPhone one if that is easy? Not sure how it all works but that’d make it just that much better. However if anyone is considering curio I highly recommend it. I’m nearly a daily user of it, superb app, and customer support, too.


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flibbertigibbet_'s Review of Curio

Reviewed on 4/27/18 1:03 AM

this app is amazing! just discovered, will have more to say later. but on first blush, this is a GOLD MINE of learning. i idea: all pieces need to be dated so listeners can know if it is new or old.

Would love to use this app but...

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Jay Mutzafi's Review of Curio

Reviewed on 2/25/18 4:42 PM

1. PLEASE let me pay per article. I listen to 1 every once in a while, I don’t want to subscribe. Give me a per article option. 2. This app, just like the beta, makes it hard to find a specific article. I spot one online, jump to the app, use search but nothing comes up, search through the publication and sometimes find it, often not (even though it’s embedded in the site so I know it exists). Add an open in app links to your embedded web player please.


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ReviewFirst's Review of Curio

Reviewed on 12/8/17 2:45 AM

The editorial team curates a stellar array of articles and the narrators set a gold standard that put most audiobooks to shame. This app is now an indispensable staple in my life. – Brian Neff

App does not work

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The Mangy Fox's Review of Curio

Reviewed on 12/27/17 7:53 PM

It always shows the same error message no matter which phone I use to login. This is a terrible shame because I loved the app in it's beta version and was willing to pay the exorbitant subscription fee for the wonderful service, but it simply does not work.

Love the app and the content.

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katie123456789h's Review of Curio

Reviewed on 12/14/18 12:35 PM

Great app! I love listening to stories while I do mindless chores like walking place, doing laundry, drying dishes etc. Definitely recommend for anyone who struggles to find time to stay informed and is looking for a way to fit quality journalism into a tight schedule.